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Chapter 3: The Search

I sat at my desk writing a letter;

I still can't believe I'm stuck at this boring ass school. I know all this already, being over a hundred years old will cause that. Anyway Murtagh, no sign of who the new Rider is supposed to be yet. I've found a couple of likely candidates. I'll keep an eye on them and try and figure out who it is. Send the egg to me and I'll do my best to figure out which one it is and give it to them. Here's to hoping I figure it out soon so I can get the hell out of here.


Joseph Rothens; Head-Magic Trainer

I rolled the letter up and gave it to the young hawk which sat on my desk. He took it and flew out the window. Then I got up and headed over to the closet, pulling out a bronze colored sword from the inside I headed into the middle of the room and started practicing. Even though I was pretending to be a high school student I felt the need to keep up with my swordsmanship. Besides, it did give me an edge in Fencing.

Okay, so I already know it has to be either Mike, Jason or Sam, the question is, which one? Dragons are extraordinarily intelligent, so it stands to reason that a half dragon would be too. Mike seems the best candidate in that regard, he already knows everything they'll teach in High School, but he's just too good to be the half-dragon… right? I thought, warming up with Rimgar. Sam I think I can pass over, she's too ordinary to be the half-dragon, wouldn't they try to stick out? Unless she knows how rare of a creature she is, then she'd be doing everything she can do to make herself effectively invisible. And Jason… he has the strength, but does he have the wits? He seems smart, but his scores are so average… this makes no sense! I cried in my thoughts out of frustration.

Still trying to figure that out Joe? My dragon asked, slightly worried that I was still at the same place I had been for the past three weeks.

I have no idea what's going on here! It's just so frustrating! I found three of them, and I'm fairly certain that they'll all become Dragon Riders, but I can't tell which one of them is the Half-Dragon for the garnet egg!

Dude, Joseph, you need to calm down. You're thinking about this too hard. You're going to give yourself a really bad migraine, you know that. Go… do something so mind numbing you can't even think, and relax.

I know, I know. But I need to do this befo-

"OI! JOSEPH! CAN YOU HEAR ME!" The mirror exclaimed.

I sighed, before picking up the mirror. I recognized the voice. "Yes, Murtagh?"

"I'm sending Eragon with the Dragon Egg. He'll probably get there a week or two after the egg arrives, but until then you need to figure out where you can put him and Saphira."

"Murtagh, as much as I hate to disappoint you," I said, trying to keep my cool, "There is only one house in a twenty mile area that's large enough to fit a dragon the size of Saphira, and people would notice if it were damaged oddly. It might be unowned, but it is a {very} old house, and several people pass it on their way to school."

"So? You forget, Saphira can transform into a human."

"…Murtagh, have you been reading Fan Fiction again?"

"Maybe. And if I have?"

"Then try not to let it make you believe that, as Saphira and Eragon are in love with each other, either one of them can change their form. Really, Murtagh, you should know better. And then there's the fact that most fanfics are shoddy pieces of literature written by teens who need an outlet for their emotional stress."

"HEY! I like these. Although the EragonxMurtagh ones tend to be kind of creepy…"

"By the way, how's Nasuada and Emeralda?"

"They're both fine, Nasuada is almost ready to give birth. Human women and their desire for children… I swear, this is the thousandth one since we got married! I should have eloped with that pretty elf Eragon helped."

"Don't let Nasuada hear that. She'd kill you. She'd skin you alive, rub salt in the wounds, then kill you. And she'd probably castrate you first. Probably with a rusty butter knife."

He winced visibly "You have a point there. That definitly sounds like something she'd do. Anyway the egg should be there in the next week or so. And soon after that Eragon will show up. We may come up with something to do about Saphira by then…"

"Hang on, there's a set of woods nearby that should be big enough for her to hide in. Eragon should even be able to live there, if he can build a house. Really, it should feel just like home to him."

"Okay then. I'll tell Eragon, and he'll be there in a few weeks. I can't wait to meet the half-dragon in person. I can't imagine how interesting he is!"

"…Yeah. Interesting. Right. Well, have a good year, Murtagh. See you at somepoint." Lucky bastard, I thought, as I ended the spell. Eragon gets to live with the elves, Murtagh gets to live with the other riders, and I have to attend high school… again! I know I don't age noticably anymore, and haven't since I turned eighteen, but still! I grumbled as I headed back to my sword practice.

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