the sisters were in their mens arms cring
Phoebe:what are we going to do. i can't loose our babies.
coop pulled her closer
Paige: i can't loose our babies either. i love them so much
Henry pulled her closer

Piper got up
Piper:Well I'll tell you what we're going to do? We're going to kick some demon ass.
the sisters got up with now mean faces.
Phoebe:Lets go
Paige nodded and their men just sat there.

Leo: I never thought this would happen
Coop and Henry rubbed their heads.

The sisters got up to the attic grabbed some potions and ran orbed out.
When they got to the underworld she saw the kids past out on the floor. The sisters eyes started to tear up. piper stepped out from behind the rock and so did the other sisters
Piper:Hey, you have our children and we want them back and I'm pretty pissed so we can vanquish you fast and less painful or slow and VERY painful.
The demons looked at eachother and started to throw fireball at them.

Piper blew them up and Phoebe threw potions and Paige orbed their fireballs back at them.
Once they were gone The sisters went to go get their kids.
Piper:Wyatt, Chris honey get up please.
Phoebe:Christina, Jasmine
Paige:Hilary,Kayla look at mommy please
they all woke up
All the kids:Mommy?
They all hugged eachother.
and orbed out

when they got the manner the men were still there and they all went to hug eachother.
Piper:All i know is that i have one thing i have to say leo that i totaly forgot to tell you is...I'm pregnant
Leo hugged her
Phoebe:Coop, I forgot to tell you that I'm pregnant too...
Coop hugged her too.
They all taught their kids how to fight and use their powers.