Dash could feel his level of adrenaline increasing as they took a right turn down Lincoln Av. He didn't know what to expect; he was walking in completely unprepared. And the fact that he was stoned didn't too much help the situation.

"Dude, you seriously need to chill." Trey demanded, as he turned the music down.

"You know how much I hate it when you read my thoughts."

"I don't need to read your thoughts, your body language is basically screaming everything you're feeling."

"Yeah, well, instead of wasting time talking about this, how about we come up with a plan. Or are we supposed to just walk in there, kick ass and take names?" Dash was letting his frustration build.

"I mean, whichever you're most comfortable with." said Trey, sarcastically. He pulled along the curb of a white house, with a for sale staked in the yard.

"What are you doing? This is 722."

"Trying to get a better idea of what we're dealing with. Now, be quiet, so I can focus." He bowed his head, and closed his eyes. "She home, not alone though; she has someone with her. A man. Freddy. They're arguing.. He just said Jack-Jack's name. They're arguing over Jack-Jack."

"Is he in there?!" Dash jumped.

"No," Trey shook his head. "but he was there not too long ago. Someone came by to pick him up. We just missed them."

"What's going on in there?!" Dash demanded.

"She feels guilty. Whoever has Jack-Jack, paid them to capture him, and she's worried that the people they gave him to will hurt him. He's just happy about the money; $100,000. He's telling her to forget about the kid, and look forward to their new beginning.. Dash.." He turned towards the passenger seat, but it was empty.

There was loud shriek. What is he doing? Trey put the car in drive, and drove two houses down. He aggressively slammed the car in park, and hopped out. When he opened the white door, he saw Dash standing over Freddy's bloody face.

".. Now you're gonna tell who you sold my little brother to, right now!" He clutched onto the front of Freddy's shirt, with his fist held in a punching position. Monica just stood there sobbing, with her hands over her mouth. He piercing blue eyes shone through her messy mascara.

Trey acted quickly, and pulled Dash away from Freddy. "Pull yourself together!" he yelled, jacking him up. The amount of rage in Dash's eyes frightened Trey. "Let me handle this one, boss. Okay? You jus- You just take a break over there." he said pointing his finger to black couch, next to the window. Dash obeyed, keeping a close eye on both Freddy and Monica.

Trey helped Freddy up onto his feet. "Hey, you, sweetheart, hand me the chair behind you." He asked Monica, who was still weeping. She didn't answer verbally, she only shook her hand, and obeyed the command. "Now, have a seat." He directed Freddy. "Be very still. I can promise, if you move, this will hurt.. a lot." He put his fingers on top of Freddy's frontal lobe.

"You should make that bastard pay." Dash spat out from across the room. To Dash's benefit, it was still painful. He watched attentively as Trey raided Freddy's mind.

When he got all he could find pertaining to Jack-Jack's disappearance, he tilted his head up at Monica. "So you're a supers, huh? A tracker and a siren."

"A what?" Dash asked, rushing next to Trey.

"A siren; you know, like in Greek Mythology?"

"English, Trey."

"Sirens were seductresses who lured sailors to their death with their songs. That's how her power works. She sings memorizing melodies that lure her prey right into her hands. That's how they captured little Jack. Freddy tracked him, and she lured him in. I guess that explains why there was so much of Jack Jack's frequency residue still lingering. She compelled him to come with them. " He better explained.

"My mother called it a blessing, but my father and I always knew it was a curse. I remember when it first started. . I always loved singing. It's a passion of mine. I was only eight. I was playing in the yard, singing a lullaby my mother would sing to put me to sleep. I didn't know anyone could hear me. I wasn't singing loud. Harold; the little boy who lived across the street, he heard me. I looked up and saw him walking over. When I realized I had his attention, I continue singing. I could feel myself pulling him closer. I didn't see it coming. He ran out into the street and got hit by a school bus." she began sobbing harder.

"What did you do to my brother, bitch!" Dash hissed, now standing face to face.

Monica could feel the tension, and she saw Dash's malice intent in his devilish eyes. "I didn't hurt him, I promise. I just did what I was told."

"And what was that?!"

"Just bring the kid here, and wait for a messenger to come and pick him. But now, I'm worried. The guy who came to pick him up gives me the creeps."

Trey could sense Dash was about to explode, so he pulled him back. "What do you remember about the person who gave the instructions?" he asked her.

"Only tha-" she was interrupted by an excruciating pain radiating in her mind. She held her hands over her temples, while she screamed.

"What's going on? What'd you do to her?!" Freddy asked, running to aid her.

The pain must have gotten worse, because her screams grew louder. She fell to floor, still holding her temples.

"I-I don't know.. I'm not doing anything." answered Trey.

"Don't look at me. I wish I was doing it." said Dash when Freddy looked at him for an explanation.

"Well, one of you, do something! She starting to bleed!" Freddy pleaded. He watched as blood began to ooze from her nose.

"I'll do what I can.." Trey said hesitantly. He walked over to where Monica lie, still shrieking. He kneeled down, put his hand over her frontal lobe, and closed his eyes. As soon as he tried establishing a connection, a surge of energy pushed him back into a wall. Dash rushed to his side.

"You okay?" he asked, pulling his friend up.

"Yeah.. Just hurts a little."

"What the hell happened?"

"I can't get through. Someone else is in their. Whoever it is must be a hell of a telepath!"

"So, the person who have Jack-Jack is a telepath?" Dash asked.

"Who else could be causing this?"

"Shit. Well, that means that they're gonna be two steps ahead of us."

"Not necessarily, I think you're thinking of a psychic; someone clairvoyant."

"Whatever. What do you suppose we do?"

Trey shrugged his shoulders. "Okay, I think I got it." He turn to Monica. "Monica, I know you can hear me. Focus on my voice. Ignore the pain; find tranquility. Try thinking of a time where you really felt alive. Remember positive experiences."

"How is that gonna help her?" Freddy asked. His face was flushed, and he was as white as a ghost.

"Pain is all about perception. It's how you perceive pain that determines how painful it is. If she were to take her mind of what is hurting, and focus on more pleasing thoughts, it might allow me to help produce more endorphins. See endorphins ar-"

"Okay, I don't care, just do it!" shouted Freddy.

"Okay, sheesh." He held onto Monica's hand. "Okay, I'm here to help you Monica; but you have to help me help you. Now remind yourself of how it feels to feel alive. Squeeze my hand once you've found a happy place." He felt a weak tugg. "Okay, good. Here I go." He closed his eyes.

Dash and Freddy watched. Freddy was anxiously twiddling his fingers, while Dash just nonchalantly stared, wondering where his little brother could be.

"Hey, I'm really sorry about all this. I rea-"
"Save it. I don't want your sympathy. I want my brother. Saying sorry doesn't change the fact that he's gone. And saying sorry, doesn't excuse what you two did."

Freddy took the hint, and backed off. Instead, he paced back and forth, mumbling, what sound like prayers, under his breathe. "Is she going to be alright?" He asked after another five minutes.

"Just be quiet. If you break his concentration, she won't be, for sure." Dash took another opportunity to take another stab at him.