Breaking the Unbreakable

Chapter Two

Mello was sprawled out on his bed, munching on some dark chocolate chips while contemplating what happened the other day. When he closed his eyes he could still hear the whimpers and moans he elicited from Near, feel his smooth skin, and taste his arm innocence. His mind worked through every second of their passion, the touches, sounds, smells, and sights.

"Damn!" A highly painful twinge erupted in his sophisticated leather pants. He shook his head. "Why? Why me?" He tried in vain to get rid of the erection by imagining L and Kira. Oddly enough, it aroused him even more.

He knew one way to get rid of it fast and one way to get rid of it slowly.

He opted for the slow way and forced himself into a restless sleep. In his dreams there was no Wammy Orphanage. There was no L or Roger trying to find a successor for L. There was just him and Near.

Near was napping in a field outside what would be Wammy Orphanage. When Mello found him, he had no inhibitions as he reached his hand out and slowly stroked Near's hair. It was warm and light and feathery. Near stirred and looked up at Mello with curious and sleepy eyes Near smiled a small content smile and moved his head to make Mello's hand cup his cheek.

Mello laughed lightly and moved Near so he was snuggly fit against his body as he leaned against a tree. Near fit his head against Mello's chest and one hand gripped his vest. Mello leaned down and pressed a lingering kiss against his small innocent's forehead, and then leaned back against the tree in satisfaction with his eyes closed.

'Is this all I really need?' Mello asked himself. 'I feel so happy with Near just with me. Can I stay happy even if it's just me and him like this?' A few moments passed in his thoughts when he felt Near move and he felt Near's thin fingers running through his hair, playing with the ends and gently curling strands. It was almost like a massage, one that soothed his worries into blissful nothingness.

Mello felt Near's body shift again to play with some hair at the back of his head. Within two seconds Mello had Near's head in his hands and his lips toying with Near's Their hands slowly made their way to explore each other's clothed bodies as they kissed. Mello's hand slipped under Near's silky nightshirt and pinched his right nipple. Near wrenched his face away from Mello's and mewled. His flushed face stared down at Mello's hand playing with his torso and blushed even more. Mello pulled him in for a more passionate kiss and his second hand joined the first under the white material. Near straddled Mello, his body limp and helpless against the seductive assault.

"H- hot…" Near gasped out, pulling away from Mello. His nimble hands quickly disposed of the nightshirt and Mello watched Near look shyly away as his chest visibly heaved in arousal. Mello leaned in to capture Near's sweet lips.

"Mello…" It was angelic, melodic, and Mello couldn't help but stare into Near's eyes a bit longer, toying with his hair in the process. He wanted Near screaming his name lustfully by the time they were done.

Mello." Louder, as if Near could hear his thoughts. "Mello!"

The tall blonde woke up, drenched in sweat and stared, just noticing that Near was next to his bed, fiddling with a Rubix Cube. His nonchalant expression destroyed Mello's horny, romantic feelings.

"What do you want?" Near finished the cube and raised an eyebrow at Mello.

"I'm sorry for waking you, Mello, but Mr. Roger would like us in his office. Soon." Mello turned to leave when something caught his eye. "What's that?"

Mello looked down and realized the extent his dream had on him. His arousal was covered by his leather pants, but the sweat-soaked sheets made it evident. Instinct kicked in, again, and he grabbed his two pillows. He covered himself with one.

"What the hell does it look like? Get your ass outta my room!" Mello chucked his second pillow at Near's head, who sidestepped it on his calm walk out.

Mello pulled back the covers as soon as the door closed and glared at the visible bulge. There was only one way to get rid of it now…

Mello met up with Near outside Roger's office ten minutes later. Near had propped himself against the wall and was playing with a Chinese puzzle box when Mello slid down the opposite wall.

"What's this all about?" He asked, resting his arm on his raised knee.

"I don't know. It's probably about your abuse to me the other day, Mello. Mr. Roger may be going to permanently separate us." Near replied, his eyes never leaving the toy in his hands.

The blood drained out of Mello's face and he felt like someone had punched him in the gut. He would die if Roger separated him and Near. Near was the motivation that kept him going to be the best, it wasn't just that he was lusting after Near. It was a rock-solid bond, unbreakable.

Roger opened his office door.

"Glad to see you're awake, Mello. Please, both of you come in." Near got up on cue and practically glided into Roger's office. Mello, still slightly sick, stumbled into the room and took a seat in the corner chair from the other day.

"Please, sit." Roger mocked to Mello and nodded gingerly at Near, who sat in the other chair, on knee propped up and all.

"You two are the only boys at Wammy's that seem to enjoy getting into fights. You, who could succeed L, and yet…"

"Cut to it." Mello growled. He hated that everything between him and Near was a contest to become the next L. It was almost pointless now. Roger leaned his lips to his hands, intertwined over his desk. He looked almost interested in Mello's outburst.

"I've talked to a few people," Unnoticed, Near's head raised a fraction. "And we've decided the best thing to do is to move you two into a joint room so you can work things out yourselves. You're daily lives will go on as normal, but you're night lives will be spent together."


"What the crap?!" Mello jumped from his chair, covering his bubbling excitement with over-exaggerated rage. "You just decided this? You didn't even ask us!"

"It's our decision, not yours, to make." Roger replied, an icy edge to his voice. "Unless you have a GOOD reason why I can't place you two together, it will be official tonight."

"I'll kill him!" Mello yelled quickly. 'In more ways than one…'

"I left you two alone for over an hour, in the HEAT no less, and you didn't kill him. You two have been friends for as long as I have remembered."

"F- friends?!" Mello sputtered, his face turning an odd shade of red.

"Any objections, Near?" Roger asked, ignoring Mello's strangled noises. Near looked up from the completed puzzle box.

"None, sir."

"It's settled then" Mr. Roger finished nodding his dead. He pulled out a manila folder and took the official paperwork from inside, signed the sheets, and filed them. "Near and Mello, you two are now roommates."

Well, there you have it, chapter two is done. Enjoy all the cuteness while you can, if I know Phantom, it won't last long. Chapter three will be up within the week, wait for it.