Chapter 6: Kohane
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Kimihiro-kun cannot be dead, he just can't be! thought Kohane. To her Kimihiro was the one person who could relate to seeing ghosts, who gave her a chance to smile when she hadn't in a while.

Himwari hugged her when tears fell down slowly as she kept thinking about him. The numerous things she got to do because she meet him. Cooking food, meeting new people that didn't hate her, and meeting that grandmother that took her in. Because of meeting him, Yuuko-san took away her power to exorcise spirits.

Kimihiro-kun, please come back. We need you, I need you. she kept thinking as sleep took her. The emotions weighted heavily in her heart.

Bis known to them, the two portals that were formed when Fai, Kurogane and Sakura and Syaoran of Clow returned home didn't disappear. They returned home safely yet the open portal gave them a chance to see and hear everything about Yuuko's explanation.


"That must have been the magic I felt..." muttered Fai D. Flowrite as Yuuko finished talking.

"Magic?" questioned Kurogane.

"I felt magic coming from the shop and Yuuko but it wasn't until when I near the kitchen did the magic seem different. It must have been Watanuki-san's magic."

Two continued to converse as the princesses of Nippon approached them.

"Welcome back the two of you." Tomoyo-hime said warmly. Kurogane nodded as Fai smiled.

"I know this is quick but Kurogane you are required to go back to Suwa. The people there need a new protector and the Oni attacks are increasing near Suwa and the south side of our country. I'm sure you would like to return home." stated the oldest princess.

"When I'm I leaving?" questioned the samurai.

"Tomarrow morning. Fai-san, do you wish to stay here or go with Kurogane?" she turned to the blond. He responded without a moments hesitation,

"Of course I'm going with Kuro-pun!"

""Don't call me Kuro-pun!" yelled said Kuro-pun. The other three just laughed, making him even angrier (unknowingly to them, the portal had closed).


They two looked solemnly at the portal with King Touya and Priest Yukito. It was disturbing to know that someone as wonderful as Watanuki suffered so much. To know that he shouldn't have been alive was more the heartbreaking to Sakura and the portal too, closed on their side.

"Syaoran, did you meet him before?" asked the priest.

"I did, in dreams were he and I would meet."

"Dreams?" echoed the king.

"We were connected; back then I didn't know why but know I do." His fist was clenched but was unclenched when Princess Sakura placed her hand on his. He looked up.

"Syaoran, if what Yuuko-san said is true then I had memories of you-?" the curiosity in her eyes faded before rolling back. Her body becoming limp as just Syaoran caught her. Their audience stared at them, especially her brother.

"Alright brat! Why did she faint?" Touya was not a happy king, not at all.

"My price to travel the worlds was my relationship with Sakura, even if she has all the feathers back she won't remember me." All eyes were sad, none more so than Syaoran.

"You're willing to do anything for her, don't you brat?" Touya's tone was surprisingly gentle.

"Even if she forgot about me, I can make new memories with her. That's something Watanuki-san taught me." It was such a bitter sweet smile that graced his lips.

Back at the shop, tears started to clear up. Many of the spirits had left, leaving only the shop's residents, the sorcerers, the archer, the seer and the non-magical girl.

Sakura, Syaoran, Tomoyo, and Eriol were talking to Yuuko until Meiling interrupted them.

"Why?" A one word question was all it took. The speaker's voice shook just as her body did; Doumeki came to stand behind her.

"Why did you four have to complete the price? Why not Yuuko-san? Why did you even agree to it?" The anger ws as clear as day. Her bloodshot eyes made her eyes even more to red than before. They couldn't deny her an answer, not to someone like her.

"Meiling-san, we did it because her asked us to. Watanuki-san ask us to." the reincarnation of Clow Reed did not flatter when he said this, nor did that smile waver.

"H-he ask you to... why?" If possible her eyes became even wider.

"Yuuko-san could not. She had to save her magic for something greater."

"What could be that something greater?! Tell me great reincarnation! What?" She bellowed out with such fury, he had to back away from his descendant.

"I believe Yuuko-san will show you someone that you will want to me." That smile irrated her so, that all knowing smile.

"Who could be more important right now, at this very moment who? Who Clow-sama?" Tears blurred her vision as that salty liquid fell from her eyes.

"Watanuki Kimihiro." Everyone looked at him in disbelief but a voice broke their thoughts as all rationality left as well.

"Konnichiwa minna-san."

Starring at them from a portal was Watanuki, dressed in a butterfly kimono. A pipe in hand as another Doumeki sat beside him drinking sake.

This was impossible right?

Apparently not.

Watanuki is back everyone!

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