(Wyatt is 13 and Chris is 11)

Piper walked down the stairs. Then Wyatt orbed in front of her and scared her
Piper: Wyatt, what did I tell you about orbing in front of me. You know it scares me
Wyatt: I'm sorry mom but I wanted to know if you knew where Chris is?
Piper: No, I thought that you two were playing?Wyatt nodded
Wyatt: Yeah we were playing and then I went to my room to get something and then he was gone.

(Christina is 8 years old and Jasmine is 6 years old)
Phoebe was in her house and then her little girl, Christina came running in
Christina: Mommy! Mommy! Jasmine is gone!
Phoebe: What?Christina: Yeah, she was in her room coloring and then when I went back in there she was gone!

(Hilary was 9 years old and Kayla is 6 years old)
Hilary: Mommy, Kayla is gone!
Paige: Honey, what do you mean?
Hilary: She got a toy from her room and then when I went to go get her to play outside she was gone.

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