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Chapter 3

One week earlier

While Harry is asleep

Walking out of St. Mungo's, Amelia realized her day was officially shot. Destroyed. Down the crapper. Ate the Avada…. Ok that needs to stop. "I need to catalog what's been done and what needs to be done now." She thought. Taking out pad of paper and a ballpoint pen (muggles make the most convenient things) Amelia started to organize her thoughts.

Discover that Susan has a marriage contract, check.

Find out it's with the Savior of the Wizarding world, the Boy-Who-Lived himself (Harry Potter), check.

Find out that the will of said Saviors parents had been locked, and by Albus-'I have too many titles to count'-Dumbledore himself, check.

Use said marriage contract to slip past the lock, and discover that the will was not carried out, check.

Discover that she was Harry Potter's legal guardian, not whoever Dumbledore stuck him with, check.

Go to find Harry Potter and get him stowed away before anything else happened, check.

Come across him getting beat to death by his muggle uncle, check.

Watch him die in front of you and Susan, while somehow apparently giving his MAGIC away, check.

Portkey them all to St. Mungo's and watch as he starts breathing again, check.

Get Harry and Susan situated in a high security room being examined by her personal Healer, Check.

Get Susan and Harry under heavy guard ASAP, check.

Finding that she had collected her thoughts enough to calm down, Amelia put away her notebook and pen, and apparated back to the Ministry. She then walked briskly through the DMLE and into her office. Feeling a hell of a lot more secure now that she was in her titular seat of power, Amelia knew that she had to move fast. Not only was she going to bring charges against arguably the most powerful man in the English wizarding world, but was going to bring Harry Potter out into the open, for however brief a time that would be. And while most of the wizarding world loved him, the death eaters that escaped imprisonment were mostly the rich, powerful type, who had plenty of reason and ability to try and get revenge for their defeated master.

"Ok, where to start this off…. Harry's protection." Amelia mumbled to herself as she quickly grabbed her quill and wrote two quick messages, and quickly sent them off. While waiting for the recipients to make it to her office, Amelia made a list of people she needed to contact immediately, and those that she could shunt to tomorrow. The short list included: Dame Augusta Longbottom and Lord Adrian Greengrass of the Wizengamot, the head of the Department of Magic Contracts and Wills Derrick Boyle, her private Healer Nichols Jackson, and her chief prosecutor Amanda Smythe. Seeing that it was still mid afternoon, Amelia wrote out several requests for a meeting, and then sent them off with the inter-office messaging spell. As she finished sending off the messages, her ward charms alerted her that there was someone coming through her door. Looking up, she saw that it was the first person she had summoned, Master Auror (ret.) Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody. Seeing the serious look on his boss's face, Alastor quickly stumped in, closed the door behind him, and then began firing off detection, silencing, locking, sealing, and anti-eavesdropping charms. When he had stopped (and she had fired off some extra of her own), Amelia quickly spoke up. "Master Auror Moody I am hereby re-activating your loyalty oaths and bringing you out of retirement. Do you accept?"

"Aye lass, you know you can count on me. But what brought this on? Must have been' something big." Alastor asked.

As the glow of the loyalty oaths fell back into place around her re-commissioned auror, she sighed in relief. Giving a brief rundown of her afternoon, she watched as the old auror's face grew more and more stony. "So you want me to watch over him for now, eh? Aye lass, that I can do."

"Good. I want you to grab four aurors who you trust, and go watch over him." Amelia commanded as she handed him a piece of paper. "These are the Healers that have access to Harry. If they need more people, get it approved through Healer Nichols Jackson."

"Good lass, I see you've not forgotten to practice 'Constant Vigilance'!" Barked out Moody as he got up and start to head for the door.

"Mad-Eye, I want you to get aurors who will only report to you or me. Get oaths from them no matter what, I will not have this get out before I do everything in my power to assure that he will have a safe place to live." Amelia said before he could cancel his charms and leave. "He is my responsibility and should have been from the beginning, I will protect him with everything in my power. I will not brook others meddling in my affairs." She finished softly, but with a determined steel to her timber.

"Aye lass, I hear ya and agree. You have my oath that no one will hear about this from me, and I'll be gettin' oaths from the ones I take with me." Alastor replied as the soft glow of an oath taking place flashed. With that, he took down his charms, and left.

As Moody opened the door, Amelia could see the second person she wanted to talk to, Senior Auror Connie Hammer, sitting in her secretary's office. "Senior Auror Hammer, come in please." She called out. As Connie shut the door, Amelia threw up the same warding charms, and seeing what her boss was doing, so did Connie.

"What has you in a tizzy Amelia, or is it Boss at the moment?" said Connie.

"Let's stick with Amelia for now, no one else here" replied Amelia. "I need your help."

As Amelia explained the situation, Connie's face got more and more blank. When she was done, Connie asked "So do you want me to kill them, arrest them, turn them into pigs and drop them off at a slaughter house, or turn them into bludgers so we can all have a go at hitting them?"

"Hmm, as tempting as most of that sounds, I want you to do nothing until tomorrow. I need you to keep watch on them, make sure they don't run. I need to make sure that no one can force Harry back there, that there will be no way around my Guardianship of Harry. Then we arrest them. All nice and professional, although the bludgers idea does sound deliciously appropriate." said Amelia with a frown. "Collect your partner Auror Woods and make sure the next inmates of Azkaban don't try to skip out on us."

"Yes Ma'am, consider them as good as arrested!" And with that, Connie left.

"That's a good start to making sure that Harry is safe for the moment." Amelia thought as she let out a sigh of satisfaction. Seeing that she still had two hours before the requested meeting took place, Amelia decided that she needed to talk with Healer Jackson beforehand, and see if he could tell exactly what happened. With that thought in mind, she called out "Saint Mungo's, Healer Nichol Jackson's" and stepped through.


Healer Nichols Jackson was walking back into his office as Amelia stepped out of his floo. "Excellent timing Amy, I just got done examining Mr. Potter and Mrs. Bones-Potter, and was about to call you."

"…Excuse me Nick, but I could have sworn you said Mrs. Bones-Potter there, and I'm almost absolutely certain that I didn't attend a wedding ceremony for my 5 year old niece and ward, that would almost be impossible!" Amelia said with a flabbergasted expression on her face.

Nichols chuckled, sat down, and reached into a drawer pulling out a bottle of Firewhiskey and two shot glasses. Filling them both, he set one down in front of Amelia and drank his, quickly refilling it. "And yet, they are married, according to their magic and bond Amy." Seeing her expression of frustration, he gave a slight smile and continued. "Near as I can tell, you witnessed a miracle. Mr. Potter was dying, and I'm not sure that we could have kept him alive even if you had gotten him here immediately. He had to much internal damage, and given the poor condition of his body before hand, it was not a good situation, and that's not even counting the head trauma he experienced." Nichols said with a grimace. "But to continue, he then turned a Sorcerer's Death Curse into giving Susan all his magic, his Magical Core if you will, which as you know would have killed him because as Witches and Wizards we cannot live without our magic." Seeing Amelia's shocked expression, he gave a slight chuckle. "Yes, I did say Sorcerer's Death Curse, as in Mr. Potter was a Sorcerer, as in the strongest witches and wizards. I have never seen a Death Curse like this, or heard of one like this, but then again, Sorcerers are so rare, and they so rarely die pleasantly, this is uncharted territory."

"To continue, when we started working on Mr. Potter, he showed signs of being resuscitated, and had no magic in his body, which let me tell you, shocked us when we checked. We were loosing him, and there was nothing we could do. Just as his life signs fled, he gave a sudden cry, and a green mist came out of his scar, gave a scream, and faded away. It was evil Amelia, Black Magic at its worst, and I don't even want to think about the effect it had on young Mr. Potter." Nick knocked back another shot, and poured again. "After the mist dissipated, we checked Mr. Potter again, and he was alive, healed for the most part, and had a Core again! It was a miracle Amy, pure and simple intervention by one of the gods, and truthfully, the implications scare me!"

Seeing Amelia open her mouth to say something, Nichols held up his hand to stop her. "Wait Amy, let me finish the report, then we can discuss the various points. After giving Mr. Potter a complete examination of not only his body but of his magic and his soul, I can report that he is, maybe for the first time since he parents died, purely himself and in perfect condition. Whatever, or whoever brought him back, healed him completely, although his body is still suffering from four and a half years of abuse and starvation. And yes, it is Mr. Potter that was brought back, of that we are absolutely certain, his magic signature is still the same. However, His core is smaller then what we expected. His magic core is small, way too small for the magical pathways he has. He was a Sorcerer, but now he is on the low end of the magical charts, and will never be very powerful. Maybe. While doing the examination, we discovered that there are ties from both his soul and his magic that lead to Susan. We then checked over young Susan, and what we found there was shocking. She is perfectly healthy, but has two cores. Hers, and Mr. Potter's original one. Both Harry and Susan are connected to the second core, and as we speak Susan's magical pathways are enlarging to accommodate the extra magic she will be able to channel. Susan's magic actually surrounds Harry's, the implications being that she might be in control of it, needing somehow let Harry use the power of his original core. On top of, or because of, this phenomenon, we also discovered the start of a soul-bond between the two, which takes us back to why I referred to little Susan as Mrs. Bones-Potter."

"Now both Susan and Harry are currently asleep, in a warded safe room, and Harry is being stuffed to the gills with nutrient potions, sleeping off magical exhaustion and what was done to him today. That's the entirety of the report; ask away all the wonderful questions I'm sure you have." Nichols said with a grin.

Taking a drink of her Firewhiskey, Amelia sat back and tried to collect her scattered thoughts. "Ok, first off, will there be any permanent damage to Susan or Harry from this?"

"I'm not certain, this isn't something that I've seen before, or read about either. From the looks of things, and this is my professional opinion, I do not think this will have a detrimental effect on either Susan or Harry. Susan is, for all intents and purposes a Sorceress now, actually maybe the most powerful currently, if she can access all the power of the shared core. She will need training immediately to control her new power, and to see if she can allow Harry access to the shared core, as like I said, her magic is currently containing it, and while there are pathways from Harry's new core to his original one, they are being partly blocked by Susan. That's the magic part of my opinion. Harry had something stuck to his soul, like a leech, and now he doesn't, which might have made his soul fluctuate and cause him problems, but the bond he now has with Susan stabilized that, so I do not see any problems there, nor will that hurt Susan. In fact, the bond should help Susan and Harry learn to use the shared core a lot easier."

"So it's just a normal soul-bond? Normal, HA! Listen to me; there haven't been five soul-bonds in the last 100 years that we know about!" Amelia snorted.

"Yes, normal soul-bond just doesn't sound right does it?" Nichols said with a chuckle. "But yes, for all intents and purposes, it is normal and as far as I can tell fairly strong for how new it is. You should keep on the watch for it to progress, telepathy, natural Occulmency shields, that sort of thing. They are going to need to sleep together for the first year or two to stabilize the bond, or spend at least ten hours a day touching. It's easier just to allow them to sleep together. We're going to want to check it every month, just to make sure there are no complications. I think you lucked out Amy, you don't have to worry about anything inappropriate happening because of the forced contact." Nichols finished with a grin.

"Thanks Nick, I really needed to think of that at a time like that!" replied Amelia. "Now tell me what you know about Death Curses and what you meant by being scared of the implications of having a deity watch over you."

Nichols shivered slightly "To explain a Sorcerer's Death Curse as concisely as possible, as a Sorcerer dies, they use all the remaining magic in their body and will it to do something. And with the enormous amounts that a Sorcerer can call on, those feats of magic are incredible and usually very very bad for whoever they Curse is aimed at. Kingdoms getting cursed with famine, magical lines dying out because of impotence, armies suddenly loosing every conflict are some of the ones that I can recall. The rumor is that the Weasley's just broke their current curse of poverty and male children, cursed by a Malfoy sorcerer ten generations ago. Although there are stories you hear about someone of great power giving their life to protect a person, revitalize a land, that sort of thing. It's been theorized that the phenomenon of sacrificing people to bring about good tiding from the land came from a Sorcerer or Sorceress sacrificing themselves to help out, and muggles just saw that it worked, and didn't understand why. Young Harry's in particular is very interesting, something I never thought possible! Imagine it, just giving your power away like that is simply amazing!"

"He called her his angel for coming and trying to save him. It was the saddest and most touching thing I have ever seen. He knew he was dying, and tried to calm Susan down and give her something to make her stop crying. It was if the words just formed, making it possible, and then he was gone. It was a completely selfless and utterly heartbreaking situation."

"Yes, that does sound very touching, in a completely fairy tale sort of way." said Nichols. "But back to the second part of your question. Being brought back is nice and all, but lets step back and look at this. Harry dies, and some Dark Magic specter comes out of the curse scar that Voldemort himself gave Harry. Then he is brought back to life and healed, by powers unknown. Add onto the fact that he was the one that destroyed Voldemort originally, that scares me! Everyone knows there wasn't a body found, just his clothes. Is he really dead?" exclaimed Nichols as he started to really get into it.

"Merlin, I hadn't had time to think about it yet! Think about it, Harry kills, or in our hypothesis destroys Voldemort's body, and is whisked off to his magic hating relatives by Dumbledore, who then sealed his records so no one would check to see who was supposed to get them. The records show that there have been no check ups on him, nothing at all." Amelia gasped. "Worse, both Godparents, who would know that they are supposed to get them, are suddenly taken out of the picture. Sirius Black to Azkaban, and Alice Longbottom tortured into insanity by the Lestranges. And the Longbottom's were two months after they should have gotten Harry! But why, why would anyone, let alone Dumbledore do that?"

I don't know Amy." said Nichols. "The only reason I can think of is because he somehow knew it was going to happen."

"That or he set it up. Morgana, this is terrifying to think about. But we need to step back from it, and work it out at a later date. Nick, I'm going to need a secrecy oath on what we just discussed, incase the later parts of the conversation weren't covered in your doctor's confidentiality oath." said Amelia as she stood up.

Getting the oath, Amelia strode to the floo. "Nick this has been an interesting conversation, but I need to leave to get ready for my next meeting. If there is any change could you contact me?"

"Certainly Amy, I would anyway."

"Thank you Nick, for everything." And with that, Amelia stepped through the floo to get ready for her next meeting.


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