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Love Between Two Captains

Chapter 21 End

-Hotel, Tezuka's room, 08.00 pm-

Tezuka couldn't believe his ears. He sat up quickly.

"Come again…" He asked. He could feel Fuji smiled on the other line.

"I'm pregnant, Kuni-chan. We're going to have a child" She said patiently. A very big smile appeared onto Tezuka's handsome face. He jumped and screamed.

"I'm going to be a father!" Fuji chuckled when she heard this. Tezuka kept jumping until he felt his legs almost broken before he sat down on the bed again. Tezuka grinned ear to ear.

"Ne, Syuu-chan…" he called, sitting back on the bed.

"Hmm… what?"

"When I come home, I'll give you a bear hug." He said. Fuji's beautiful voice filled his ear when he heard Fuji chuckled.

"Oh really?" She asked amusedly.

'Yeah, and maybe more…" he whispered seductively. Fuji's face became red.


"What? Why you sound embarrassed anyway? You're my wife, right?" Tezuka asked smirking.

"Y-yeah, but still…" she muttered, shyly.

Tezuka smiled, "I miss you so much…"

"Me too. When will you come home?" Fuji asked, half pouted.

"Hmm.. maybe the day after tomorrow I've came home…"

"That's so long~" Fuji whined. Tezuka laughed.

"Just wait I'll be there when you open your eyes." He said. Fuji smiled.

"Aah~ I'll wait"

"Jya, I love you"

"I love you too"

Tezuka put his phone beside him and closed his eyes. He could see Fuji's face in his mind. How he missed that cute face of her and more important was he was going to be a father. Oh~ he really excited.

-Japan, Flower shop, 10.00 am-

"Ne Syuusuke, when will you pick Tezuka-kun up?" Yukimura asked her cousin. She was playing with her pen when she saw Fuji walked back to the shop. Fuji looked at her and smiled a little.

"In an hour" she said. Yukimura nodded.

"So~ how's the baby?" Yukimura asked. Fuji smiled at he and sat down on the chair.

"Seiichi-neechan, the baby is just few days old." Fuji said.

"But still, you're so lucky. I want to have a baby too" Yukimura whine. She walked to Fuji and put her palms on her shoulder.

"It must be very happy when we could hold you baby in our arms" She said.

"Of course"

-Narita airport, 11.30 am-

Fuji looked around for a certain dark brown hair. She was so happy to finally met her husband too. He sighed tiredly when she couldn't find him. Just then a pair of strong arms embraced her from behind.

"I miss you" A familiar voice said warmly and a kiss was lace on her neck. Fuji smiled and turned around too see the handsome face of her husband. Fuji smiled and kissed his cheek.

"Just in cheek?" Tezuka pouted.

"Well, later honey… at home" Fuji winked. Tezuka smiled and hold her tighter.

"Let's go home"


Both of them walked out the airport. They went home by Fuji's car. The journey to the home was quiet. Tezuka closed his eyes because he was so damn tired. He just could wish they arrived at home soon so he could lie on their soft bed.

Finally, after 30 minute long journey they arrived at their cute home. Fuji helped Tezuka with his bag but Tezuka declined. He said Fuji shouldn't do anything dangerous and shouldn't lift heavy thing. So Tezuka carried his own bag and put it in their room. Tezuka lied down on the bed and closed his eyes. Soon he went to dream land.

Fuji smiled when she saw Tezuka already fell asleep on the bed. She sat beside him. She frowned a little but smiled happily when she knew what should she do when Tezuka woke up. Slowly, she closed the room's door and went downstairs to prepare something.

-05.00 pm-

Tezuka woke up. He sat up and looked up to the clock and saw the time. Wow, he had slept about five and half hour. He felt his strength came back. He stood up and walked to the bathroom. A nice hot water greeted him once he walked into the bathroom. He smiled when he knew that Fuji had prepared that water. He smiled. How lucky he was, had a wife like Fuji. What a gift from God.

After took a nice bath, Tezuka put on his clothes and went downstairs and straight to the kitchen. A smell of his favorite food made his stomach growling. He step into the kitchen and saw Fuji preparing some food for him. He walked behind Fuji who was busy mix something in a bowl.

"What was that?" He asked suddenly, made Fuji jumped in surprised. Tezuka chuckled a little. Fuji turned around and glared at him.

"Kunimitsu, you scared me. Appear so suddenly like that" Fuji pouted. Tezuka just laughed.

"Sorry, I saw you looked serious and I just want to find out." He explained. He leaned down to kiss Fuji.

"Saa… never mind. Looked I make pie apple for you~" Fuji dragged Tezuka. Tezuka sat down on the chair and let Fuji served him. The pie was so good like always. He wonder how did Fuji make it. Usually Fuji just smiled secretly and said "It's secret Kuni-chan but the main ingredient is love" softly.

-2 month later-

Fuji was ran to Tezuka, who was playing tennis with the wall behind the house. He stopped when he saw his dear wife ran to him. Fuji threw herself on him.

"Syuu, why do you run? What if you fall?" Tezuka asked. Fuji smiled.

"I have a good new to you, Kunimitsu." Fuji said.

"What is it?"

"I think I'm not the only one who is pregnant." She said.

"Eh? Who else?" Tezuka asked. He lead Fuji to sat on the bench near them. Fuji sat down and smiled.

"It's Seiichi-neechan. She called and said that she's pregnant too." She said. Tezuka smiled.

"So, I will be an uncle too aside of father?' He asked. Fuji nodded happily.

"Well, I will call Sanada and say congratulation to him" Tezuka said softly. His eyes looked at Fuji's lips. Slowly he leaned down to taste those cute lips.

-Nine years old later, Hospital, Monday, 03.00 am-

Tezuka walked around. He could stay calm and sat down on a chair when he knew that Fuji was laboring in the room. He could hear Fuji's scream and cries. They made him felt scared.

"Tezuka-kun, calm down will you? You made me dizzy walking around like that" A pregnant lady said to him.

"But Yukimura-san, I'm worry"

"All of us worry, Tezuka-kun. Not only you." Yuuki said to his brother in law. He was, being a calm guy, just sat on the chair and drank a can of coffee. It was 3 in the morning, no wonder that everyone felt sleepy but they stayed still for Fuji.

After thirty minutes, they hear baby cried from the room. They sighed and smiled. Tezuka smiled and said thank to God.

-Hospital, 06.00 am-

Fuji had been move to her own room. Tezuka was sitting beside her, holding her smaller hand. He smiled when he saw Fuji's sleeping face. Fuji must be tired. He felt Fuji's fingers move and slowly Fuji's eyed opened.

"Kunimitsu" she called weakly.

"Syuusuke… how's your feeling, darling?" He asked. Fuji smiled.

"Fine, where's our baby?" Tezuka smiled. When he about to stand up, Shizuka came in with a small baby in he arms.

"Here's your baby, Syuusuke. A very handsome boy" Shizuka said. Fuji accept the baby and smile lovingly.

"He looked like Kuni-chan with his brown hair." Fuji said.

"But his eyes look like you with blue eyes" Yukimura came in whit Sanada.

"Seiichi-neechan" Yukimura walked to Fuji and sat beside her.

"Woa~ I have a bother…." A three years old Fuji Hikari ran to her aunt.

"He's so cute~" she said. Everyone laughed at her act.

"Can I hold him Mommy?" She tugged he mother's skirt. Shizuka smiled.

"Later, okay" Hikari nodded and smiled cutely.

Everyone was happy. Especially Tezuka and Fuji.

"What's his name Tezuka?" Shizuka asked her brother in law.

"Aa, Tezuka Shin"

-15 years later, Seigaku-

Young Tezuka was walking with his teamates after his tennis practice. As expected, he was so popular. Being a son of the famous tennis player, Tezuka Kunimitsu, he had the talent in tennis just like his parent. Many people said he would be great like his father. Tezuka Shin was also a genius. He had his mother's brain and ability to process everything inside his brain clearly.

Aside of that, his handsome face was the most attractive thing. He had his father's handsome face and his mother's warm smile. He didn't smile every time like his mother but he smiled when it necessary. Once he smiled, every girl would faint because of it.

The group arrived to the gate when a small figure was standing by the gate. She was so beautiful. Shin's blue eyes narrowed at the sight. What was she doing here? Was she waiting for him?

The figure turned her head to their direction and an to them. She smiled when she was in front of Shin.

"Shin" she greeted warmly. Shin's fiends were surprised.

"Shin, you have a girlfriend? Why didn't you tell us?" Yabuki Taku whined. The other nodded their heads.

"Well, beautiful lady, what's you name? Tezuka's so lucky to have you as a girlfriend." The playboy, Yoshiki Ryo, asked her sweetly. Shin shook his head when he saw his friends. He looked at he once again and finally asked.

"What are you doing here? Are you waiting for me, mother?" He asked.

"Mother?" Their friends chorus. They looked at the beautiful thing in front of them in disbelief. She smiled.

"Ah my name is Tezuka Syuusuke, nice to meet you boys?" Fuji smiled and bowed her head. The boys nodded back nervously.

"Ah Tezuka-san, I'm so sorry. I don' know you're Shin's mother" Yoshiki said. His face was red when he knew that he tried to flirt with her.

"It's okay, don't worry" Fuji smiled.

"Wow, your mother's so young Tezuka and pretty too" Yabuki said. Tezuka raised an eyebrow.

'she does not look that young, doesn't she?' Shin thought.

"Ah, thank you but I think I'm as old as you parent" Fuji said. She turned to face her son again.

"I came here with your father to pick you up. We're going to Seiichi-neechan's house today" Fuji said.

"Why should we go to Gin's house?" Shin asked, frowning when he head that they would go to his cousin's house.

"Well, you will see"

Then a blue car stopped in front of the gate. The window opened and the older Tezuka's face could be seen.


"Get into the car" Tezuka said.

"Woa~ look that's Tezuka Kunimitsu…" Taku said happily. The other looked amazed too. They usually saw him on the television and now they could see him clearly.

"Well, see you tomorrow guys" Shin bid his friends good bye.

The car went to Sanada's house. Shin looked around but he didn't find the usual noise.

"Mother, where're the twin?" He finally asked. Fuji smiled.

"Ai-chan and Ren are in Gin-kun's house already. Why? You miss your brother and sister?' Fuji asked.

"N-No, they are annoying. I just wondering" Shin said.

"Aw~ don't be like that, Shin-chan. You miss them don't you?" Fuji teased. Tezuka just smiled when he saw the scene between his first son and wife.

"No!" Shin said.

True he missed his siblings but they were annoying. They just three years old kids but the already made him tired and angry. The twins' attitude wee looked like Fuji's. They had their mother's sadistic side and would use it sometime. But they also have their mother's angelic face that made everyone couldn't get mad to them easily. If they did something, they just looked up innocently and say "I'm sorry" cutely. It made everyone would melt everyone's heart.

Shin looked out the window. He really happy had a family like his. He couldn't ask for more. He had everything he wanted. Warm family was enough for him. He looked at his mother who was busy teasing his father and his father tried to focus to the road. He smiled when his mother pouted because his father ignored he and then his father would say something sweet hat made his mother blushed like mad. Shin smiled. He loved his siblings too. Although they were so naughty, he love them so much. They were cute and innocent sometimes. Shin was glad and happy with his family.

'I want to stay like this forever'


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