The waiting room for the infirmary was packed, for all their loved ones were there for them, but only Remus had been allowed in. No one even knew the gender, the couple had decided to keep it a secret, and everyone was anxious to find out. Lucius, Draco and Pansy who had been married for a few months, and the Weasleys were all there. Dora was out there with her parents and Johnny who was two and a half, and his and Harry's little sister was four and a half months. Harry, even pregnant with his own doted on his new little sister. Baby Annie Sarah Lupin was named like John for his grandfathers, for her grandmas, and was born Valentine's Day.

Harry had finished his last year apprenticing a week before, but Filius would teach for a semester, so he could be home with the baby. It was mid day, but the student had left for the summer a few days before, so the baby seemed to have Papa's good timing.

They were all excited when the door finally opened and Remus came. "They're ready for company."

Dora kissed her husband and handed him Annie. "I am sure you have held the baby. I want my hands free to hold my first grandchild."

There was an odd look on his face but he took his daughter, hard to believe he had a four month old, and was a Grandpa as well, but he was in heaven. He confirmed after Harry had nursed, he had got to be hands on, and he knew soon everyone would be vying for the honour. It was not until they came into the room and saw the men in bed, they understood the odd look on his face.

They were all smiles when they saw the blue bundle Harry cradled with pride, knowing the men had been hoping for a son, but that turned to shock. Severus also had a small bundle in his arms, and his was in pink.

Lucius stared in shock. "I know Harry you're close to the twins, but this seems an odd joke to play. You guys only have one crib."

Severus looked up as he handed his daughter to Dora, Andromeda had the boy "Our princess was an absolute shock to us. We only new about our son."

They had not known they were having twins, the little girl missed on the test, but they were sure Lucius would soon have a second crib for them. Lucius confirmed that as he looked down at the little babies. They were a beautiful mix, black hair like both dads, but Harry's famous green eyes and nose, and Severus' mouth and long fingers, which made for two very cute babies.

Harry looked at his brothers. "We'd like Oliver and Charlie to serve as godparents to our son, since the twins were my witnesses."

Oliver smiled. "You know we're honoured. But you owe us after Dylan."

The twins were not hurt, though they joked they should be godfathers for a twin, but they understood. Harry and Oliver were really close, especially since the national team and Charlie marrying Oliver, and since they were witnesses, it seemed fair. The Malfoy men were chosen for the girl, Lucius having chosen Severus for his son after all. It seemed funny Draco was godfather to his godfather's child but he was so close to Harry too. Remus was already Grandpa, even if Harry was godfather to both siblings, and Pansy understood as well.

Andromeda smiled "And the name of my first great granddaughter?"

Severus did the honours. "Our beautiful little daughter is McKenna Grace Lupin-Snape."

With both babies they honoured family traditions, first names for the Potters and middle for Severus though it also brought Lucius and Remus in. McKenna was a female variation of Clan Mackenzie, for the Potter tradition of names from British history. Grace came from Roman culture, like Severus as well as her grandpa and godfather, for the Graces were the Roman personification of charm, beauty and creativity.

Oliver looked down at his godson. "And this little prince?"

Harry did the honours this time. "We have chosen Brodie Martin Lupin-Snape."

Brodie, like McKenna, came from the name of a Scottish clan, but the name was also a type of Lily which allowed them to include Harry's mother. Martin was derived from Mars, the Roman God of war, for Severus but also a connection to the Blacks, because of the space link.

Lucius promised as the babies were handed back, there would be a new crib before tomorrow. "She may have been a surprise, but she is such a welcome one.

Author note: So of 17 reviews almost no one voted or had name ideas except people wanting John or Theo, forgetting his brother is John Theodore, someone suggest Mackenzie, so I took a variation

McKenna (Gaelic) child of the handsome one Grace (Latin) Grace of God, for clan Mackenzie (for Potters) and the Graces for Severus, Remus, Lucius

Brodie (Celtic) brother, name of a clan, also Latin name for clumping lily for Grandma. Martin (Latin) from Mars, both Roman God, and Black link for space

Annie (Hebrew) favoured, in honour of Grandma Andromeda. Sarah (Hebrew) princess said it was in honour of Remus' mum, Johnny named for grandpas

So I hoped you liked. I will try and have a new story up in a few days but haven't decided on a pairing or direction, want to try something different then I have done, if you have something you'd like to see, I am open