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Dudley Dursley was bored. Very bored. He was sitting in one of the chairs in the Smeltings science classroom, listening to his almost-bald teacher droning on and on about molecules and atoms. Wistfully he began thinking about lunchtime, and how the good old days used to be: he and his gang (the Dudley Smashers) going Harry hunting, eating sweets, and going Harry Hunting again. Of course, life hadn't really changed except for the major part that there was no Harry, meaning no Harry hunting, no Harry smashing, and definitely no Harry torturing. He suddenly found himself wishing that he (the teacher) would turn into a Harry. Dudley smiled to himself, but the smile dimmed as the teacher continued talking. He

sighed. Now he wanted to hit him with his Smeltings stick; that would put some sense into him! No sooner had the thought escaped through his ears when.. WHAM! The stick rose, and started to hit the teacher. WHAM! WHAM! Dudley gasped, horrified. The other students did the same, and some even began screaming. Even more, the teacher's once-bald head began to sprout- jet-black hair- out of his face popped- a pair of glasses- a scar- Dudley fainted. The Smeltings stick was still whacking the teacher. If Dudley hadn't fainted, and if he hadn't hid under the desk when he fainted, and if he hadn't closed his eyes and covered his bottom if he didn't faint and hide under the desk; etc., he would have seen people dressed in black robes run into the room, or at least heard them shout what he might have thought was "olive stupid" (obliviate! stupefy!). However, when he became conscious again a few minutes later, the first thing he saw would have made him faint again. Men dressed in black robes surrounded him and his desk, and a particularly frightening one- taller

than the others- was looming close to him. Dudley, squeaked, and asked; "Who are you?" The people in the black cloaks began to laugh. A cold, taunting voice from the person next to him answered back, "I, boy, am the most powerful wizard of all- LORD VOLDEMORT!" He grinned evilly- but not before Dudley had jumped up-with amazing quickness for a

300-pound human-and pushed past the death eaters. He ran out of the room, leaving some staring servants and a very shocked You-Know-Who.