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May, 1986

Amelia Bones, Head of the DMLE, was having an interesting day. Sure, it had started out normal, but that had ended when Susan, her almost six year old niece and ward, had come up to her and said "I want a husband." After finding out why (it turned out that Susan's friend's cousin was engaged and about to be married, and since it was Susan's birthday soon….), she then spent the next thirty minutes explaining why she couldn't have one (to young, definitely to young).

But then she had had an interesting thought. In the last years of the war against Lord Voldemort, a lot of marriage contracts had been started among those with young children, and she had no clue if her brother and sister-in-law had initiated one for Susan or not. Horrifying thought that. Deciding that she would check up on that first chance she had (hey, it paid to be head of the DMLE, and had the ability to check up on any legal document). With that, she kissed Susan goodbye, and strode into the fireplace with a pinch of Floo Powder and a call of "DMLE Chief's Office!" and whisked away to work.

After doing the normal daily paperwork, Amelia set off to find out if there were any marriage contracts out for her niece. Walking into the Department of Records, she headed directly to the Nobility section, letter B of course. "Baggins, Binns, Bletchley, Bones! There it is. Let's see, Bones, Susan….. Aha! Birth records, Medical records, Marriage contract, parents wil… wait Marriage Contract!? Morgana, there was one! Ok, maybe it's not bad, let's see who it's with….. Harry Potter?!"

After calming herself down, she took the contract, and headed back to her office to read it over and see what it actually said. Sitting down behind her desk, she began to read. "Hmm, let's see, fairly standard contract, yadda yadda. Wait what, a Guardian Clause tied to the Potter Will? Merlin and Morgana! Even she couldn't get to the Potter Will, what with Dumbledore locking it behind the Wizengamot. Hmm, wait, with a marriage contract and that clause built into it, she should be able to get around the sealing of Harry Potters file. But she needed Susan for it." With that, Amelia went to her fireplace and floo called Susan, asking her to come through.

When Susan stepped through the floo into her office, Amelia told her that she needed her help with some legal documents, actually, she needed a drop of Susan's blood. Amelia explained that a document was lost, but because it partly dealt with Susan, a drop of blood on another special document could bring forth a copy of the lost document.

When Susan solemnly extended her finger, Amelia pricked it with her dagger, and touched the drop of blood to the Marriage Contract, then intoned a fairly long invocation. When she finished, a flash of blue light appeared, and when it faded away, a new document was sitting on the top, the Potter will.

Reading the will, Amelia started swearing under her breath. SHE was supposed to have had custody of Harry Potter, not those damn muggles that currently had him. Harry was supposed to have gone to his godfather Sirius Black first (who was in Azkaban), his godmother Alice Longbottom second (who was in St. Mungo's long-term spell damage ward after getting crucio'ed to insanity), then the Guardian of his betrothed, Susan Bones. Which would be her. Reading farther down, it stated specifically that Harry should never go to his aunt Petunia Dursley. Damnation, what was Albus Dumbledore doing? Ignoring a will from a Lord was a serious offence, but she would deal with that later. First things first, she needed to get Harry Potter under her care, then enact the Potter Will, and then see about the marriage contract. Luckily, unlike most people, she actually knew where Mr. Potter was living, all because of a chance sighting when she was in the area supervising an Obliviation Team covering up some accidental magic preformed by the young man. She probably wasn't supposed to have seen him, but there was no mistaking that scar.

Looking up, she saw Susan still sitting there, being quiet. Hmm, need to explain what's going on to her first. So she started explaining to her niece that she actually was engaged, to Harry Potter, and that because of some legal reasons, Harry was actually supposed to be living with them. She then went on to explain that they were going to go collect Harry Potter, and bring him back to the Bones Manor.

When she got done with the explanation and answered all of Susan's immediate questions, she canceled all her remaining appointments for that afternoon, and then they walked down to the ministry apparition point, and with a twist, apparated to 4 Privet Drive.

Susan was having a pretty good day. Sure, she was told she couldn't have a husband or fiancé now, but that didn't mean that she couldn't have one in the future so she pretended that she had one now. But then her Auntie Floo called her and asked her to step through. As she stepped through the fireplace, she saw that her Auntie had her serious face on, and that usually meant bad things.

So when her Auntie asked if she could have a drop of blood to retrieve a legal document, she quickly stuck out her finger. After the drop of blood was smeared on the paper in front of her Auntie, she watched her do an incantation, and a new paper appeared. Watching her aunt read it and get angrier and angrier, she decided to keep quiet, knowing that when her aunt had all the information sorted out in her head, she would tell Susan everything. Not to mention, it was kind of funny watching her aunt get redder and redder as she got more and more angry.

When her Aunt put her paper down, she started to speak, and oh boy was it serious. Harry Potter was her fiancé? He was supposed to have been living with them? WOW, that is so cool! She decided to hold most of her questions for after the rescued Harry Potter when she saw the determined look on her aunt's face.


Harry Potter was having a horrible day. After accidentally knocking the skillet of eggs onto the floor, his aunt had hit him with the skillet, and then forced him to go to school in pain and without breakfast. If that wasn't enough, they had had a surprise quiz in math that day and because he was in so much pain he had forgotten to do bad on the test (after visiting the nurse several times this year, his aunt and uncle had came up with the story that he was a troublemaker who kept trying to get out of chores and schoolwork by pretending to be hurt or sick, and since Harry always seemed to be fine within a day or 2 no matter what really happened to him, the school and consequentially the nurse and teachers believed them, so it was no use complaining anymore).

When he had got the test back, and saw that he had got a perfect score (having already been beat and locked in his cupboard for scoring higher then Dudley), he had panicked! And somehow, during his panic attack, the teachers' hair had turned blue. How, he had no idea, but the man seemed really mad about it, and since he already believed that Harry was a troublemaker, Harry got the blame for it anyway. This lead to a trip to the Headmaster's office, and a call to the Dursley's, because he was suspended for the rest of the day and the next.

When his Uncle Vernon came and picked him up from school, Harry was beyond terrified. One look at his cold, stone-like countenance told him that he was in for a beating, and getting locked in his cupboard for at least the remainder or the week, So Harry tried to be as inconspicuous as he could while on the ride home, hoping that if he acted small and subservient he would at least appease some of his uncles fury.


Vernon was having a terrific day. He had bagged one new client already that morning, and had another scheduled for that afternoon. Then he received a call from the school that his upstanding son and the freak went to. Hearing that the freak had used his freakiness to turn his teachers hair blue, and that he had to leave work early to come pick the freak up from school because they were suspending the troublemaker for the rest of the day and the day following, well that just shot the day to hell and back again. Knowing that the client scheduled for that afternoon couldn't make it any other time, he had to give it to one of the other lesser reps, even though he knew that it was going to be a juicy contract that would have definitely scored him another raise, if not a promotion. With those dark thoughts in his head, Vernon stormed out to his car and drove off.

After talking to the headmaster and the freaks teacher and finding out the full story (honestly, it was completely apparent that the freak had somehow used his freakiness to get a better grade then Dudley on top of turning his teachers' hair blue, hell he had probably known about the client and did it just to make him loose the client!), Vernon's temper went ice cold, and he decided that it was high time to teach the freak a lesson he would never forget. Hopefully, one that would drive all the freakiness right out him. So, after parking the car and leading the freak into the house, Vernon's temper flashed white hot, and he backhanded the freak across his mouth, knocking him into the wall near the stairs. While the freak was down on the ground, he decided that he was going to do this proper, and removed his belt. Yanking the freak up off the ground, he tore the shirt off of him, and used it to tie the freak to the banister rail, and then proceeded to lay into him for making him loose the client, for using his powers to do better the Dudley, for being a freak.

Amelia, holding Susan's hand, walked out of the alley she had appeared on and onto Privet Drive. Looking around, she shuddered at the sameness, the uniformity of houses and lawns, wondering what that said about the character of the people that lived there. Deciding not to think about it, she explained to Susan that Harry Potter had been raised by muggles and that he might not know about magic, all the while keeping an eye out till she saw number 4. Walking up to the front door, she was about to knock, when she heard the sound of a fist meeting flesh and a cry of agony. Quickly she drug Susan to the ground and told her to stay there. Drawing her wand she cast a quick unlocking charm, and then hearing a second scream, blasted open the door, and stepped in and to the side. Taking in the sight in front of her, she was horrified to see that it was a fat man holding up in the air the broken body of what she suspected was her new ward (really, the scar was a dead giveaway). With a cold fury, she stunned the muggle, and then immediately started casting diagnostic spells to see where she could best direct her limited healing ability, to at least stabilize him enough for portkey travel. Seeing that he was still awake, and not wanting him to slip into shock or unconsciousness, she called out for Susan to come in and talk to Harry to make sure he didn't close his eyes, then proceeded to frantically cast her emergency healing spells with as much power as she could pump into them.


Harry knew that this was it. He was dying, he hurt to much him not to be, and his uncle wasn't stopping hitting him, and his aunt wasn't around to stop him from going to far like she normally would. But he wasn't that sad about dying. Maybe he would get to see his parents, if only for a brief moment before he was shipped to hell like his aunt always told him would be. Surely they would allow that. Plus, it wasn't even hurting that much anymore, he could barely feel Vernon's fist as it impacted his chest again, although a slight scream did leave his mouth. Odd, he could have sworn that the front door had blown in off its hinges and a ray of light struck his uncle. Oh, look, two angels coming to take him away.

Susan rushed into the house, and upon seeing the state that Harry Potter was in, she burst into tears and immediately rushed to his side and cradled his head in her lap.

"Angel, why are you crying? Angels aren't supposed to cry when they come to take the souls of the dying." Harry said weakly.

"Harry, I'm not an angel, my name is Susan Bones and I'm a witch. And and and your not allowed to die!" Susan gasped out.

"A witch? Like as in magic? They always told me that magic wasn't real." Harry murmured, his voice getting weaker.

"Susan, keep him awake and talking, I'm going to start healing him now." interjected Amelia.

"Yes Harry, as in magic. I'm a witch, and so is my Auntie Amelia, and you're a wizard. We've come to take you away and live with us like you should be!" said Susan as she desperately tried to keep Harry's attention so that he would stay awake.

"I always wanted someone to come and take me away to live with them Angel, but I don't think its going to happen this time." replied Harry in a weak sad voice. "I'm so tired Angel, I don't know if I can keep my eyes open any longer."

Watching his eyes start to shut and sensing that something bad would happen if they did, Susan burst into fresh tears and cried out "Harry, Harry don't close your eyes, please don't close your eyes, you have to keep them open Harry. HARRY KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN!"


Harry was so tired, he just wanted to sleep. If he was asleep he wouldn't feel any more pain, but there was an angel shouting at him to keep awake, and another angel pointing a stick at him that was making him hurt a little less, but that just made him even more tired. Or maybe they weren't Angels; the one holding his head said they were witches and he was a wizard, and while that would explain the weird stuff that had happened and was happening around him, he wasn't sure if he believed that these two beings weren't Angels.

Opening his eyes again, he stared up into the face of the Angel holding him, and saw that she was crying. That wasn't right; He had told her already that angels don't cry. Using most of his remaining strength, Harry reached up with his hand and cupped her cheek.

"Don't cry Angel, I told you angels don't cry." Harry whispered as he slowly brushed away some of the Angels tears. "Angel, am I really a wizard?"

"Yes Harry, you're really a wizard! You're a very famous one that beat He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named!" cried out Susan with relief as she saw him open his eyes again.

Looking around, Harry saw the other angel/witch whispering and moving her stick around in intricate patterns over and over again, seemingly growing more frantic as the seconds ticked by. Looking again, he could see the darkness creeping in, as everything but what he was concentrating on started to fade out. He turned his eyes once more to the Angel holding him; he summoned up the last of his strength and trailed his finger down from the center of her forehead to her lips, resting there to keep her quiet, all the while leaving a bloody trail.

"Angel, I'm really sorry but it's getting dark and I don't think that I'm going to be able to come live with you. But maybe I can help you still. If I'm really a wizard, then…." Harry paused his whispering, searching for the correct way to phrase what he wanted to do before he died. "Then I give unto you my magic, to hold and use as you see fit, so mote it be."

With those words spoke, a brilliant white light traveled from Harry's chest up his arm and into Susan's mouth. That last act drained the last of his strength; he let his arm fall to his side. As he watched the warring sides of white light flowing down Susan's / Angel's neck to her chest and the darkness finally closing in, he heard her say in a surprised tone "So mote it be."


And then he saw and heard no more.


AN: So I was thinking one day as I was reading fanfiction, what would happen if you made a story with a super!harry but didn't allow him to control his own power? Well this is my attempt at it. First time writing HP fanfiction, so any reply's are welcome.