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Harry was thought to be unconscious lying in a hospital bed in the infirmary, having been brought back to the school from the ministry. They had believed he had been fed a sleeping potion from Severus but for what ever reason it had not lasted very long. Harry had a strange feeling that the potion he had been given had been fake for some reason and the only reason that Harry had fallen off to sleep was because he was exhausted and had pain potions in him for his injuries. That and the fact he had cried himself to sleep. Tonight should have been the most amazing night, he defeated Voldemort in the ministry of magic and all of the true Death Eaters had been captured and would soon get the kiss, but moments before he had lost his beloved godfather. He knew he still had Remus and the Weasleys as well but he had thought that when the war was done Sirius would be cleared and he would have a family, Sirius the closest thing to a dad that he had.

As he was coming more to himself he realized that he was not alone in the room, well there were two other patients but beyond them. Ginny had injured her ankle and Ron had been attacked by the brains, and they had both ended up in the hospital wing with Harry. Luna, Neville and Hermione had been fortunate to only have minor wounds and they had been released from the wing after a check up when they were returned. Harry was surprised to see that Hermione was there for he could tell it was past midnight and was not as surprised to see the Weasleys there in the room.

For a moment he thought of speaking up, wanting to see Molly and Arthur but for some reason he held his tongue. He knew he had been woken by their voices and he wondered if it had been intentional from Severus who he saw looming off to one side.

Molly looked his way but didn't notice he was awake. "Sirius left him the entire Black fortune? Is the boy not rich enough without it? It should go to family."

Albus sighed. "The boy has no idea and he won't have access till he is eighteen. I have been able to access his real inheritance to pay his relatives all this time."

Real inheritance? Pay his relatives? The headmaster had bee spying his relatives, the people who had locked him in cupboards, starved him and treated him worse then a house elf to take care of him? His relatives had claimed they treated him the way they did because they were forced to feed and clothe him, even though they barely fed him ad he had never had a new piece of clothes till he started school and got clothe for school.

Arthur spoke. "Well surely you'll still have access to those vaults, I mean Molly and I count on our monthly checks from it. I mean he is going back to Surrey."

Albus surprised him. "Unfortunately Sirius adopted Harry to leave him the Black estate and he named his own guardian, Remus Lupin."

Harry listened as he tried to make sense of all of this, as Albus confirmed if it was in a will a werewolf could have custody. Harry could not believe this, Remus was his guardian now, and he had inherited the Black estate, and the Potter fortune was much grander then the one vault he knew of? But it was Arthur's words about him and Molly having taken pay from him for caring for Harry which shook him to the very core. He wondered if they had ever really cared about him at all. He desperately wished he was asleep but he knew he needed to know this, but after losing his godfather tonight, hearing this was more then he could handle.

Hermione spoke up finally. "I for one am glad me and Ron can stop pretending to be friends with the brat. He could of got us killed tonight and other times."

Molly put a hand on her arm. "You know until the trials are over and the talk dies down, you will have to keep it up. But there are no more dangers for you."

The headmaster agreed. "You will get extra pay for danger pay Miss Granger. But with some of the kids of Death Eaters still around and such, we need to continue."

Lying there in bed Harry bit his lip to stop himself from crying, not needing to be heard. He knew if they were aware he was awake that they would try to make excuses about what they had said. Whether Severus had done this to hurt him or he had given him the wrong potion, he found himself as painful as this was, he needed to know.

Albus started moving them towards the door. "We need to get some sleep and I have an early meeting with Cornelius to try to stop Remus from getting custody."

Molly made a suggestion. "You know you could always offer to have him stay with us. You don't need him abused any more, and we can keep an eye on him."

The last thing he heard as they left the room leaving him only with those who were asleep, or so he thought, was Albus agreeing it was a good idea. Harry broke down crying as he knew he was alone, his world already torn from the death of his beloved godfather, and now shattered by the truth of what he had just over heard. He was trying to make sense of all of it when he realized he was not alone and Professor Snape was standing next to him.

The man surprised him by sitting down on the bed. "I apologize for making you hear that but you needed to know the truth, once in your life to know it."