Magical Kamen Rider Ranma Zwei

Teturo: So you finally want to make this into story format?

Den-O: Yep

Kadoya Ranma: Hey what about me?

Kiva Ranma: Sit down you already had something today, It is my turn again finally.

Den-O: Yeah so don't worry.

Teturo: If you don't stop fighting I am sure Kari and Paru would love to play.

Kiva Ranma: I will be good.

Teturo: So what do we call this then?

Den-O: Magical Kamen Rider Ranma Zwei.

Teturo: Sounds better the the rewrite.

Den-O: Yep I know

Disclaimer: I do not own Ranma 1/2, Kamen Rider Kiva or Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS. Oh Yeah any and all flames well be used to feed Castle Doran.

It is one year after the the end of the Ranma manga and it is the end of Nanoha StrikerS.

Chapter-1 Kamen Rider meet Magical girl

The blue sky is filled with ghostly images of earth like worlds floating seemingly just out of reach. There is no moon to join the one sun in this alien sky. This is the world known as Mid-Childa, a planet floating not in a star system as people of earth would know it, but in a dimensional sea. It stands near a dimensional nexus surrounded by other worlds similar to itself.

This is the home world that is claimed by mages and governed by the Time Space Administration Bureau. On this world we find a young stranger wandering towards what looks like a large city.

"So Kivat why are we heading this way again?" Asks the pig-tailed man.

"Because Ranma-san there have been reports of strange creatures attacking humans which I believe are Fangires." Answers the odd looking bat flying along side him.

The young man the metal bat like creature called Ranma shrugs. "Oh really so the Fangires have moved to another world huh interesting."

"Yes Ranma, that is why we came here in castle Doran." Kivat lands on the man's shoulder tiredly. "You were paying attention when we were discussing this before we left right?"

Ranma sweat drops. "Um yeah of course I was."

"As I was saying. I overheard Shima-san and Megumi-san talking in Café mald'amour about the fangires disappearing." Kivat lectures "Shima-san mentioned this world and a group of humans hunting fangire here."

"Do they have IXA?" Ranma stops studying the planets hanging in the sky to look at Kivat.

Kivat shakes his wings negatively. "No this group is called the TSAB and apparently they have magic users."

"Let's hope they are not in over their heads." Ranma groans as he hears the reverberations of a violin from within the castle he now calls home.

"Kivat let's go." He says as he narrows his eyes and begins to run.

"Yosh Bite!" Kivat yells as he bites the hand Ranma holds out to the side.

Stained glass like markings appear on the boy's face, and silver chains appear wrapping around and forming a blood red belt on Ranma's waist. "Henshin!" He calls out as he puts kivat hanging upside down from a peg in the belt`s buckle.

Quicksilver appears and then shatters leaving him clad in a black bodysuit, complete with black boots. On his left leg the only adornment is a silver ornamental anklet and a bat styled knee plate. On the right leg there is a full silver boot going to a matching knee plate. Chains are wrapped tightly around the boot as though holding something back.

Above the belt is what looks almost like a silver jacket opened at the front to reveal red chest armor formed and accented with black lines to simulate a muscular chest. The sleeves are black leading to thick red leather gloves capped with silver symbol covered bracelets. The shoulders are covered with guards made to look like folded silver bat wings held down by chains.

The helmet appears to be red underneath but it is dominated by a silver mouth piece with black fangs centered between large yellow faceted eye pieces shaped to look like inverted folded bat wings.

Ranma now wears the armor that is his by birthright. He is Kamen Rider Kiva.

Kiva arrives just in time to see a creature resembling a humanoid horse made out of faceted pieces of glass use giant floating glowing fangs to drain a human victim. Leaving them a transparent lifeless husk, which it drops like useless trash.

Kiva charges and punches the Horse Fangire a few times. "Hmph so even on a different world you have to cause trouble Fangire."

The creature steps back and an almost human face seems to be reflected in the glass as it speaks. "Who are you?"

The Horse Fangire could swear he could feel the Rider smirk. "I am Kiva, and I am your end."

The beast smacks its arms together causing pieces of glass to fall out forming a sword on the ground. The sword is quickly grabbed up as it charges at Kiva with a wild slash.

Kiva in a swift motion brushes the sword aside and throws the fangire into the air. "Ok Kivat its time to end this." Kiva then pulls out a red fuelstle with a bat like head and places it into Kivat mouths which then closes

Kivat releases his grip on the perch and flies around shouting "Wake Up!" At the same time Kiva brings his arms in close to his sides and raises his right leg high into the air like he is holding the pose of finishing a high snap kick.

The sky turns black with a blood red moon hanging behind him. Kivat flys around the silver boot and the chains break with flashes of sparks. The boot falls away reaveling the inside to be red bat wings with three gems in a line going up the front.

Kiva bends the knee he is standing on and leaps powerfully into the air. Coming back down to earth and driving through the creature shattering it completely, and leaving a bat shaped fissure in the ground.

A glowing orb of energy floats off only to be eaten by a creature that looks like a giant dragon with a castle built around it.

"Chew and swallow properly." says Kivat to Castle Doran

"Well thats one less fangire to worry about." says Kiva

"Very Impressive but I am afraid Kiva you are going to have to come with me." Says a young woman's voice from behind him.

Kiva turns to find a beautiful girl in her late teens wearing a black dress uniform that sets off her long flowing blond locks excellently. "Who are you?" Asks Kiva looking at the girl.

"I am Fate T. Harlaown and I am to bring you to the Time-Space Administration Bureau." She answers without the slightest hint of nervousness, even after seeing him destroy the fangire.

Silver chains cover the corners of the screen framing the girls confident grin.

"Yosh Kivat the third here, next time on Magical Kamen Rider Ranma Zwei Ranma must face a fight against a... Beautiful human girl! Can he survive without hurting her? And what of the TSAB?"

"Tune in next time for Kiva vs. Fate enter Garulu Form."

"Release the chains of fate." Cough, cough, bright blush.

"Wake Up!"

Teturo: you think readers will think this is an improvement?

Den-O: Yes I do

Kadoya Ranma: Still say I should be in it.

Paru: Imperium Graphicus Adeat.

Kadoya Ranma: Crap (Runs)

Teturo: Now that was not very nice.

Paru: What is he complaining about. He has has screen time in two stories lately. I have not even been seen.

Den-O: Still I do need him

Teturo: Don't worry Haruna there is a reason and you will like it I am sure.

Kivat: So this is what everyone does when the chapter is over.

Teturo: not that much normally happens.

Kivat: I see well stil it is fun to just sit and talk like this.

Teturo: True to that, the fourth wall breaking and random appearances are fun too.

Den-O: yes yes yes OH YEAH everyone there will be a new girl added to the pairings for Ranma

Teturo: More chaos for Ranma, always fun.

Den-O: Yep and the new girl is well, I am sure you will like her Teturo...Subaru.

Teturo: Can't say I don't like her spirit and energy...Among other things.

Den-O: True to that.

Teturo: Anyway folks please read and review.

Den-O: Till the next chapter rewrite See Ya.