Chapter 1: Farewells

Began: March 29, 2009 12:59 PM

Completed: March 29, 2009 3:47 PM


A calm peaceful day. The sun's warm engulfed the town in warm waves. The sky, cloudless and full of blue. Yet blue jays sang a sorrowful melody hidden in their morning song.

'What is this foreboding feeling?' Thought Watanuki. 'It's nothing.' He went of his business of attending to the guests that arrived. For some reason Yuuko had invited both his classmates: Hiwamari and Doumeki; the spirits: Zashiki-warashi and Ame-warashi; Kohane-chan all the way down to the little fox spirit that he gave the arrow to. 'There must be some reason for her doing this.'

'Today is a good day for a reunion yet-' the time witch was cut off from her train of thought when a loud 'thump' was heard from her backyard. All inhabitants in the shop/home rushed towards that sound of the crash. The center of garden was a pile of human bodies that consisted of Kurograne of the Nihon Country, Fai of the Ceres Country, the Sakura and Syaoran of the Cardcaptor World, Sakura and Syaoran of the Clow Country, and finally white Mokana in the arms of Clow's Sakura.

"You pork bun! What are we doing back at that witch's place?" exclaimed a familiar Nihon ninja. "Kuro-pii. Don't be hard on Mokana, you do realize we are done with our journey?" questioned the former mage. Just as Kurograne was about to answer, Yuuko spoke.

"It's about time you all returned back to your own worlds, all of you." She was looking at the group. Her outfit surprised many for she was wearing her traditional black and white with outfit. Just minutes ago, Watanuki had seen his boss in regular civilian garbs.

"Sakura and Syaoran of the Clow Country come forth." They did as they were told. "Your payment has been paid for in advanced by the King Touya of Clow and high Priest Yukito. Mokana will be taking you home shortly. After the other Sakura and Syaoran are taken home. Fai D. Fluorite and Kurograne, come up children."

"Do you wish to return to your home country child of the snow?"


"Do you wish to go with Kurograne?" The vampire was flabbergasted at the witch's question. He simply nodded his head.

She turned towards the ninja, "Would you, Kurograne of Suwa, care to return home?"

"Yes!" shouted the man.

"Your payment has not been paid for yet, I am willing to compromise. You must have Fai come with you to Nihon."

"Fine, just when do we leave?"

"After the children of Clow leave."

"Sakura and Syaoran, we'll speak of your traveling after the party. Alight?" The couple just nodded in reply. Throughout her talk, Yuuko's voice was monotonous and her gaze was at the group but through the corner of her eye her gaze kept on shifting to Watanuki.

The party itself was a wonderful meeting for all those present. Except many things remained the same. Yuuko and Doumeki drinking sake, white and black Mokana eating sweets, and Watanuki cooking. The girls talked about numerous things from their own adventures to boys. Most of the males engaged in talks of fighting and whatnot.

'This is a nice change of atmosphere,' the bi-eyed boy thought wistfully. He kept on smiling as he saw both Sakuras and Fai were meowing and Kurograne yelling at who ever gave them sake to drink. While Yuuko laughed at him and wondered why the ninja didn't keep an eye on them. The red eyed man grumbles and continues trying to make them quiet.

Soon, the moon is high in the sky and most are asleep in different rooms. The Mokanas, Sakuras, and Syaorans were within one room, Fai and Kurograne in another. The others females were in the room next to them and the other males across from them. The only ones really awake were Yuuko (drinking) and Watanuki (cleaning up).



"Did you enjoy your last night as Kimihiro Watanuki?""Yes, I did."

"I'm glad."

"Has my debt fully paid?"

"More than enough for both wishes."

"Are you going to give it to him tomarrow?"

"Yes." She motions him to come over and gives him a hug. The boy began to stand up and walk to the door with things in hand.

"Goodnight Grandmother Yuuko." Slides the door open.

"Goodnight Kimihiro Watanuki and farewell."

With that said and done, the door closes. And footfalls grow softer every moment.


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