HI guys I finally got fan fiction! So yeah I will have a few projects on (ALL will involve Shiki and Rima.) Time for the disclaimer. Italic = song umbrella normal rima's thoughts

DISCLAIMER: Matsuri Hino is the genius who thought of vampire knight making our lives less boring and umbrella is owned by Rhianna.

RIMA's POV(Listening to ipod)

You had my heart,

Shiki stole my heart since the first time we met at the age 3 (Vampire years old) when I lost my pocky in the park my face scrunched up as I tried not to cry…


My mum sat me down in a sandbox but I didn't want to play with a bunch of losers who didn't know pocky from a kit kat. Hannabusa I will kill you I thought to myself.

Then a chestnut head popped up and said the only thing that mattered to me at that moment.

"Want pocky?" he asked tilting his head sideways.

"Thanks?" I grabbed a piece before he could change his mind

"Senri Shiki." I heard his thoughts. "Senri Shiki." He said aloud.

"Touya Rima." I replied mentally.

"WAIT can we hear each others thoughts cool!" I could hear him he sounded excited.

"Senri," I said to him mentally, "lets always talk like this."

"Okay." The three year olds chomped their way through pocky.


And we'll never be worlds apart.

Except now Shiki being the idiot he is towards his family has let his psychotic father possess his body, we've never been further apart.

Maybe in magazines,

Shiki and I always use to do photo shoots together but since Rido doesn't even bother to turn up I have had to be paired with detestable humans.

But you'll still be my star.

Shiki has always been the one I thought of, no matter how many other hot men/ noble vampires. I turned the ipod off and walked out into the hallway coming face to face with 'Shiki'. Rido smirked and walked off. I'll get you out of there as soon as I can you stupid evil baka. I thought mentally then I will tell Shiki how I feel.