A/N: Story inspired by: Marvel Comics(Spiderman and X-Men mostly),

'Vindicated' by Dashboard Confessional, 'Hero' by Nickelback, 'Lips of an Angel' by Hinder, A Maximum Ride commerical (though not the book b/c I have never read it)

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Preface: CPOV

Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings.

The theory so simple and sweet, echoes through the city this time of year. The jingling and tingling of the delicate jingle bells resonate, returning the warmth of hope to the souls of the city dwellers.

But I know better than to garner hope from such frivolous urban legends.

I know that true hope lies not in the bells, but in the people. That the hope left dormant in their hearts cannot be awakened through pine trees, blanketing snow, or even the chiming bells on that legendary sleigh, but through a real angel. An angel that, wings or not, could save this city from corruption so dark, only light could pierce its wicked heart.

And I know that she will gain her wings someday. Maybe not today, or even tomorrow, but she is on her way. After all, she's already crowned with a halo of hope. She just needs love to help her fly.


It was but two months ago that my life changed forever.

It seemed so distant to me now. Like a dream from an age ago; a fraying whisper that tickled my ears in the wintry wind.

I remember the conversation I shared with my parents that stormy night. We'd dropped our walls on that car ride and laughed till our sides hurt and tears stung our cheeks. Looking back on it now, it was almost a pleasant final memory of them. I just wished the last half would disappear.

Precipitation wasn't unknown to residents of Forks. Carelessness always results with familiarity to danger. But who would have predicated an excessive 10 mph would cost the lives of the only family I had? Not me.

I remember it now in flashes of consciousness; a slick road, pouring rain, laughter, screaming, pain, and my guardian angel.


"Bella, you were so cute in your little tutu! Then all of a sudden-" Renee started.

"Mommy, I suck!" Charlie and I joined in laughing.

"Yes, you never were the coordinated one," Charlie admitted. I heard him accelerate slightly.

"But you were the prettiest one of the bunch. That's for sure," Renee added.

"Yeah, until I pirouetted of the stage and got covered in bruises!" I replied. We all laughed. I wiped away the tears of laughter, and glanced up to see two bright yellow headlights. The resounding horn sent shivers down my back and forearms.

"Charlie! Look-" But I never finished. There a crunching and grinding sound as the truck skidded to impact with the front of our car. I saw the word 'scream' in my head. And that's just what I did.

Light blinded my eyes, then morphed to blackness. I felt the shards of glass cut my face and upper body. The frigid rain battered my skin. I could barely breathe, and I was sure death would claim me soon. I would be joining my parents who'd found their peaceful salvations only minutes, perhaps seconds before me.

I could see the light already, but I was reluctant to reach for it. Could this really be the end for me? I was only twenty years old. There was so much left ahead of me; college graduation, a career, a first love…

Then I heard a voice so soothing and ambient, I knew it could only belong to an angel. Light surrounded him. I recognized him immediately as the angel sent from heaven to lead me into my next life. It truly was over.

"No, please let me stay. I'm not ready. Please…I'll do anything," I begged, though I knew my voice was too raspy from the blood flooding my throat.

"I'll try," He breathed. "But you'll really do anything? Death may be preferable to your new life. I don't know of its side effects, but you'll never reach the emergency room in time. "

I had no clue what the angel had said. The darkness had already clouded my mind past comprehension. Something about his voice, however, urged me to trust him. He was after all, my guardian angel.

"Anything," I choked out.

The last thing I felt was a sharp pain piercing my inner elbow. Thick, cold fluid injected into my veins.

"I'm a devil," my angel spoke wearily.

Then, my heart began to race.

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