Disclaimer: I claim no ownership of Ranma 1/2 or Gold Digger, nor of any other characters from any additional series I may touch upon in the process of writing this tale. Furthermore, should I touch upon things that other authors have previously written, I hope that they will consider this a form of homage to their creativity by taking it as paise for their works.

Warning: Throughout the telling of this tale, you may read about violence, sexual situations, death, adult language as well as what some might consider anti-NWC sentiments. Also, as I will not be going into character backgrounds much, this story assumes a basic knowledge of both the Ranma and Gold Digger series for the histories of the characters written. Furthermore, to those who are die-hard fans of the various characters appearing in this tale, I warn you now that I will be adapting them to fit my vision.

This story is an AU or Alternate Universe Tale where the characters or Ranma ½, Gold Digger, and possibly other Anime/Manga exist. If this sort of tale is not for you, I humbly suggest you seek entertainment elsewhere.

Ranma Time Frame: The story contained in the following chapters takes place a few months after the failed wedding, during which Ranma has furthered his training in the Arts as well as tried to round out his scholarly knowledge. It will contain elements of both the Manga and the Videos. I've also chosen to modernize Ranma by having the story take place during the year 2009. (Not that the level of technology is that big of a deal when you consider the fantastic technology found in the Gold Digger Series.) At this point, Ranma is 17 (Birthday coming up), and Akane is 18 (Birthday just passed) and attending their junior year of High School (Grade 11 by the US educational system.). Nabiki and Kuno are still present at Furinkan as seniors (Grade 12 by the US educational system.). (In the manga and the anime the story seems to last through an eternal summer, my story assumes that nearly two years have passed since Ranma's arrival in Nerima.)

Gold Digger Time Frame: This story falls before the Tournament story arc of the Gold Digger Series. (Somewhere around V2 Episode 5, after Julia defeats her mother for the right to represent the Giant Clan at the Tournament of Arms. The tournament itself, in my tale, does not begin for two more weeks allowing Julia time to return to Earth with her students where she will continue her preparation for the coming battles.) This story assumes that Stryyp ceased contact with Britanny before the Dynasty series (V1 Episode 30) and their attack on Aebra - this means the wedding episode between Stryyp and Britanny never occurred; rather Stryyp left to defend his people leaving Britanny heartbroken, wondering as to the status of their engagement. This story assumes the Peachbody Arc occurred, though minor changes may have occurred, though already resolved. (Any changes will appear as flashbacks in later chapters.) Atlantis/Penny never created the spacecraft (The Visigoth) for the Diggers to join in on the battle with the Dynasty, so the Digger sisters never chased out after Stryyp.

Many of the things that would've occurred involving Stryyp played out without his assistance with similar outcomes; for example, Raphiel showed up, but Britanny was too broken up and confused about Stryyp's disappearance to consider starting a new relationship at the time. As in the original, Jetta still attempted to convince Britanny to become involved with Raphiel with similar results occurring with Raphiel just in a different setting. (This means the Return of Grave Digger has already taken place as well.)

I expect to make things clearer as the story progresses in hopes of keeping down any confusion to those who have read the Gold Digger Series. I also wish to note I will be taking liberties with the outcomes of many of the normal GD events as they take place due to the addition of Ranma to the story, while some things will happen expectedly, others will not. Oh, as to the age of the Digger sisters I am saying they are around twenty to twenty-one.

Author's Notes: As you read, I hope you'll keep in mind that this story is first and foremost to be a Fanfiction, not a following of canon or even the normal direction either of the stories originally takes. Any romance, action, humor, or horror scenes are just part of the overall tone of the story as it builds. I hope that those who read this tale will find at least as much enjoyment in doing so as I have had while writing it.

My general plan is one chapter of about 10k words posted approximately once a month. If my muse is especially kind, they might come quicker. I also intend to write stand-alone chapters to be posted as they become relevant to the overall plotline. These are meant to include information that will tie into the main story as it progresses.

I hope my readers understand that not only is this my first serious attempt at a Fanfiction, but also that it is a work in progress. While I do have an outline for this story, it is subject to change due to inspiration.

I would also like to point out that I've created a forum for this story, the link of which can be found off my author profile, for any suggestions or additional comments my readers might like to submit.

My Ranma knowledge comes from the DVD's and various online resources and maybe spotty on certain issues. My Gold Digger information comes from what I've been able to glean from various websites, a few of the actual comics/manga that I have after buying their DVD, and other Fanfiction which I've managed to read.

This story is based upon the story 'The Were-Ken', a Ranma/Gold Digger Crossover, by Shinji the Good Sharer. Thanks to his permission, I'll hopefully be able to breathe new life into a story that sparked my imagination.

While based on 'The Were-Ken', this story is not the same. A fact that should be evident by the events that take place in the first chapter. Those of you who have read the original will notice the first few chapters contain bits of the original work, which I have either altered to be more in line with where I wish to take this tale or have expanded.


Story Key

'Italics' = Thoughts

Bold Words = Stressed Thoughts Or Words; Loud Sounds

#Words# = Panda Signs

#-Words-# = Secret Tongue/Hand Signals/Other Hidden Means Of Communication

–Words– = Sounds

^Words^ = Chinese/Japanese/Other Language For The Scene.

ooOOoo = Perspective Or Time Change Within A Scene Or Location

-#-#-#- = Scene Or Location Change

*-*-*-* = Letter Or Other Pertinent Information That Does Not Fit Into The Above Categories.

{-} = Radio/Phone/T.V. Communications



One a: the quality or state of being changeable: mutability

b: natural change or mutation visible in nature or human affairs

Two a: a favorable or unfavorable event or situation that occurs by chance: a fluctuation of state or condition (the vicissitudes of daily life)

b: a difficulty or hardship attendant on a way of life, a career, or a course of action and usually beyond one's control

c: alternating change

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