Title: Coming to terms

Summary: What if you were in love with your best friend? Better yet, what if you were in love with your best friend who was suffering from a broken heart? Even better yet, what if you were in love with your best friend who was only dating you to get back at her Ex- boyfriend?

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Chapter one: The Plan

Bella's Pov

How could this have happened? I had the misfortune of walking in on my boyfriend, James, with the school slut Victoria making-out in an empty classroom. James was actually stupid enough to try to sit with me and my friends at lunch, but my brother, Edward's Girlfriend and my friend Rosalie Hale told him off.

"Who do you think you are? Why would you think that you can sit any where near Bella after what you did? Why don't you just go sit with you precious Victoria?" Rose asked James the second he tried to sit at our table

"Bell you have to believe me I'm so sorry." James pleaded with me

"Don't call me Bell only my friends can call me that and you certainly aren't even that to me any more, no I don't believe you." I retorted

"I think you need to leave this table now, James, before I make you." Said Edward

"I just want to talk to Bella." Said James, which cause my best friend Emmett Cullen to get annoyed and trust me I know from experience the last thing anybody would want to do is make Emmett mad.

"Get this through your impossibly thick head Bella hate your guts and Bella never want to talk to or be any where near you ever again and if you do try to talk to her don't think Edward, Jasper and me won't hear about it and kick you ass, Right Bells?" Emmett asked me

"That sounds about right Em." I replied

"Bell…I…" James started, but was interrupted by my twin sister Alice

"My sister wants you to leave and never talk to her again." She said

"Fine" He replied then he walked away from the table.

"So tell us, how are you going to get back at that cheating scumbag?" Alice asked me when James was out of ear shot.

"I have a plan, but Em you don't have to do this if you don't want to." I told Emmett

"What's the plan Bells?" he asked me

"Well, we would pretend that we are Boyfriend and Girlfriend, but as I said you so don't have to do this if you don't want to." I told Emmett and after I said this Alice, Jasper, Edward, and Rose all looked at me like I was crazy while Emmett said nothing

"What?" I asked

"Doll, you are my best friend I'd do anything for you." Emmett replied using his special name for me

"Thanks Em." I said to Emmett

"As I said, Doll, I'd do anything for you, now come on we have class." He said grabbing my backpack

"See you guys later." I told Alice, Edward, Jasper and Rose

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