And Andy Makes Three, pt 3

"How can such a tiny creature need all this stuff?" Brennan asked in disbelief as she and Booth entered the baby mega-store.

"Well, it's not like it's all here for one baby. It's just all the stuff that's available for babies. Some of its necessary, some of its not, but they have it all in one place so that parents can pick stuff for themselves." Booth said with a big smile as he pulled a cart out of the station. And despite her discomfort with the sheer size of this store, Brennan found herself responding with a smile of her own. He was excited to shop for Andy and his excitement was contagious.

"Okay, so where do we start?" She asked, needing to formulate a plan of attack.

"We should probably focus on the big essentials first—crib, bedding and car seat. Then we can just wander around the aisles and pick up the little things."

"I agree that we should start with the big things, just wandering around sounds too unfocused. We should have made a list before we came here to make sure we didn't miss anything."

Booth wanted this to be a fun experience for Bones and he knew her well enough to know that she wouldn't be able to enjoy the day until she could relax a bit. So he calmly pulled out the small notebook he used to take notes at crime scenes and handed it over to her. "List away, Bones."

She looked at him for a moment to see if he was making fun of her, but his face just showed his excitement, so she smiled her thanks. Opening the notebook and using the pen attached, she began to make a list of everything he'd already said she'd need. "Okay, besides the big things, what else do we need?"

"Well, how old is Andy now?" Booth asked in return, his eyebrows knitting together with disappointment when he realized he didn't know anymore.

"Eleven months."

He had to smile. Of course Bones would know. She saw herself as this empirical scientist who just wasn't warm and caring like other people, but it was really all just a sham. In reality, she was just trying to protect the soft and gooey center she had by creating this seemingly hard exterior. Andy brought out the soft side of her like nothing else he'd ever seen and even though he was incredibly sorry for the little guy's circumstances, he couldn't help thinking that this woman and this child were somehow meant to be together, to be a family. One he could only hope she'd allow him to be a part of.

"All right, so we'll need a high chair too and some baby food and bottles."

"Both? Wouldn't he be using one or the other?" She questioned him.

"Nah, at this stage he's probably eating baby food during the day and taking a bottle at night. At least that's how it worked with Parker."

"Oh." She said simply, then went back to her scribbling.

"And we'll need diapers and wipes and such. Plus some toys and clothes and pacifiers." He looked over to see his partner furiously scribbling down everything he was saying and the irony of it all made him burst out laughing.

"What?" She asked, pausing to look up at him with a scowl.

"Oh Bones, who would've ever thought we'd see the day where we switched places!"

"What are you talking about?"

"Look at us Bones, we're doing the exact opposite of what we do every day. This time, I'm the one rattling off important details while you're standing by taking notes! "

Brennan looked at him then looked down at the book in her hand and let out a small laugh. "Yeah, I guess I can see that. Except this time there's no decomposing body nearby… that we know of."

Booth laugh turned into a snort. "Bones, you just made a joke! Good job!"

"Don't look so shocked Booth, it has been known to happen from time to time. Now, let's get started on this list."