Please do not condemn me for I was only a n00b. Four years and still this dream is witnessed. For you dear crazed readers, I edit this monstrosity; also I don't have the heart to kill it.

Tallest's Red and Purple were casually sitting in the massive, sipping there sodas and contemplating what to blow up next.

"EARTH!" Purple yelled, "If we blow up earth well never here from Zim again!"

"I'm amazed!" replied Red, "You can actually use your brain!"

Purple walked over to the ships planet locater and pulled up a map of the universe.

It oddly looked like the world Map from Kingdom hearts. And when a picture of Agrabah popped up, Red new the writer had lost it.

*insert the writers insane giggling*

In the midst of losing the plot, Purple had gotten in his own ship, ignoring Red completely, and flown to Agrabah. Where upon he started swearing about how he was going to kill Sonic.


*Somehow the location changes and the reader find themselves in a dark bedroom looking out from the eyes of the Keyblade master.*

Looking around the room you see a large double bed in the middle of the room, the a door (aka, the only exit) in front of you, a cupboard to the left of you, and sheets all over the floor.

To your right you see an angry looking Super Sonic.

You ponder if he is angry because of Tallest Purple trying to kill him, or that he's stuck in a small bedroom with you. Maybe both.

Your pondering is cut short when a knock at the door is heard! You dive beneath the bed, urging Super Sonic to do the same.

He walks over to the door, and you dive further beneath the bed. Could it be something coming to kill you? Tallest Purple? You pear out from the side of the bed furthest from the door, only to see Super Sonic talking to Queen Minnie.

Super Sonic exits the room, and Minnie tell you to follow. You're highly suspicious of her, so you summon a stick and crawl over the bed with great difficulty. (While doing that you mutter something about not having the Keyblade).

As you reach the door, the Queen comes running in and grabs the meat pulveriser that was next to you. Upon exiting you remark "When you don't have weapons, Use sticks! It always worked for me and Riku!"

You enter a large log cabin like kitchen and take a seat next to the queen. You look down to your feet to see two HORRIBLY deformed dogs. You decide to call them Rex and Tod.

THEN! The whole room shakes, before imploding. You find yourself floating in space.

Your last thoughts are "I wonder if there will be Pringles."