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Chapter 12 Holiday day one, convincing the girl's to go.

After that day of target practice, and the last week of boring school and the broken alarm clocks, the chasing of screaming girls and sharp thing's had passed the guy's met up at the school gates and the girls headed home. Once they knew the girl's had gone Naruto said "Well smarty's how do we get them to come with us the hotel/beach thingy?". "I'll tell you, we are just going to ask it is simple" said Kunkuro. "Hn" was Sasuke's and Neji's reply they were not paying attention.

Also Shino and Gaara where off in their own world today. As the guy's walked home they saw the girl's lounging round as usual, they walked over to them and then Naruto said "Okay girl's we are all going on a holiday trip starting tomorrow we are going to the beach and you's are coming with us".

Sasuke thought 'I don't think this will work'. Ino yawns "alright I'll go nothing better to do". Temari jump's from the head of the couch and land's with her legs on Shikamaru and herself laying on the couch she then said "Alright I could use some fun". Shikamaru thought 'wow so easy'.

"Ugh fine, I suppose I will go as well" said Tenten. "I'll go to I suppose" said Hinata. "Guess I have to go as well" said Sakura while jumping up from her couch to go get a drink. "Well I guess it's all good then" said Kunkuro. Temari and Ino looked at each other signalling to the other girl's time to put the plan be annoying in action.

Temari and Ino got up first and went over to the stair grabbed their skate, boards and started to grind the stair railings, while leaving mark's on them. Sakura stared to talk really fast so no one knew what she said and then she started to yell piggy back ride, piggy back rid while jumping onto Sasuke's back, to his in-joy meant.

Hinata and Tenten went and looked Kunkuro's and Gaara's bed room doors so they couldn't go in and then they moved onto grabbing their laptop's and typing notes down fast, and chatting loudly, the notes they where typing you may ask where notes on if the guy's where getting annoyed and what their action's where to everything the girl's done. Neji was amused by all of this his thought's where 'Well they must be on a sugar high I think but it's so funny Sasuke was giving a piggy back to Sakura the one and only the one he liked he blushed for a moment but soon recovered, this is going to be a while'.

Kunkuro in the mean while was shouting at Ino and Temari who where ruining the stair railing, and taking of the paint in the process also breaking a few things. Shikamaru was laughing at this behaviour, Kiba was wanting to join Temari and Ino in the grinding of stair railing's, Shino watched Tenten and Hinata type stuff on their laptop's.

Sasuke complied too what Sakura wanted and was piggy backing her. Neji was watching Sasuke and Sakura then turning to watch Tenten and Hinata well mostly Tenten, Gaara was trying to get into his room but didn't sussed in it and then went down and then outside to climb through his window to get into is room. The hell that was caused by the girl's afternoon you could hear, screaming and yelling and smash's through the house and people that walked by and read the name The house of doom and the heard the noise walked by very fast.

After an hour or so of annoying stunt's and yelling's the girl's stoped and went to their room's to pack and get all their stuff they would be needing for the next two to three weeks. Kunkuro spent an hour or so trying to get into his room before doing the obvious thing by asking for one of the girl's to open it.

Gaara and Kunkuro had their stuff already ready and so did the other guy's so they bought their stuff down/over to the lounge room. The girl's where ready with their bag's and bought them down and placed them with the other's everyone had something to eat before leaving in Shino's, Gaara's, Sasuke's and Neji's car's.

Once they reached the beach house it was humongous everyone got their own rooms, and there was only 3 bath room's though, one big kitchen, a hangout basement, and a lounge room. The house was located right by the beach so the moment you stepped out you where on the sandy warm beach, they chose their room's and since they got there very late and where all tired from the drive they went to sleep early, waiting for the next day to come.

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