Chapter 5

He stopped. He couldn't see her anymore but he had definitly heard her. He tried to force himself to

move but he didn't know where to go. He heard her footsteps coming towards him. He turned to find her running toward him but he didn't move. He didn't know what to do.

She didn't slow down and she didn't stop. Her body moved on it's own, seeking out the light at the end of the tunnel. She ran at him with everything she had, her stillettos long forgotten.

He instantly wrapped his arms around her as she flew into him. She clung to him like a starving dog with a bone.

"Don't leave me.."she whispered again. "Don't leave me.."

"Never." He couldn't say anything else to her. He wanted to tell her how he felt, how sorry he was but he couldn't find the words. He held her, his head resting on hers, and let silent tears fall. He had always been strong. He had never felt this way before and it scared him. He knew he would keep his promise. He couldn't lose her again. He couldn't hurt her like this again. He listened as her sobs only grew worse. He felt his heart shatter. He had been naïve to think she would let go so easily. He had been stupid to block out his feelings.

"Help me..." she sobbed. She was drained, physically and emotionally. She didn't know how to fix her broken spirit. She didn't know how to mend her broken heart. She needed help. She needed him. She looked up at him, shocked to find him crying too. She watched as he reached up, wiping away the tears from her face. She closed her eyes, causing only more tears to fall. She felt him attempt a second time, his hands warm as he grabbed her face with both his hands. She gasped as she felt his mouth on hers. She pulled back, out of his reach. She couldn't relive this memory. She wouldn't be able to take another betrayal like that again.

"Kagome.." he breathed. He held out his hand, waiting for her to take it. She didn't. He looked her in the eyes, confused by her actions, and saw not saddness or anger but fear.

"Never again." he whispered. He watched as a million different emotions ran across her face. He wanted her to love him. He wanted her to trust him again, to believe he would never leave her again.

She took a step toward him, unsure of her feelings. He reached for her and kissed her again, clinging to her. He smelled her tears and felt a stab of pain in his heart. He felt her kiss him back, putting her trust in him again. He wouldn't let her down. He couldn't. She pulled away first, resting her head on his chest. They didn't say anything, letting the silence fill in around them.

"K-Kagome?" a high pitched voice said from behind them. She pulled away and looked around him, freezing as she saw her sleepy kitsune rubbing his eyes, still in a dazed state of mind. Inuyasha turned around, letting go of her. He looked at her and smiled as new tears fell, this time out of joy.

"Shippo." she breathed. She was running to him before she knew what was happening. She scooped him into her arms, her smile nearly cracking her cheeks. It had been a long time since she had smiled like that. Her actions shook the little fox demon awake and he stared up at her, shocked.

"K-Kagome? It's really you? You aren't just a dream?" She smiled as she nuzzled him, breathing in his familiar scent.

"No Shippo, I'm not a dream." She laughed as he jumped up and hugged her. She had missed him more then she even knew. She nearly cried as she saw two familiar figures running in their direction. She put Shippo on the ground and raced toward them.

She ran straight into Sango, her arms clutching her best friend. She felt Sango freeze, unsure of what was going on. She pulled back quickly, her eyes widening as she realized who had hugged her.

"KAGOME!" she yelled. She didn't say anything else, instead she watched as her long lost friend hugged Miroku.

"We thought you were gone for good Kagome." He told her. Neither of them had known her real reason for leaving and for now she wanted it to stay that way. At least until she knew what was going to happen next.

"I could never stay away for good Miroku. I thought you would know that by now." She smiled at her friends, misfits in everyway. They had all been brought together in the strangest ways by their shared enemy. They were all more important to her then she couldn't put into words. In a small way, she had Naraku to thank for all she had here. She laughed at the irony and hugged her friends again.