"So then once you've done that you just need to find the exit," a thirteen year old Jack Sparrow concluded. He looked at his friends that were sitting by him expectantly.

"What," his friend Hannah asked. His other two friends just sat there looking completely confused.

"What part of that did you not get?"

"Everything! How come you make things sound so complicated?"

"Actually I was trying to do the exact opposite. You see when I'm in a complicated situation like the one I just described I need a complicated solution. It's basic logic. When I need to explain the complicated solution to other people is where it gets difficult. Since not a lot of people can understand complicated logic like I can I have to try to simplify it. But it's very hard to simplify complicated logic because it's well… complicated. So when I'm trying to explain it, it comes out even confusing than it is in my head and then the other people are confused and think that I just don't want to tell them when I was actually just trying to my plan understandable. Plus I almost always use complicated logic anyways so if I'm ever in a tight spot, which is often, and someone wants to know what I'm planning even if I do try to explain it to them they still won't have a clue what I'm talking about. Savvy?


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