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Sora was clueless. No, he was worse than clueless. In all of his fifteen years of existence, he'd never had a girlfriend. Never. He simply didn't associate with the opposite sex unless it was absolutely necessary. It had to be a glitch in his brain or the result of childhood trauma or something. No teenage male could avoid the temptation of a female…okay, unless he was gay, but Sora wasn't gay. At least, Riku didn't think he was…

Riku was sitting in study hall, idly passing the time by analyzing Sora's love life—okay, lack of a love life, rather. It just wasn't natural, and Riku couldn't fathom it.

He turned to Roxas, who was sitting at the desk behind him, constructing a paper airplane.

"Why do you think Sora's never had a girlfriend?" he whispered.

Roxas gave him a bewildered look and asked, "Where the heck did that question come from?"

Riku shrugged. "I don't know. It just occurred to me that he's never dated."

Roxas crunched up his paper airplane and began doodling on the crumpled paper instead. (He was obviously as bored as Riku. Study halls weren't exactly invigorating.) "Maybe he just doesn't like mushy romantic stuff," he suggested.

"I bet it's because he doesn't know how to act around girls," Riku thought out loud. "He's probably—"

"Ahem," the study hall teacher, Mrs. Kancy, said sternly. "Is there something you boys would like to share with the rest of the class?"

"No," Riku said quickly.

Mrs. Kancy raised an eyebrow and then looked back down at her newspaper. That had been her silent warning.

Riku waited a moment before turning back to Roxas. He whispered very quietly under his breath, "I think we should set him up with someone."

Roxas snorted as if that was the most preposterous idea he'd ever heard. "And who would his 'lucky' girl be?" he asked, a mocking tone obvious in his voice.

"Um…" Riku looked around the room for potential candidates. Selphie…Aerith…Larxene (no way!)…Kairi…Penelo… Wait! Kairi. She was sporting a light blue khaki skirt and a blue tank top, he hair in a simple ponytail. She was reading a thin novel with her legs crossed under her desk. Hm, she was cute. Maybe Sora would find her to his taste?

Riku leaned back towards Roxas's desk. "Is Kairi single?" he asked curiously.

Roxas raised his eyebrow. "Sora and Kairi? Fat chance of that happening. They've got nothing in common."

"How do you know that?"

"Because Kairi is my girlfriend's best friend. Trust me, I know. They're not compatible." Riku could hear the hint of aggravation in Roxas's voice. He apparently didn't think Sora + girlfriend = a good equation. Sora didn't exactly fit a girl's ideal, but still… The owner of Playboy wasn't exactly a vision in spandex, but he still had girls all around him. So why couldn't Sora do the same?

And Riku's mind was set. He would hook up Kairi and Sora—he absolutely would! His pathetic best friend would no longer remain single. He'd make sure of that!

"I bet you 30 munny I can get them together," he told Roxas. He glanced up for a second to make sure Mrs. Kancy was still absorbed in her newspaper. Then he added with a sly grin, "Deal?"

Roxas scribbled out a doodle he'd drawn, and then he sat quietly for a moment. Finally, he whispered decisively, "Deal."

And the bet was made. Riku smiled mischievously This was war. Roxas was going down, and Sora was going to take a trip down the dating highway.

Now, where to start?…

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