Something was going to happen today; I could feel it deep inside of me, swirling around like the thundering clouds that covered the wide horizon today. For some strange reason...I couldn't shake this feeling off of me and part of me didnt want to. It had been three days since the fight between my father and I, him ordering me to stay here at all costs. I wouldn't be aloud to participate in this war fore I would be going against his rule. It was bloody bollocks! I was trapped in this god-forsaken manor with no one...except Malfoy.

Malfoy had been assigned to me as a bodyguard of sorts since 'father' had yet to deem me able to have my wand. I wouldn't tell him I could do wordless as well as wandless magic, and thanks to my mental blacks that Professor Snape helped me develop, he wouldn't find out, hopefully. I sighed, curling up on the window pane I was currently sitting on and tried to muster some spark of hope. They would rescue me, they had to. I was part of the Golden Trio and Harry needed me as well as my knowledge. I had to have hope they would come because if I lost that single shread of hope, I would have nothing. I bit my lip to keep the tears away, I had to be strong.

"Princess?" a familiar voice muttered, casuing me to turn slightly. It was Malfoy, dressed in all black of course; his blond tressels hit above his eyebrows, dback out of desperately needing a cut. I turned back around, gazing at the scenery. Voldemort wouldn't allow me to even go outside, it was bloody ridiculous! "Alecia, please talk to me." I growled...I wasn't Alecia! I was Hermione Granger, and I always would be. I glared up at him, causing me to slightly take a step back.

"Leave me alone, Malfoy!" I hissed, turning around before he could see the single tear that escaped my emerald eyes. I could hear him sigh, as if he was worried about me. He was only doing this because of orders, he didn't care. I refused to act as he sat down opposite of me, drawling up one leg while leaving the other one hanging off the edge. I waited for him to talk, to try and get some kind of words out of me...yet there was silence. I closed my eyes, taking a breath in. It was silent and I suddenly became thankful for his presence. After my arrival, I could feel peoples' eyes on me as i walked down the hall; I could hear the whispers and I was tired of it. I was tired of everything...I didnt want to be Alecia Riddle.

I feared that I soon would be...

"Let's go." I stopped and looked at Malfoy, who was currently staring me down with his steely gray eyes. I titled me head, confused with his words. Go? "Let's go outside, princess, You need sunlight." I watched him as he got up from the cushioned seat and stretched his hand out towards me, as if waiting for me to grab onto him.

"I'm not allowed." I murmured, remembering back to the restrictions he yelled at me days ago. I wasn't to be outside, spells had been placed upon me to warn him of such grievances. Adding to that lovely number, I was to stay away from the dungeons, the main ballroom unless escorted by the man himself. I was allowed free reign of the library, the vast Dark books there made me think that he hoped for me to read them which was highly unlikely. Malfoy didn't say anything, still requesting me. I sighed, letting him grab my hand and pull me up. Might as well go...get all the fresh air perhaps. The feeling of Apparation jerked me suddenly, placing us outside the vast mansion. "Wow," I murmured closing my eyes to keep the dizziness away. I could hear Malfoy smirk as I held onto him.

"Malfoy Manor is still under my control even if the Dark Lord does reside here. The blood wards allows us to apparate around without any trouble but only us and the Dark Lord." I heard him state off, but I choose to ignore him. It was beautiful out here, even with the approaching clouds to the east. I let the sunlight warm my skin, ignoring Malfoy's in-take of breath. I felt alive for once..."Come on, princess..." I ignored him, stretching to the point where I could feel my back pop.


My eyes flashed open as that sharp voice pierced the air like a red hot blade. Standing in a meter away from us was that mad witch, Bellatrix; her wild unruly hair blowing in the wind as she stared at me. I tensed, realizing for the first time that I would have to meet mother. Before I could react, her petite arms were around me...her grip tight and unbearable. "My baby! Im so glad that you have been returned to us!" No words came out of me as she continued to hug me and cry. My eyes flashed over to the people behind her; several faces familiar to me. Dolohov and Yaxley two fo the faces staring back at me with apprehension and unknown emotions that sent unwanted chills down my spine.

"Aunt Bella, you shouldn't be here." Malfoy stated, allowing me to be released as she turned her attention onto Draco himself. I quickly placed myself out of the line of fire as the woman glared at her nephrew.

"She is my daughter...why shouldn't I see my child, poppet?" she growled. Draco's eyes flashed over to me, his wand slipping into his hand. Fear flushed thorugh my system almost immediately. What was going to happen?

"Run back to the Manor, now!" his voice suddenly yelled into my hand. Ignoring the magic he just performed without my knowledge, I ran as Bella began to fire at him. Part of me knew I should turn back and help him. As I ran up the stairs, a large presence appeared before me, abruptly stopping me as I ran into it. Strong, cold hands grabbed onto my arms; my eyes running up to the eyes of my father.

"You shouldn't be out here." he growled shaking me as his words sunk in. "Why did you disobey?" A loud shriek pierced the air, causing Voldemort to turn away from me. I pushed myself away from him, allowing the man to see the disturbance behind me. I quickly made my way into the mansion , ignoring the yells behind me as tears flowed down my face.

This was my own personal hell...