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"Kay' guys that's a wrap." Ayame called to Rima and I. As soon as we got out the door Rima's legs buckled and she collapsed still wearing the pink chiffon dress from the shoot I grabbed her before she hit the ground and pinned her against the wall.

"Rima, drink." I commanded lazily exposing my neck to her.

"Thanks,'" she murmured licking my neck delicately before her eyes glowed red and she sunk into me. I shut my eyes.

As soon as we arrived back Takuma slipped me a piece of paper "You're mum dropped it off, Shiki." Takuma beamed.

I read aloud 'Senri visit at once.' "Good luck." Rima said blithely my mum had slapped her last time she saw her so you can't blame her really.

"Thanks." I replied the aftermath of happiness that occurred after Rima drank my blood fading rapidly. Don't ask me why it just relaxes me.

Takuma frowned at me, "What do you mean Rima? Shiki only visiting his mom."

I explained. "Every time my mom wants 'to see me' it translates into 'I want you to do this for me.'" Takuma mouth turned down for a second then the smile returned is it possible to depress him?

"But, it might be different this time." Takuma chirped brightly.

'Yeah sure' both me and Rima thought to each other communicating telepathically, 'no one else can do this' I thought smugly to her. She gave me a mental sarcastic look we never had showed emotions to others 'you sound really proud of yourself for being able to do something you're cousins cant, don't you.' 'Of course they are mates and purebloods and brother and sister, yet we can and they can't' 'You can be so big headed..'

"Er guys I hate to interrupt but Shiki your mom said right away" Takuma butted in.

"Kay.' See ya later. Shiki called in his monotone voice no signs of the dread he was feeling as he drove off.

Takuma POV

"Bye Shiki," Takuma beamed. They could at least tell each other how they really feel. He inwardly sighed not that either of them had realised yet they could be so dense at times. Though he thought to himself smugly I do notice Shiki can't stop following her around.

Shiki POV

I entered the thick wooden doors coated with dust, mother fired the staff years ago when she had had a mental breakdown. She rushed up to him as ever. "Senri its good to have you home…"

"What do you want mother," Shiki interrupted cutting to the chase he wanted to be at the cross academy with Rima.

She pouted, "How do you know I want something? Maybe I just wanted to see you!

"You always want something, blood? Could it wait Rima drank from me this morning I am kind of drained?" he responded.

"Fine and no not your blood I just wanted you to meet someone. Hey Takara Chan come on in please."

A girl with long black hair and green eyes walked in she smiled at Shiki.

"Shiki," his mom said, "Unless you want me to disinherit you and ban any interaction with that Rima girl this is your fiancée Takara."

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