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"Eh a new day, but the same event's as every other day" Temari said to herself as she got up and looked through her window to see the sun just to hide back under her covers. Temari then got up five minutes later and then went to wake up Tenten.

As Temari knocked on Tenten's bedroom door, she heard something hit the door as Temari walked into Tenten's room she found a pillow and an alarm clock laying on the ground and the she looked at the back of the door to find 5 surikin and 3 kuni sticking into the wood. Temari picked up the alarm clock and threw it at Tenten and then she woke up for good.

Tenten and Temari lived in a house together with Kunkuro and Gaara because all their parents died, so Temari and Gaara and Kunkuro all invited Tenten into their family and now they are just like brother's and sister's with her. They all live in an 8 bedroom's and a bathroom for each bedroom, a basement, a kitchen, a lounge, and a dinning area. They have the one of the largest houses out of the group but they all had mansions.

Temari walked back to her room after waking up Tenten and she got dressed for school Temari wore, Black baggy pants with some chain's hanging off them, a Black shirt with rips in it showing red material underneath, a lose fitting hoddie which was black and with red paint splatters on it, a leather glove on her left hand, a pair of black rapiedskate shoes on, and she wore her hair in 4 pig tails and some bang covering her face also with her hoddie up.

Tenten wore, some black baggy pants with some chains hanging off them, and a red shirt with rips through it showing some black material, and a leather glove on her right hand, she also wore a loss fitting hoddie which was red with black paint splatters on them, rapiedskate shoes which were black, she wore her brown hair in two buns with some bangs hanging out with her hoddie covering her head.

Temari and Tenten walked down the steps and found Kunkuro and Gaara eating breakfast at the table Kunkuro was wearing a black shirt with black shorts he had black and blue shoes, he wore a black hoddie with blue paint splatters on it and he had brown hair. Gaara wore, black paints, black rapid skate shoes, a red shirt, and a red tattoo on the left side of his head which was the kanji for love and he wore his red hair covering it so no one could see his tattoo.

As you can tell they all like the same colours. By 7:30am they were ready to go to school, so they walked out the door and Temari locked it behind them. They all pulled out their skate boards they were all red and black. As they rode towards the school closing on the gates to it, and throwing a few ticks on their skate boards on the way there. The four siblings saw their group waiting for them in their usual spot.

The group members/friends consisted of Shino, Kiba, Sasuke, Naruto, Neji, Gaara, Kunkuro, Tenten, Shikamaru and Temari. Tenten and Temari where the most tomboyish girls of the school, and they got along with the guys better then the posh stuck up snobby girls. As Temari skated up to the group she said smiling "Good morning you lot"! They just all thought 'why the hell is she saying good morning she never does I wonder if she has had sugar' Gaara just looked at them at Temari and then Kunkuro.

He knew this day wasn't going to be a good one. As they walked to class, when it was time for lunch, Temari was still happy as ever, the guys were still freaked out while Gaara just sat there eyeing her carefully. Sasuke thought to himself as you do ' wonder why she is like this' then as he was thinking he was interrupted by Temari, Sasuke looked at Temari with caution and then Temari surprised every one by hugging Sasuke. Sasuke stood there in shock.

'Wow this is truly and utterly unusual and freaky, I wonder what on earth did happen to her' Neji thought. Temari was skipping along with her lunch to their normal spot after the hug. Tenten giggled, the boys looked at her and thought 'OMG it's a trick she never giggles, or she knows something, ugh but she giggled she never does that'. Tenten went over to Temari and handed her a cookie! And pat her on the head. The guys where ummm how to say surprised, shocked, scared.

Then suddenly Gaara and Kunkuro looked at their sisters and noticed the edge is coming whatever that meant. They put their food off their trays and hide behind their trays the guys noticed this and they officially did not know what was up with the sand siblings. Then all of a sudden Temari threw her food in the air and they saw her actions and moved away from the falling food fast then Temari and Tenten walked off leaving the boys. Kunkuro and Gaara burst out laughing.

Neji and Sasuke just thought 'what's so dam funny' Naruto spoke up and asked what's so dam funny! HUH! Gaara simply replied "sugar goes up cookies go down, without either she's her normal self that you would see every day, well as normal as normal gets for her anyways". Kunkuro simply nodded.

Shino had a small smile because he thought it was funny. "Then what was with Tenten"? Kiba questioned. Kunkuro answered this time "Tenten is the one who gave her the sugar this morning and then you witnessed her give Temari give her the cookie situation". "She's scary" said Naruto. "Troublesome... i don't think that you should say when she's around who knows what would happen...Troublesome" Shikamaru said.

As the day went by Temari and Tenten had to go to the principles office for some reason or another anyways they heard someone they think was the vice prince bale say that a new girl or a few more new peoples was coming to school during that week. They made their way back to their group just before lunch ended and Temari and Tenten, said they had some news. All the guys thought 'uh oh, what now'. Then the bell rang, Temari and Tenten told them at that time so the guys had to try and ponder and guess what the news was about'.

Shino came up with many different ideas, 1) Temari and Tenten are kidding and there is no news at all 2) A confession 3) someone important person was coming to the school and they where fans of theirs 4) an event was coming up, and last but not least 5)They over heard something disturbing. Shino thought about it lots and never got to the simplest conclusion.

Temari and Tenten just grinded they loved watching them think; even Shikamaru was showing signs of thinking. Temari and Tenten got attention, which they only liked occasionally and as long as it was in the pursuit of something they wanted to do. "the guys also didn't know why they didn't like the attention anyways back to the story. As the bell went to signal the end of school Temari and Tenten ran straight home so the guys had to wait longer. The two girls thought it was hilarious. This is the most they had ever laughed in a long time.

As the boys gathered at the sand sibling's house, and saw the two girls laughing the group of guys just stared at them one of them then finally spoke up and yes you guessed it was Naruto the load ramen lover yelled "SO WHAT IS THE BIG NEWS" "we won't tell you if you shout like that' said in replay an oddly patient Temari.

Now they knew something was up because have would have hit Naruto by now for being so dam loud. Shino then said "so what's the big news huh" Temari then nodded to Tenten and she said in turn "new people are going to be coming to are school during this week" then Tenten started to giggle and started laughing with Temari which said in between laughing "–laughs- we –laughs- got yous –laughs- thinking and –laughs- you never got the simplest answer –laughs- or conclusion.

Temari and Tenten looked at the guys and they just looked back. "New students hey...hmmmm wonder what they can do and what they are if their like preps or like us, or something" Kiba thought out loud. They all ended up chatting for hours till Temari drew the line at 11pm because they had school tomorrow, so they all left and went home. As Temari, Tenten, Gaara and Kunkuro went up stairs went to up to their own rooms and went to sleep.

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