We were sitting at the dinner table, eating silently, Phil and Renee would cast glances at each other and then at me, I knew they I had something to tell me. It was either they didn't know how to say it, or who should say it. It drove me crazy. They did it again, Phil was about to speak, but then he stopped and took a sip of his Coca Cola instead.

"Bella, we have somethng to tell you," Phil began. I know. "Yes?" I asked. "I have a friend who lives in the other realm, her town has a animal problem, she askd me if I could help," he said. Oh. Phil is a tracker, he handles animals, and other things, his job in the other realm is a animal wrangler of sorts. Well that's what he tells them it is anyway. "And?" I asked. "We're all going, we are going to move there," Phil said.

We're moving? Ravenwood is my hometown, I love it here. "Where?" I asked. "To Forks, dear," Renee answered.

Forks? That's where my father lives, he use to be a buisness man in Ravenwood, of course he hated it. At least that's what my mother told me. She and Charlie divorced before I was even born, Charlie wanted a normal life. So he broke the rules, and when you do that, you can't be trusted.

Violation of code: Shush or be Shushed. We are not normal, we live ina complete diffrent realm we made for ourselves, we are not human either. So we keep things a secret, you don't keep it a secret, and they'll either, jail you, erase your memory, and take away your powers. Charlie was sentenced to the last two. Renee said he never wouldn't have done it, if he knew my mom was expecting to have a baby of his, but I don't know.

I don't know if I can live in the same town as my father, and he doesn't even know I'm his daughter, great.