Yay! The NearxMello is finally here! This is officially chapter one, meaning there will be more. Once again this was written by PhantomPasDeDeux.

It was a warm, drowsy day at Wammy's orphanage and all the children were napping in the sun.

All but two, that is.

Near and Mello sat in the hot office of Roger, one agitated and the other calm. Mello sat in a far corner, slouching with his arms crossed and his legs spread wide. He was beginning to question his sanity as he glared at his leather pants. Near sat in the chair nearest Roger's desk, his chin resting on a propped-up knee. His hands lazily played with a tiny ball and he would occasionally glance out the window to stare at the others napping in the sun.

"I hope you know this is all your fault, Near," Mello finally spoke. His bright blue eyes bored into Near's deep gray ones as Near turned to him. A hint of a smile twinkled in Near's eyes, but his face and voice remained placid.

"It's rather amusing to see you fall apart, Mello," Near shrugged and began twirling a lock of hair, then added boldly," I'm truly flattered that it's only me you completely lose yourself to."

Mello stared. A hot rage boiled inside him as he watched Near. He looked so vulnerable in a semi-fetal position, pure white pajamas, and his face tilted to the sun with eyes closed.

"Have I offended you, Mello?" Near asked calculatingly, opening one eye. Mello leapt from his chair and slammed his hands on either side of Near onto the desk behind him.

"Listen here, you bastard! Don't downsize me like you do everyone else here. We are BOTH in line to be L's successor and the fight that got us here was YOUR fault."

"Technically I did nothing," Near replied starring and Mello. "We were merely debating when you decided to get physical."

Suddenly, Mello's anger turned into something dark and sinister. He pulled back from Near's face and sneered. Slowly pulling a chocolate bar from his pocket, he gently opened it. The melted mess seeped onto his fingers and he sensually licked it off, never breaking eye contact with Near. Mello dipped one finger in the warm liquid and traced Near's bottom lip with it.

"Physical?" He said, his blue eyes darkening into the color of the midnight sky. "I haven't even begun to get physical with you yet. You will now be my toy." Mello gripped Near's chin and brought his face closer until they were nose-to-nose. His tongue darted out and began licked the chocolate off, bit-by-bit, watching as Near's self-control began to crumble. What started out as Near's silent whimpers began getting progressively louder with each lick.

Mello stood up straight and smirked at Near's face. Many emotions flashed on it, but he quickly covered it up with his emotionless mask. Once Near's attention was fixated on Mello again. Mello stared at Near who eloquently jumped on Roger's desk.

"Now, now, Near," Mello taunted. "You seem a little jumpy today. That is so unlike you." Near's face remained as still as marble, but Mello's sudden desire got the better of him. He approached Near with the chocolate-filled wrapper and began painting him with the warm sweet.

He traced the hollow of Near's ear, his jaw line, nose, throat, all the way down to his collarbone before pausing. Near's knee, not to mention the rest of his leg, was in the way. Mello smiled and wiped the chocolate from his finger onto Near's lips and he swore that Near's little tongue came out gently and quickly tasted 'the painting tool'.

Mello leaned into the short innocent touch and pressed their lips together. He slowly began gnawing at Near's lower lip and then plundered his mouth with a passionately steamy kiss. Mello was now fit between Near's legs and he began toying with his pajama top while Near caught his breath.

Mello then hooked his fingers on the collar and ripped open the garment. Buttons flew everywhere and Near simply stared disconcertingly at the ruined shirt. Mello growled in frustration, but wasn't beat. Not yet.

"So," Mello began, his hand exploring Near's torso. "You really don't care if this happens?" His nails gently scratched their way down his white flawless back, the tiny muscles in his skin contracting with the sensation. Mello's head leaned in and licked his art off Near's face.

"Not even when I do this?" Mello nibbled roughly on the base of Near's neck, leaving an angry red mark. "Or even this?" His tongue poked out and worked its way down to the pectorals and swirled around Near's hardened nipple. After quite a few torturously long strokes, Mello finally flicked it without warning.

Near's throat let out a mewling moan, betraying his confused and flushed face. Satisfied, Mello brought his face up to Near's while his while his right hand alternated playing with Near's torso and disposing of the night-shirt little by little. Near's eyes were closed and Mello could feel Near's erratic breathing mingling with his own.

"Finally," he said huskily, a small chuckle rising in his throat. "Finally, Near, an emotion you can't suppress. You get me all riled up and I lose my cool. Now I know that I can do the same to you!"

"You're a sadist." Near said simply. Mello laughed. "If that's true, then you're a masochist because you're not stopping me and I know you're enjoying this." Near fiddled with Mello's rosary.

"Now," Mello continued. "If you don't mind, I want you to-" He stopped when Near braced himself on Roger's desk and lifted his hips two inches. Mello smirked in anticipation and gripped the pajama bottoms.

The door suddenly opened and Roger walked in.

"All right Mello, Near, it's much too hot for you two to stay in here. So-" He stopped at the sight of Mello in between Near's legs and Near looking placid, as usual. "What's going on here?" Mello instinctively punched Near, sending him toppling to the floor.

"Beating him up! What else?"

There you have it, the amazing chapter one! Don't you just love that cliffhanger? The next chapter will come out soon.