What if our dear Niou Masaharu met a girl who looks an angel in the outside but a sadist in the inside? Will these two beings be compatible with each other or there will be another World War if they put together? Sounds interesting, right? NiouxOC R&R

You Found Me

By: yingfa-fuiso

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Chapter 1- The First meeting

It is Niou Masaharu's last Saturday vacation now and in two days time, the first term of his third year in high school will start. He still studied at Rikkai Daigaku, together with his friends when he was in junior high, still joined in the tennis club at the said school, still trickster as ever, bully, prankster and etcetera… You can say that he is still never change however, his usual perception of boredom in his life during his junior high life became tripled now and it seems that he doesn't know now what is he going to do in his life. So, you can conclude now that he's really-really bored with his life.

In his gray colored long sleeve sweat shirt with matching black denim pants and a pair of white with gray colored sneakers, Niou was riding in the subway train heading to the city of Shibuya where his data tennis teammate ever since he was in junior high up until now, organized a so-called meeting in a certain place for an unknown reason. Actually, he can decline totally this "meeting" and enjoy his last Saturday in his room and spend his time reading his favorite manga. But he can't do it… he can't… Why? Well, let's just say he doesn't want to have another memorable lunch that was made by the infamous Data Tennis Master of the Rikkia Daigaku namely Renji Yanagi.

During his junior high days when Niou did his first declination to the Data Master, the following day of Niou's declination, Yanagi gave him a normal looking pack-lunch with no grudge-look on his face. Niou was happy because Yanagi gave him lunch for free and so he, our dear trickster, ate that innocent looking lunch that Yanagi had made for him but later on Niou went to the clinic and stayed there for the rest of the day. He had a stomach ache on that day and the school nurse didn't let him practice at that time. After that incident, he promised himself that he will not make Yanagi go mad at him.

So right now, even though Niou doesn't want to go to that venue, he tried to convince himself that it is for his own good to be there.

In the train where Niou was riding, several people-young and old- were waiting for their destination to be called. Most of the people there were seated on the purple-colored lined seats that lined-up on both sides of the train; some of them were leaning on the closed doors of the train while viewing the scenery on the wide windows; as the others were standing at the middle of the corridor, holding the railings above them so that they won't fall when the train stopped and one of them who was holding on the railings is Niou Masaharu.

Suddenly, a voice prompt erupted from the speakers in the train.

"We are arriving at Shibuya station. Again, we are arriving at Shibuya station."

Niou walked closer to the door that was near at his place and waited there for the train doors to be opened. The speed of the train got slower now.

"To all passengers of this train, please be reminded to double check your things and your magnetic card before you leave this train. Thank you for patronizing J-train and have a nice day."

At that moment, Niou didn't mind the voice prompt was saying because all he wanted to do is to get out of the train and headed to the meeting place as fast as he could. But as the doors were about to open, not too far from him, a strange looking man about smaller than Niou's height was glancing at the bag of the girl just two people ahead of the man. When the door opened, the strange looking man abruptly grabbed the bag of the girl and hurriedly went out the train causing Niou to be pushed outside.

"Oi! Oyaji!" Niou shouted to the man who was running quickly and then he saw the victim girl ran away and starting to chase the snatcher. Niou hurriedly responded as he noticed the scene. He started to chase the snatcher too, to help the girl victim. Many people were starting to form up as they saw the commotion which Niou and the thief was creating.

Since Niou has longer limbs than the girl, he was on the lead from the girl while ahead of him was the thief. "Oi, Mister! Stop right now!" Niou shouted as he tried to reach the man ahead of him. The thief doubled up his speed as he noticed that Niou and the victim was trailing behind.

"Don't chase me if you want me to stop!" He, the thief, shouted while running but he saw that the chaser didn't even stop and continued running.

"You don't want to stop?" Niou jumped at the back of the thief since it was like a meter apart from him and made the thief fall flat on the cold-tiled floor. The thief tried to struggle away from Niou who was on top of him but the man failed because Niou was restraining him from his movement.

"Too bad, Mister… I'm a better runner than you." The trickster cheekily said to the thief beneath him. "You've underestimate me too much, oyaji." Niou grabbed both arms of the man and handcuffed it with his big handkerchief. Suddenly, loud cheers coming from the mob of people erupted, praising the heroic deed of the trickster.

'Man I'm so cool! I should tell this to Bunta later.' Niou thought cheekily to himself with a noticeable cheeky grin plastered on his face. He stood the man up and grabbed the bag of the victim.

When Niou was about to turn behind him, while holding the thief with his other hand, he got surprised when he saw the girl -the victim- standing in front of him.

Her long shiny-straight-jet black hair that reaches until her petite waist was still straight & looked pretty, which caused some boys from the crowd around them mesmerized with her beauty, as her simple yet beautiful outfit-a mocha colored corduroy blouse that reaches below her breast matched with white baby-like-dress beneath it and the hem of the dress reaches above her knee-was slightly got wrinkled because of running. And on her left hand, she was holding her 2 inches light-brown colored doll-like-heel shoes which she removed when she realized that the shoes was hindering her to run fast while chasing the thief. Her beautiful-angelic-like face was showing some trickles of sweats due also from running, as her fair-white complexion skin complemented her angelic but devilish look.

Why did I say devilish? Well, it's with her eyes…

Her azure colored eyes were showing intense cold look at the tall-gray haired-teenage guy in front of her. Yes, she looked pissed off with our dear trickster.

But all of a sudden, she slapped Niou hard across his face without any explanation, making Niou really stunned. The crowd around them stopped from cheering and watched the intriguing scene from the two like they were watching a live shooting from a movie.

'This b****… slapped me…' Niou told to himself through his thoughts, really stunned. "What the- WHY DID YOU DO THAT FOR?" He barked angrily to the girl.

The cold-angelic looking girl didn't answer but she slapped him again on the other side of his face. The crowd winced and felt sorry for Niou as they watched the scene where Niou got slapped. The slap was really strong and intense. Of course, our dear trickster was still stunned at the sudden happening on his life right now…

'She slapped me twice… I can't believe this…' He thought, dumbfounded. "HEY! YOU—"

Abruptly, the girl snatched the old man from Niou's grip and then kicked the thief at the stomach really hard, making the thief winced really hard and fall down on his knees.

"Next time," The girl spoke for the first time, though her voice was sweet but there's the tone of seriousness, authoritative and threatening. "If you do this again on this area, to anyone who is around here… I'll send you to prison for sure… DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" she said, threatening the scared thief.

"Ha-ha-hai!" The thief agreed cowardly, looking at the angelic girl that he victimized with teary eyes.

The girl went towards the too stunned Niou, getting her bag from his possession, she looked straight to Niou's eyes with so much hatred and then she spoke up again.

"Before I count on three, you must run as fast as you could, old man, or else I'll send you to prison now." She said threateningly.

The thief didn't let the angelic-looking-girl that he victim count up to three, he quickly disperse among the crowd and never showed up. The only ones who are left at the scene are the intrigued crowd, Niou, and she.

After she spoke up and got her bag, the girl went away from Niou and ignored him totally. But then, our dearest Niou didn't let her escape.

"Do you think I will let you go like that, you b****?" Niou said, looking at the girl with so much hatred but in his treacherous tone.

The girl didn't response even look back at him. Niou continued.

"You slapped me twice, remember! As I could remember, I helped you retrieve your bag from that old man but still I received a slap from you! At least, you should say thank you or rather say sor—"

"Stop ranting. Why would I say sorry? And besides…" She said coldly, cutting his words and then she faced him with full of sarcasm. "…You're too annoying, you know. Moron." Then, she went ahead of him again and faded away from the scene.

"What the-" Niou said not letting his sentence finish and then he suddenly shouted some profane words, venting up his anger there. The mob dispersed quickly all of a sudden and then he went out at the place at where he was and headed out from the station. While he was heading out the station, he pressed the designated number of his best friend, Marui Bunta, from his stylish flipped-top-phone and waited for his best friend to answer his call.

"Ohayou gozaimas'! The genius, Marui Bunta, speaking! Who's this?" Marui said cheerily on the line, answering Niou's call.

"F***! Don't mess with me now, Bunta!" Niou started to speak.

"Don't curse me like that, Baka!"

"Shut it! I can curse whenever, whatever and whoever I want! Anyway, I'm almost there now and once I got there, let's have a tennis match first! One-on-One! Man-to-Man!"

"But I didn't bring my equipments! Besides, I don't like to play tennis right now." Marui complained.

"Then do something!" Niou ordered. "I want to play tennis right now!"

"Did someone piss you off?"

"Yeah! And so?"

"I rest my case."


"Where are you right now?"

"I just got out from Shibuya station." Niou said, still pissed off. But then he tried to calm his self by clenching his free fist and unreleased it simultaneously. "I'll be there in a minute. And please tell them not to ask too many questions once I arrive."

"I don't think so. You know that Yanagi has his own way to let the person confess and even Yukimura, too. I can't help you with that." Marui said dryly.

"CRAP! I have to go now. Same venue, right?" Niou asked with a detest tone in his voice.

"Yup! So better make it fast. Everyone is here except you, of course." Replied Marui, "According to Yanagi, you've been late for about a minute or so."

"Yeah right…" Niou said dully and abruptly closed his phone and inserted it to his side pocket of his pants. "I'll make it sure that when I met her again, I'll have my revenge for ruining my dignity." He said while walking with full of anger and fury in his eyes.