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Title: Coming to Terms

Summary: What would you do if you fell in love with your best friend? Better yet what would you do if you fell in love with your best friend who was suffering from a broken heart? Even better yet what if you fell in love with your best friend who wanted to date you to get back at their Ex?

Chapter Three: The day after

Bella Pov.

Four Years Later

The day after Emmett kissed me I was going to tell him I didn't want to pretend anymore and that I wanted it to be real, but he had other plans, other plans that involved him being with head cheerleader Lauren Mallory, and I'd never forget the fight that Emmett and I had that night.


"Dose she really know you? Or even Care about you? Because I know of someone that does!" I told him vehemently

"Who, because it's CERTINLY not you, I mean come on Bella I kissed you and you ran away from me!" He replied angrily

"That might have something to do with the fact I had just found my boyfriend with the school slut" I retorted tears in my eyes

"You know that your plan was so stupid it never would have worked, because James NEVER loved you!" He stated

"How dare you? You have NO clue what the HELL you are talking about." I replied knowing that any second I was going to brake down crying

"Doll are you alright?" he asked taking a step closer to me, but I backed up

"Don't call me that- not anymore I can't… I guess this is it no more PS2 marathons till 6:00am and hanging out like we used to because I can't… I went through this once with James and I won't do it again, so have a nice life with Lauren." I told him and then I walked away


I hadn't seen him in four years and tonight was going to be the night; it was Edward and Rosalie's engagement party and Emmett was going to be there along with Alice and Jasper who was Alice boyfriend and Rosalie's brother. I decided that I would be perfectly civil to Emmett after all we had both grown-up. I was getting ready to go to the engagement party it had taken me two years to get over Emmett and I still wasn't sure if I could handle seeing him tonight. I walking back into my room and I grabbed the necklace that Emmett had given me the summer before any of the stuff with James and Victoria had happened, that was the one thing besides a picture of Emmett and I when we were five and we had red gooey popsicles all over our faces. I smiled when I looked at the picture, sometimes I wish things had turned out differently and maybe I'd be with Emmett.

When I got Edward house, Rose answered the door and I hugged her "Congratulations Rose." I said to my soon to be sister-in-law

"Thanks Bells." She replied

"So, have you seen my sister around here?" I asked Rose

"Yeah, come on in Bells." She replied and then led me over to Jasper and Alice who were talking to Emmett and the second I saw him my heart skipped a beat.

"Hey Em." I said to Emmett

"Hey, Izzy you look good." He replied using the nickname he gave me when we were three and I made the mistake of looking into his eyes and the second I did I smiled.

"So, how have you been?" He asked me

"I'm actually a writer now, and I got my first book published." I told him

"See, I told you." He replied

"Told me what?" I asked him, I thought I knew what he was talking about, but I couldn't be sure

"When we were in high school I told you that you were destined for greatness, or did you forget?" He said confirming my suspicions

"Yeah I remember that." I said, it had been a week before I found James with Victoria and everything was normal, sometimes I missed those days, but in other ways I'm kind of glad that I found James and Victoria together, because if I hadn't I wouldn't be the person I was meant to truly be

"So, what have you been up to, Em?" I asked him

"I went to Princeton and I'm a lawyer at New Moon law firm." He said

"Wow you're a lawyer that's grate." I said

"And what about you?" he asked

"What about me?" I asked him confused because I already told him what I did for a living

"Do you have a boyfriend, husband, what?" he asked

"No, I'm single. What about you?" I asked him blushing hoping against hope he was single

"I have a Girlfriend, it's Lauren Mallory, and I'm planning on proposing soon." He said smiling

"Congratulations" I said but I didn't want to be congratulating him for this and I had no clue why, but I felt upset.

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