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The rain fell hard and fast. Thunder echoed over the friends and family of the late Bob and Helen Parr, who gathered at the Metro City cemetery. Lucius Best, also known as Fro-Zone, finally spotted Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack sitting next to two matching caskets, white with gold outlinings.

"It'll be okay." He assured them, once they were face to face. As much as Violet wanted to believe the long time family friend, she was too brokenhearted to see that as a possibility. Instead of saying what she felt, she forced a smile and nodded at him at his wife, Honey.

"Thanks for coming." she told them. They both smiled and took the two empty seats next to Dash.

Jack-Jack, now eight years old, sat sluggishly in the white wooden chair. His sorrow filled eyes leaked like broken pipes. Violet kept handing him tissues. He wasn't strong enough to hide the pain inside. His fiery red hair was styled the way Dash used to wear his hair. He always did whatever Dash did, and Dash hates it. He loves him, but he hates it.

Dash just sat idly, reminiscing on the days before there was a hole in his chest; before the inside of him became a vast, empty pit. His golden locks, which now reached his shoulders, were neatly combed. He decided to let his hair grow longer, since Jack-Jack "stole his look", as he says. "Happy birthday to me." he whispered. "Some sweet sixteen." With his parents funeral being on his birthday, he made it very clear that he didn't want anyone to acknowledge his birthday. "This is not a 'happy' birthday."
Violet, twenty one now, pushed a piece of her hair behind her right ear, after wiping her eyes and blowing her nose. She couldn't hold the tears back. No matter how hard she tried, the tears would always sneak their way out. She wanted to be strong for her little brothers, but she needed someone to be strong for her.

Time seemed to be flying by for Violet. The preacher said the final blessings, as did everyone else, and they all watched the matching caskets slowly sink into the hole it hovered over. This must have been the hardest part of the funeral, because Violet, and Jack-Jack began crying hysterically. Dash held it in, and put his arm around the hysterical Jack-Jack.

A Mystery

The funeral was over now, and Violet and her brothers silently drove back to their parents house. Her mind was racing with thoughts. She didn't have a clue what she was going to do now that her parents were gone. Should I sell the house? Maybe I should move back in. I wouldn't want to discomfort Dash and Jack-Jack by moving them out.

When they finally arrived at the house, they all lazily walked into the house. None of them wanted to be there. They were sure the memories of their parents would rush back in a matter of time. Not wanting to walk any longer, Jack-Jack teleported himself to his room, landing gently on his baseball decorated bed. He reached over to the radio Violet bought him for Christmas, and put on Mozart. He always listened to Mozart when he felt down.

For being the 'Fastest Kid on Earth', Dashelle Robert Parr moved very slow towards the couch. He couldn't stand looking at his parents wedding picture that hung above the fireplace, or his moms graduation picture that stood on the shelf, near the red book case he helped his dad assemble. He plopped on the couch, with the remote in his hand, and turned the TV on. "There's never anything on." he complained. Eventually he settled with his favorite cartoon, Neo; which was an old show, about a pyrokinetic superhero, he would spend the weekends watching with his dad when he was younger. He quickly wipe the warm tear that escaped, before anyone noticed.

Violet, immediately, without question, walked into the kitchen to prepare dinner. Nightfall would soon arrive, and she couldn't skip another meal. She took out ingredients for the Chicken Alfredo she was famous for. That was sure to cheer everyone up.

Occasionally, she would looked up at Dash, who idly sat on the couch. Poor Dash. She thought as she chopped chicken into tiny pieces. After decorating the chicken with the proper spices, she threw them in the steamy skillet and filled a larger pot with water to boil, she went over and sat next to Dash. "How you holding up, Dash?" The amount concern in her eyes was visible.

He faked a smile, and replied, "Just fantastic, Vi."

"Well, when you decide you're ready to let it all out, you know where to find me." She got up and began walking away.

At last, the food was ready to be served. "Dash, Jack-Jack, dinner's ready!" She called out to the boys. Dash walked to the table as she placed the family size bowl of food on the table. "Where's Jack-Jack?" she asked, turning around to grab the breadsticks, and marinara sauce.

"I don't know. In his room, I guess." Dash sounded melancholic, and it pained Violet to hear in his voice. She excused herself from the table, and paced down the hall until she was in front of Jack-Jack's door. She remembered when Jack-Jack and their dad went out to find the decorations for Jack-Jack's room; she could vividly see her dad and Jack-Jack putting up the baseball poster on the front of his door.

"Jack-Jack, you in there? Dinner's ready," she said after knocking on the door. Mozart echoed through the walls. She knew when Jack-Jack listened to Mozart, things were bad. She took it upon herself to let herself in. The piano coming from the radio grew louder as she entered. She switch the light on, gazing at the baseball designs around the room. "Jack-Jack. Dinner's ready, are you hun-" she paused, realizing that the bed was empty. She tapped the bed frantically, hoping that she would find him somewhere, but there was nothing. He wasn't there. She worried, and almost screamed but kept from acting on the desire, because she didn't want to stirr up Dash. She ruffled her hand through her messy hair, and then jumped at the sight of Jack-Jack phasing through the wall.

"Where you'd you go?!" she asked, almost screaming.

"To the bathroom... Why?" his eyebrows raised in a confusing manner.

She sighed. "Sorry. I don't know. Look, dinner's ready. You hungry?"

"Starving!" he walked out of the door alongside her.

At the dinner table, Dash, who had already prepared his plate, began eating.

"Dash," Violet jumped. "did you say grace?"

"Oh. Sorry." he apologized, and put his fork down. They all bowed their heads, and Violet led grace.

"Amen." they all said in unison once she finished.

Violet washed the dishes once dinner was over, Dash cleaned the dining area, and Jack-Jack went back into his room to finish reading his book. After everything was clean, Dash went to his room, and Violet went into her father's library. There, she thought of all the times she and her father shared together. From when she was a wandering toddler, until now, a twenty year old sophomore in college. The old newspaper clippings caught her attention. Her heart began racing when she saw her parents posing in their super suits. They looked so strong. She thought. She then heard her mother's voice ringing in her ears, You have more power than you realize. You just have to believe it. Those were the words that sparked her transformation, evolving her from the Shrinking Violet, and into who she was today.

She walked over to the glass where Mr. Incredible's old supersuit was fitted on a mannequin. She remembered she had a matching one that she'd outgrown, but kept hidden in her closet. After admiring the suit, she headed over to the cherry oak desk, and sat down. She sighed heavily. Accidently, her hands slid over the papers in front her, and they scattered on the desk, and some fell on the floor. I'm such a clutz. She shook her head at herself. While picking up the fallen papers, she spotted an envelope. She picked it up and read the front. "For Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible:. TOP SECRET. Maybe this has something to do with the last mission mom and dad when on. Overwhelmed with curiosity, she opened the envelope.

A thick packet of papers, stapled together, along with a map, and a CD filled the envelope. Violet skimmed through the papers, looking for anything that might give a hint as to where Helen and Bob had gone.

"It's just a bunch of papers on these two people, Marty Wilmer and Jamie Lee." she whispered as she read on. After reading, she learned that Marty and Jamie were a married couple, who were supers, but randomly disappeared. "So, mom and dad were sent to find these two?" she asked aloud, as she continued reading."

When she read everything there was to read, she rushed over into the next room her dad had extended to his office a few years back. She turned both the TV and DVD player and placed the disk into the DVD player. The video began with the letters FHA spinning in circles. A woman with dark chocolate skin, and brown puffy hair appeared on the screen. "Hello, ElastiGirl and Mr. Incredible, we from the Future Heros of America, FHA, request your help finding Camelia and Warp. Our radars picked them up, they are just along the coast of Luna Rivera. We.."

By then, Violet had begun thinking. If they were trying to rescue some hero, then why was it top secret?" Her mind wondered. "Maybe I should take a trip to this Luna Rivera, wherever that might be."

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