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Chapter 5 - Questions, Answers, and Testing.

"We could have been friends from the start." Nanoha says in a soft voice. "But due to a misunderstanding, we assumed that Kiva was a threat. Can we get over the pain this caused and become alies? Magical Kamen Rider Ranma Zwei starts now."

Ranma stifles a groan as he sits down in a comfortable chair in the group commander`s office.

"Are you healing well Ranma?" Hayate asks politely as she sets a cup of tea in front of him, and takes her seat behind the desk.

Ranma nods as he answers. "Hai I am doing much better."

"That is good to hear." The young woman says with a heartfelt smile. "I hope you understand that we appreciate your willingness to work with us after our misunderstanding, but we do need to know a few things to make certain nothing similar happens in the future."

Ranma sighs a little. "Ok just what is it you need to know."

"Well, short of disassembling him we have very little information to work with on your friend." Hayate says with a polite nod to Kivat. "I assure you we have no intention of doing that to a sentient being, but we need to know more about how the two of you work together."

He nods a bit. "Ok thats sounds reasonable."

"I am glad to hear that as well." Kivat says with a visible shiver going through his frame

Ranma looks at Kivat and smiles. "Don't worry Kivat you know I wouldn't let anyone do that to you

The commander of Riot Force 6 begins with, "So then the most obvious question I have to ask is can anyone use Kivat`s power?"

The young man shakes his head. "No only I can, well at least thats what Kivat tells me."

"Ah... better to say that no one else could safely, that I would be willing to work with." Kivat amends.

Ranma nods. "Right."

"So what is the limiting factor?" Hayate asks, seeing Ranma grimace she continues somberly. "I understand if it is uncomfortable to say, but we do need to know."

Ranma takes on a thinking pose. "Well I am not sure really Kivat here really never said."

"Pure humans could not survive the power." Kivat says simply, and does not elaborate.

"Pure humans?" Hayate asks blinking at Ranma.

Ranma looks away a little. "Yeah pure humans and yes I am only half human."

"My best friends and protectors are programs created to protect a book that had no other purpose then to destroy everything it came across." Hayate smiles at Ranma as he turns back to look at her in surprise. "Whatever you are there is a place for you here."

The boy smiles in response. " I see thank you..I think we can tell her Kivat."

"I and the other Kivat are creatures that work symbiotically with those of the fangire blood to create the armor of Kiva." The small bat says simply. "Together we compliment each others powers to bring out the greatest of both."

"So you are a hybrid with a human and fangire parent Ranma-san." She quietly says more as a statement then a question.

Ranma nods. "Hai."

"Then do you need to feed like the fangire do?" Hayate asks with some discomfort.

He shakes his head. "No I do not, I eat regular food."

"Then there should be no problems." Hayate pauses with a smile that unnerves Ranma somehow. "We will simply make sure there is plenty of food ready for after you are finished with the rest of the interview."

Ranma nods a little. "Ok that would be nice so what else do you need to know?"

"Yo," Vita says from behind him. "Well now that the basics are out of the way we can get on with the real testing."

Ranma blinks. "Real testing?

"Yes, we need to see how well you fight on your own, and work with a group." Nanoha says as she steps into the room. Ranma simply stares at her walking towards him in her pressed white dress uniform. The compliment of Fate in her black uniform of similar cut behind her makes a nice combination.

Ranma coughs a little bit. "I see ok it will be a bit weird working a group that doesn't want to inflct bodily harm to me afterwards."

"You do think a lot of yourself." Fate says with a smirk.

Ranma smirks a little himself. "That I do."

"Okay then." Vita announces. "Subaru get your tail in here." This earns a squeak and Ranma watches as a girl with dark blue hair quickly walks into the room in a brown dress uniform to stand in front of the desk and salute. Ranma sighs as she makes him think about another girl he knew with short blue hair. "You and Subaru will be working together for the team exercises, while Fate and I will be the opposing team."

Ranma nods and smiles. "It will be fun working with you on this."

Subaru smiles and nods, causing Ranma more painful nostalgia. "Private Subaru Nakajima, I hope we can work well together." He is surprised as the girl blushes slightly after saying this.

Ranma blinks a little. "Yes I hope so to."

"Well then, shall we make our way to the training grounds?" Nanoha finishes happily.

Ranma grins. "Come on Kivat lets go...Lead the way ladies."

"Yosha!" Kivat cheers as he flies after Ranma and the girls leaving the room.

After everyone else leaves Hayate turns to look at reports on a holographic screen above her desk. "Do you believe we should pass on this information to the Wonderful Blue Sky organization?" A small female voice says from her shoulder.

"I believe we need to know more first." Hayate says as she turns to the small female figure. "There seems to be a great deal of prejudice there for Kiva."

Ranma groaned as he looked up at the sky and it was darkened when the evilly grinning red haired girl put herself in his line of sight.

"You tired out from just this much?" Vita asks with a roll of her eyes.

"Well, he was running while you were flying, and I was on my skates Lieutenant Vita." Subaru offers in his defense.

"Hmph. That just shows his limitations then." The combat mage says simply.

Ranma groans a little as he sits up. "Your right it does all this tells me is that I need to get better."

"If you have rested enough shall we try the team exercises." Fate says from the side. "You and Subaru-san may have a thirty minute run on the obstacle course before we do combat exercises."

Ranma standing up and smiling. "Got ya...are you ready Subaru?"

The girl blushes fiercely for a moment as his eyes turn on her. "Hai."

Ranma streches real quick. "Ok Kivat lets go."

"Ikuse!" The bat cheers as he lands in Ranma's upraised hand and is brought down to the other hand. "Bite!" Ranma's cheeks gain stained glass like markings, and a red belt forms around his waist from chains that merge into quicksilver and shatter.

"HENSHIN" Ranma shouts as he places Kivat on the belt upside down.

Ranma`s form is covered in quicksilver that solidifies into the armor of Kiva. The rider turns to find Subaru blushing while looking at the front of his suit. Not understanding what was so special about it he shrugs, and holds out his hand to the girl. "So how do you normally work?"

"Well usually I work as a forward with Teana." Subaru says with a smile. "She uses a gun type device with the cartridge system."

Kiva nods and puls out a green fustle with a fish head on it. "I think I have the perfect weapon then." Kiva then places the Fuslte in Kivat's mouth

Kivat flies from his perch shouting "Basha Magnum!"

Within the halls of castle Doran the two men and the boy are again playing cards. The rough looking man growls. "Tch not me."

The boy giggles. "My turn." He spins around and snaps his fingers and is surrounded by a green aura. He skips towards the hidden hallway and transforms first into a green fish-man and as he passes several mirrors turns into a glowing green statue that looks like a rook chess piece topped by a fin.

The statuette flies down the hallway, and the scene shifts again to show a glow traveling along the throat. The dragons mouth opens ejecting the statuette in a ball of fire.

Kiva leaps into the air and catches the palm sized object in his right hand, which transforms into a fin topped musket shaped hand gun. At the same time the arm and chest are wrapped in chains that shatter leaving armor topped by a fin shaped shoulder guard that is as green as the eyes of the girl who stares at him in wonder.

Kiva Basha form lands on the ground with the gun still raised in the air and his left hand extended towards Subaru. "Shall we dance then my dear?" Subaru simply nods in response with her eyes still locked on Kiva.

Subaru takes his hands and begins to skate off and is amazed to find Kiva sliding along with her supported on a flow of water raising out of the ground.

She cheers as her punch carries her through the target and flinches as Kiva who somehow was now in front of her shoots two drones out of the air over her shoulder. Kiva simply bows to the girl and spins sliding backwards while shooting down more targets.

Nanoha turns from her observation terminals and smiles at Vita and Fate. "it seems he can work well as a part of a team."

"We will see after we start the actual fight." Vita huffs.

"I suppose we should." Fate offers quietly.

Before they could begin to move towards the field all of Nanoha`s screens flash red and warning screens appear in the air in front of the two aces.

"It seems we may have to move on to a true field test." Kiva growls as he feels the vibrations of the violin within the otherwise quiet halls of the castle.

The scene shifts to show a man with lank purple hair wearing a lab coat. The man tilts his head back and starts laughing as wildly as the look in his eyes. Before freezing with chains framing his manic grin.

"Ne ne! I finally got to come out and play." The voice of the young man cheers.

"Who is the bad looking Onii-chan?"

"Watch for the next episode of Magical Kamen Rider Ranma Zwei!"

"Hammer time! Graf Eisen and Dogga!"

"Unleash the chains of fate!"

"Wake Up!"

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