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Chapter one: Unexpected Visitor


It had been three months since he left me and it was like he took a piece of me with him because I was dying inside every night I would wake up screaming and crying out for him. Charlie checked on me the first few nights it happened, but then he just stopped, I think it was because Charlie realized there was nothing that he could do to help me, and that night was no different than the rest, so when it was morning I got up got dressed and went to school. When I got home I went up to my room and I saw someone whom I never thought I'd see again

"Emmett what are you doing here?" I asked

"Rosalie and I are getting a divorce and it's my fault plus I missed you Belle." Emmett said "Are you staying here?" I asked hopefully

"Do you want me to?" he responded

"Yes Emmett, I want you to stay here." I said

"Come here Bells you look tired." Said Emmett pulling me down on my bed next to him, then I curled up next to him and closed my eyes and fell asleep. I dreamed of Edward and our last conversation

'You're no good for me Bella' he said then he left

"EDWARD!" I woke up screaming and crying

"Belle, Baby, shhh…it's ok." Emmett told me soothingly while hugging me "Belle what did he say to you before…?" asked Emmett

"He told me that I was no good for him and that he doesn't want me." I said sadly "He's stupid because what guy wouldn't want you?" he said.