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Guardian Angel

Chapter One

A woman lay on a hospital bed, cradling her newborn daughter in her arms. Her husband wrapped an arm around his wife's shoulders and kissed her cheek, never taking his eyes off their little girl. Each of the proud parents watched the newborn with proud smiles.

"What will you name her," asked Ikuko, the new grandmother. The two parents looked at each other and knew, in that simple way that married couples do, what they wanted without speaking.

"Chiba-Tsukino ChibiUsa because she is our baby bunny," replied Usagi to her mother. Her husband, Chiba Mamoru, smiled tenderly in agreement. Tsukino Ikuko and her husband Kenji looked at one another with smiles. Their little girl was all grown up.

"ChibiUsa it is," Ikuko said.

Unseen to the happy family was a white being, a boy, no older than four smiling too. He floated above the little scene and gazed down at the new child with golden eyes. The little baby girl turned her ruby eyes to him and cooed. He gave her a tender look, different from that of her family's. He knew that, while the adults could not see him, the innocent infant could.

"ChibiUsa, hmm… I hope we can be friends," he whispered before shimmering out of the room. ChibiUsa watched this amazing phenomenon, not understanding that no else could see the mysterious boy. She laughed, pleased when she heard the sound of, though she didn't know it yet, her name being said by him.

(Scene Change)

Later that week, after the family had come home and little Usa was tucked into her cradle, the boy came to check up on her again. As if she sensed his presence, ChibiUsa woke up and turned her eyes to him. He floated above and she giggled happily. She watched as he shifted his form to suit the size of the cradle. He curled his arms around her and although he was as transparent as a ghost, she felt warmth radiating off of him like a blanket. It made her feel drowsy and she closed her eyes, dreaming sweet dreams.

"Oyasuminasi, ChibiUsa-chan," he whispered.

(Scene Change)

Everyday, the young boy would watch over the little girl, sometimes he materialized, much to her delight, but mostly he remained hidden even to her innocent eyes. At night, though, the moment her parents left her in her cradle alone to sleep, he would reappear in her room and become her sweet "dream blanket".

By the time her second birthday rolled around, her parents began to tell her bedtime stories. Stories about magic, castles and fairies. Of princess and knights and kings. Evil witches and mirrors too. But her favorites were the ones about guardian angels.

"ChibiUsa-chan, there are many beings out there besides humans. Some of them are good and some are bad. Some of the good ones watch over humans from a beautiful land above the clouds. They are angels, people who look like humans and have pure white wings that reflect their beautiful souls. Everyone who is born, no matter what, receives a Guardian Angel at birth. That angel's job is to watch over that person throughout their life. If a person is in trouble, they will help."

Unlike other children, ChibiUsa never complained about the monster in the closet or under the bed. She knew for a fact that her guardian angel would protect her. She even summed up the courage to ask him.

After her mother told the guardian angel story and left, ChibiUsa watched the ceiling thoughtfully from her new, big-girl bed. She knew he'd show up, he always did. She never had acknowledged him before, except with her eyes, because her mom and dad couldn't see him. She knew that for a fact. The shimmering form appeared once again, but this time, she spoke to him.

"Are you my guardian angel?" He was startled at her question and that she spoke to him.

"I suppose so," he answered. She watched him float over her like usual.

"What's your name?" He smiled kindly at her.

"Helios. And you are ChibiUsa-chan." She giggled; she always did like it when he said her name.

"Why can't 'Kaa-chan and 'Tou-chan see you?"

"Because I'm not their guardian, am I?" She furrowed her little brow. She supposed that made sense. She felt his warmth curl around just as I he had always done and fell fast asleep.

(Scene Change)

Mamoru and Usagi took ChibiUsa to the park on a sunny Saturday afternoon when she was three. They let her play in the sandbox alone for a while as they went to get snacks. At first, she was laughing happily while playing with the little grains of sand and building castles like the ones in her mother's stories. That didn't last long, thanks to the five-year-old resident bully who found her to be a new target. He and his cronies went over to her and kicked up the little castles she made back in her face. The sand got in her eyes and mouth and she began to cry. They laughed at her, and she tried to stop her crying. She wasn't a baby!

"My guardian angel will protect me!" She told them with confidence. They only laughed harder.

"Oh yeah? Didja hear that? The wittle baby's angel is gonna protect her!" She was confused and scared. Why weren't they leaving? ChibiUsa began to cry again.

That was when familiar warmth touched her arm. She looked through her teary eyes at Helios. She opened her mouth to speak, but he covered it with his hand.

"Shh," he told her, smiling. He removed his hand and came to hug her from in front. He made certain that her head was buried in his shoulder before performing his little trick. The sand blew everywhere, causing a commotion. The boys left frightened of the weird wind that suddenly blew sand and dirt into their faces. Once they were gone, Helios stopped the trick and pulled away from a smiling ChibiUsa. Helios saw her parents coming back, so he started to leave. As he did he heard her say,

"I knew you'd come!"