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Wedding Bell Hell – My angel and lalalala

Shiki POV

"Takara get your filthy hands the f*"

Takuma came running in, "SHIKI LANGUAGE!"

"off me. Your bed is over there you are only to come to this bed if Rima is in the room. GOT THAT?" "And Takuma I do not want a damned censor." I Screamed.

That stupid slag I thought bitterly I did not want her and her stupid greasy hair anywhere near me the voice was right about one thing I don't like her the only benefit of having her around was to watch Rima Touya suffer. Haha my so called best friend you wanted my money is that what it is watching it slip away? That was the only reason there was pain on her face but oh well whatever.

Rima Touya… her golden hair, the eyes, her quiet scolding, her Rimaness… SHIKI SHUT THE HELL UP SHE NEVER CARED GET OVER IT. Think about the angel they sung to me comforted me when I was screaming all I had was this ribbon who's was it I needed to say thanks at least. They also put a viper in Takara side of the bed LMFAO this person was a god send.

Better get up and face another day of seeing Rima God shoot me now if you have mercy…


"AH MY RIBBON WHERE IS IT!" I screamed that was the first ribbon Shiki gave me to bring me out of the Chav 'init bruv' stage it was black and had two blue stones set in it.

"Calm down mummy it has to be somewhere and you and daddy are trying to be angry at each other so why are you wearing stuff of his." Sakura said interrupting my incessant panicking in her normal calm voice.

She was right though why was I he and that slag were all over each other you know what he ditched me I am tired of being pathetic puppy all I did was love him if that is a crime if he could hate me for that maybe it is because I did not show enough flesh whatever time for mine and Sakura's meeting with Zero San I had to escort her as I did not trust that man but those two got on so well it would be a crime to separate them.

I pulled my hair into a ponytail decided against it and went out for the first time in 10 years without my ribbons. "Come on honey." I grabbed Sakura's hand Kaname insisted after her and Zero's latest prank.

"But mummm…" Sakura began.

"No buts," I said pretending to be firm I can't be firm with Sakura she is just too sweet, "Kaname insisted I always have firm hold on you at all times after last time you and your big clever (sarcasm applied) friend pulled your last stunt."

I saw her mind begin to drift off…


Mum was being so mean my mind flashed back to last Tuesday.

"Now have you got your cream and hula skirt?" Zero whispered.

"Affirmative Captain Silent but Deadly have you got your toothpaste and eyeliner along with your scalpel?" I whispered back. I did try to tell uncle Zero that his name well it could mean a type of gas but he didn't get it so I left it its cool I know what he means.

"Affirmative Shorty with Fangs target in sight?" Zero asked.

"Affirmative on the count of three: one, two..." I began.

"Huh you can't count down Shorty with Fangs." Zero sounded cross uh oh must hv stamped on his hunter pride again.

"Why the hell not?" I demanded.

"Because I am the oldest I get to count down." Zero said proudly.

"Huh no wonder Ichiru complains about you you're a ageist snob." I told him.

"Hmmphhh!" Came the 'oldest wisest hunter of them all's' reply.

"Right let's count together." Sometimes I think I am the mature one *sigh*

"Fine". Zero agreed.

"One." The targets face began to twitch it is as if he knew we were coming as if Zero positioned us downwind the benefits of a hunter buddy.

"Two." We whispered in unison. The target began to look around nervously.

"THREE!" We screamed not so good at sneaking up but he tried to run that was even funnier.

"WEDGIE!" Zero giggled pulling Kaname's I am a sexy vampire heart pants over his head. We creamed him put toothpaste on his eyebrows shoved the hula skirt on him then I jumped onto zeros shoulders and we sprinted out of there.

"Hi five man!" Zero said giggling. "What's wrong?" He asked when I did not reply he looked at my grumpy face. He laughed rudeness! "Hi five little lady!" he grinned.

"That's more like it man." I grinned.

*End flashback*

I broke down in laughter, "Mummy it is funny he still doesn't have eyebrows." She tried to scowl but she smiled too the sadness in her eyes remained why did daddy leave her didn't he know he was mummy's prince? Then again Daddy as a prince? I laughed harder. Mummy gave me a puzzled look oh well time to meet uncle Zero.


I watched her smile at Sakura whatever Rima was she loved our child okay so technically she was not our child but she was in a way we loved her as our own.

Maybe I could go with them I didn't trust the hunter either… I probably should he looked angry I mean Sakura was my child and Rima well no one was going to kill her but me I at least deserved that.

'Shiki is that the real reason you want to go or is it because you miss your Rima?' Oh hell no the voice was back.

'No wise git I don't miss her at all I could stop looking at her anytime I want." I told it sharply.

'You lalalalala her.' The voice sang you can sooooo tell I inherited this power from Rido it is like talking to a mental patient in my head wait I guess that would make me a schizophrenic crap.

'Whatever voice I lalalala hate her stop the cryptic riddles and unless your going to tell me how to kill her shut up.'

'Ah but you have already done that.' The voice cackled.

"What? No I haven't she is breathing look." Two things happened the voice abruptly started screaming and Rima dropped to the floor I have never jumped out of a window faster…


I miss Shiki I miss Shiki oh dear why is the world spinning did Takara put something in my food? Was this because of the viper it was only listed 7th deadliest she hit poor Cuddles anyway mean cow.

Wow the world is going black and dancing dots oh come back dotty Sakura can you see the dots…


"RIMA!" I screeched from across the night class grounds stupid legs go faster.

"Mummy wake up." Sakura was crying into Rima Zero was rushing up with a kid behind him it kind of looked like him well hunters did have a bit of a rep…

"CALL A DAMN AMBULANCE." I shouted at Zero lobbing my phone at him. I hung over Rima her face was even more pale than normal.

"Don't you dare die you owe me that much." I whispered in her pushing my lips to hers three breaths, five compressions, break, three breaths…

I hate her so why does it feel like until she breathes I can't either… is this what lalalala means? What is lalalala? Breathe Rima please…

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