Hi Everyone. I realize that Paul is probably one of the main reasons you guys read this story. Don't worry, he will be more prominent in the chapters to come! Right now, the framework of Kayley's life is still being set so that we become familiar with her, and learn to love her as much as Paul.

All credits to Stephanie Meyer for the mystical werewolves.

somewhere i have never travelled, glady beyond any experience, your eyes have their silence...

I looked outside the window and willed myself to focus on what was outside as the sign "La Push" wheezed past me. I let a groan escape. My daydreaming spasms has really got to stop. I blame it for why I get lost so often, not my directionless mind. Feeling slightly put out, I stepped off the bus. Lugging three suitcases down the steps, black hair in my face looking like the hairwoman, that's normal right? I guess not, considering the looks I'm getting.

I left my suitcases next to the road, flung my bag on it and started searching for any hint as to where in the bloody world I was. La Push, my destination, can't be that far off since the bus passed the sign not too long ago.

I walked into the closet store, and the smell of pizza overwhelmed me. A boy, around sixteen years old, looked up from his box of pizza and smiled at me. I smiled back and approached the counter.

"Hey, do you sell any maps here."

"Ah, no."


"Well, than can you tell me where I am right now? I got off at the wrong stop."

"You're at Port Angeles. Where were you heading?"

"La Push."

"Oh! I'm actually from there. If you wait around a couple more minutes, I can drive you there. I'm heading home anyways."

Wow, such a nice person. How could I say no to a free ride?

"Hm, that would be really great."

"Yea, no problem. Never seen you around, I bet everyone was staring at you when you got off the bus. It's a pretty small town, everyone knows everyone.

"Ah, no wonder. And here I thought my hideous second head made an appearance again."I replied with a monotone.

"No, it did, I see it. But I don't think that's why people were staring." He said, laughing. "I'm Seth by the way."

"Kayley." I offered. He walked around the counter, and that's when I noticed that he is at least a head taller than me, and I'm no shorty either, being five foot six and all.

Suddenly, four other worldly, abnormally tall men, even taller than Seth, walked in. My ears were suddenly flooded with deep male voices and my eyes travelled busily around the store.

They all have the russet brown skin common to us, and yet, they are like men I've never met before. An air of authority emits through the way they walk, though they are a young bunch, probably around my age. As much as they look alike because of the shortly cropped black hair, and of course, unusual tallness, every single one of them held a differently gaze in their eyes that seemed to speak their soul. As a neck cramp began to develop from having to look up, they stared back at me with interest. My eyes continued to travel around the crowd, and a particular one caught my gaze. Something about him held me there, and not just because he is possibly one of the most handsome men I have ever met. His dark brown eyes seemed to hold an intense storm within as he looked at me. I pried my eyes away with effort as Seth stood next to me.

Seth looked down at me and hinted "Hey guys, this is…."

"Oh, right, I'm…" Just then, something outside the store door caught my eye. Somehow with all these tall people around, I still managed to see the outside. My bag was running away, clutched roughly under the arms of a man in black shades and a ragged green shirt.

"Oh no you don't!" I shouted out loud. Everything important is in that bag, and I'm not surrendering it to some…black-shade-green-shirt-guy. Forgetting Seth and all the other guys, I pulled off my flats, forsake my other suitcases, and ran after the thief.

I faintly hear the guys calling me, but my mind could only focus on one thing at the moment. I took a sharp turn, and saw a fleeting green taking another turn into a deeper alleyway. I ran towards it, but when I got there, the thief was nowhere to be seen.

"Drat!" Not only did I lose my bag, I had no shoes on, and all the turning corners and running through alleyways have got me confused as to my present location. Which also meant that I have no idea how to go back to Seth's store. Where my other suitcases are.

I headed out the alleyway, trying to come up with a plan. I figured, if worse comes to worse, I could build myself a nice little shelter with those cardboard boxes over there, lying next to the garbage. Just as I was inching towards them, a rusty red truck pulled up next to me.

"Why hello there, little lady. You alright?"

I would usually scowl at anyone who calls me little lady, but this man, with his long black hair, sincere smile, seemed genuine in his concern, so I let it slide.

"Actually, no, I'm in quite a situation right now", I admitted truthfully. I literally didn't have anything on me that would help me get out of this mess. At this point, I'm willing to take any help, even from a bear, or a werewolf if they offered it.

"Well, why don't you hop on in, and we can get this situation sorted out?" I did just that, sliding into the passenger seat.

"I'm Billy Black." He offered kindly.

"I'm Kayley. Thanks so much for helping."

"No problem. I can't just leave a pretty girl like you wandering on the streets like a lost deer now can I." I smiled at his endearment. His sincerity is the only reason I'm letting him call me little lady and lost deer. "So how can I help you? Do you have a specific place you want to go to?"

"I'm heading to La Push."

"Oh, I live there! Practically know everyone there. Who are you looking for?"

"Sam Uley. Have you ever heard of him?" Uncle Sam is my father's brother. Although I've never been to La Push before, Uncle Sam used to visit my brothers and me at Makah. I adore him, him and all his fascinating Quileute stories about werewolves and warriors.

"Heard of him, now that is an understatement. I practically consider him my son! How do you know him?" I relaxed into the seat and answered proudly, "I'm his niece."

"His niece! You're Kayley Uley?" I wince at the rhyme that forms when my first name is said with my last name. Billy saw my wince and laughed. "The rhyme's poetic." Everyone says that, almost like they need to offer some comfort and reassurance that it doesn't sound as bad as it really is. I let it go for now.

"Uncle Sam mentioned me before?" I smiled inwardly.

"Mention you? He has framed baby pictures of you in his house, and it's not only him, Emily doesn't shut up about you either." Aunt Emily, another one I adore. It's nice to know that they miss me as much as I have missed them.

"Well, do you think you could take me over to their house?"

"Of course I can! Funny, if you were visiting, I would think they would've talked nonstop about it. Your brothers are here already, how come you came so late?" Brothers. Stupid Ian and Ryan. They are the main reason why I decided to sneak behind my Grandpa and come to La Push. A few months ago, after a sudden phone call from Uncle Sam, they decided to move to La Push. I was more than happy to go with them, but somehow, I was left behind like the little sister who can't join the big boys. Me coming now is kind of like my act of defiance, to show that the little sister will not put up with their crap.

"Oh, well, actually, they don't know I'm here." I muttered this last part really fast. Instead of berating me like I expect adults like Billy would, I heard him laugh again loudly. "Well, this just means that I'm the lucky one that gets to announce your arrival!"

I laughed along with him, my mood improving for the better as I imagine Ian and Ryan's face. No doubt they will try to push me back to Makah, but I have some blackmail material on my side. I have got it all worked out. The ultimatum would consist of them not telling my runaway to Uncle Sam and Aunt Emily, and I would keep my end of the deal.

We drive in comfortable silence, and soon enough, the truck started to slow in front of a small but cozy looking white house. There were a lot of movements behind the windows, suggesting a whole lot of visitors in the house.

As I stepped out of the truck, Billy yelled "Jacob, come help your old man!" I walked over to Billy's side, and that's when I realized that he needed a wheelchair. As I walked towards the backseat to retrieve the wheelchair, who I assume must be Jacob ran out of the house and beat me to it. "I've got it." He unfolded the wheelchair, and like a practiced routine performed, effortlessly lifted Billy and placed him carefully into the seat. When Jacob looked up at me, his eyes were as sincere as Billy's. They are so alike it is impossible not to identify them as father and son. They also held a look of surprise.

"Hi there, I'm Jacob. You're the girl who ran after the thief without shoes!" Girl-who-ran-after-the-thieve-without-shoes. Good first impressions you make, Kayley.

"Yea, that would be me. I'm guessing you are one of the guys in the store when I flipped out and ran after my bag?" As embarrassing as that was, I can't help but feel relief. Perhaps I have a chance to reunite with my suitcases after all.

"Yea, I was there. We got your suitcases, but we left them at Seth's store in case you came back for them. So where are you headed? Do you need a ride somewhere?"

Like father like son. "No, Kayley is where she wants to be now. She is Sam's niece!"

"Oh, you're the Kayley? Wow, Sam didn't mention you were coming too."

"Yea, it's sort of like a, you know… a surprise." My lying skills aren't really all that great, but they seemed to take it.

"Well come on in, they're going to flip when they see you!" I noted the irony. Yea they're going to flip alright, especially Ian and Ryan, but for complete opposite reason. Smirking, I followed Jacob as he pushed Billy's wheelchair to the front door.

"Sam, Emily, Ian and Ryan, I got a present for you guys!" Billy shouted excitedly.

I recognized Ryan's amused reply. "If it's one of those pranks you call presents again, I think I will pass."

"Even better. Guess who I picked up at Port Angeles. A Miss Uley." Billy announced my entrance in a voice like I'm royalty as Jacob stepped side for me to make my appearance.

For a second, there was silence. Then my surprised family began. "You're so stupid Kayley!" shouted Ryan.

"Nice to see you too Ryan." I yelled back. Ian however, always the gentler brother of the two, swept me into a hug and muttered in my ears "What are we going to do with you?" A nicer welcome would be nice, I thought.

Something odd seemed to happen to my brothers. Ryan's infamous long black hair was cropped to the same length as the rest of the guys, and has even shaved his head very close to the scalp. I haven't seen them for only five months, and yet they seem to have grown over two feet since the last time I saw them. I was just about to voice this when Uncle Sam stepped into my line of vision.

"Kayley, what were you doing at Port Angeles? What are you doing here?" Uncle Sam said as I got out of Ian's embrace only to be passed into the arms of Uncle Sam. He smelled the same as ever, like childhood and the woods. A look passed his face and something seemed to connect at the moment. "Oh, you're the odd girl at Seth's store the guys were talking about!" I ignored the term odd girl. At least I didn't need to repeat the story again.

"I missed you guys too much, so I decided to come down to La Push and surprise you guys!"

"You could've called. But I guess that wouldn't have been much of a surprise." Aunt Emily smiled at me as she stood next to Uncle Sam and kissed my cheek. "Welcome to La Push Kase! We've missed you so much too!"

As Uncle Sam set me down on my feet again, I suddenly felt a wave of embarrassment as I saw the sea of faces looking at our little family reunion. The same guys that were at Seth's store are here, as well as a couple of others I haven't met. They seem to belong to some kind of gang considering the uniformed appearance they seem to adhere to. They would've intimidated me much more if I didn't grow up with a bunch of male cousins. However, there height was definitely something to behold, and I made a mental note how I would probably need to buy heat pads for my cramping neck.

I looked around again, and suddenly, I was caught in that gaze again. The same gaze that held me at the store, holding me now with its intensity. His face didn't betray any sort of emotion however, so for all I know, he could be staring because of my intrusion. I however, was staring out of admiration….His eyes from afar, was a shade of dark chocolate brown, his skin a perfect shade of leather brown, and his muscled chest….WAIT! Kayley snap out of it. Believe me when I say I was shocked. I've never noticed a guy that way before. Imagine my embarrassment as all the faces continued to stare at me while I checked out a total stranger. I felt the heat rush to my cheeks, but I cleared my throat, tore my eyes off the stranger, and mustered the strength to address everyone.

"Hi, I'm Kayley, it's very nice to meet you all." There, that sounded confident enough.

Uncle Sam began the introduction. He pointed to Jacob and Seth, who I've already met, Embry, Brady Jared, Quil, Collin and….Paul. That was his name.

A chorus of hellos and welcomes streamed out from all the guys and I smiled. Uncle Sam draped a hand casually against my shoulder, and said to Billy. "Thanks so much for bringing her over. She is so careless when it comes to her safety." He looked down at me and smiled. "You are the only you know. As annoying as you can be, we would kind of miss you if you were gone."

There we go again, the over protective male family members make their entrance. I really need to stop being reminded that I am the only female Uley in existence right now, not considering my aunts who are Mrs. Uley's. Somehow, being the only girl gave all of them a reason to see me as some fragile china doll. Don't I just love that role. I rolled my eyes dramatically at him, and Aunt Emily laughed.

"Aw come one, Ms. Uley, let's get you settled in. First, do you want to call your Grandpa and let him know you arrived safely?" I cringed slightly at the idea, and shot quick pleading glances at Ian and Ryan. They seemed to be able to hold their mouths at the moment, though their eyes held disapproval. They're the only ones who would know that Grandpa would never let me come to La Push.

"Ah, I think I will just call…later. He is probably busy at some tribal council meeting at this time." My explanation seemed to work.

One of the guys stepped forward and my eyes immediate zoned in on my turquoise colored bag. The one I thought would be parted with me forever! I couldn't let the smile take over my face as I stared up gratefully to me bag savior, who I recalled to be Embry. "How did you catch him? I ran after him but he disappeared. Thanks so much."

"Let's just say we have a good nose for tracking down bad guys." All the guys laughed at some sort of inside joke. I rummage through the bag, and as I saw the most important thing, relief flooded through me.

"There is no wallet or anything in there. Why did you run after the thief like there was something really precious in there?" Jacob asked. Before I could answer, Uncle Sam asked worriedly, "Wait, you ran after the thief by yourself?"

"Yes, I am capable of running, by myself, behind someone who stole something from me." I replied sarcastically.

"What were you going to do if you catch up with him?" Ian interrupted as he too looked down at me.

I never really thought about that part. I guess I expected the thief to feel busted and so intimidated by my glare that he would dejectedly hand the bag back. I guess if need be, I could've poked his eye, jabbed his nose, kneed him in the…

"You, Kayley, is a danger to yourself. Honestly, do you not think before you act?"

I put both my hands on my waist indignantly, but before I could answer with some sarcastic remark that would just land me in to more trouble, Aunt Emily grabbed my hand and walked me out of the kitchen. "Alright, let's let the famous Uley protectiveness rest for now and let the poor girl rest. Where are your shoes, Kase."

I look down at my dirty feet. "I took them off when I ran after the…" I heard a few sighs and a laugh from Ryan, but I decided to remain on the high horse and all, and refused to look at them and said. "It 's easier to run without shoes!" Even Aunt Emily shoke her head, but she let it go. As she pulled me by my hand to lead me out of the kitchen, I looked back at the guys, and caught the gaze of him again. He was still starting intensely at me, and I have a feeling that he never looked away even whilst I did.

Behind me, I hear Uncle Sam faintly but sternly ask. "Did any one imprint on her…?"

Imprint? Assuming the her he was referring to is me, this sparked my interest slightly. I tried to hang back a bit, but I guess the answer to his question was no since no one answered. Shrugging, I let it go for now. I didn't feel how tired I was until I saw the bed. "You can stay in this room, it's a bit small, but it faces the forest and in the morning you can see the sunrise from your window." "Sounds perfect Aunt Emily, thanks."

I plopped onto the side of the bed as Aunt Emily closed the door, blowing a kiss in my direction. I smile, and opened my bag. This is definitely precious, worth fighting any danger for, I thought as I place my mother's photo next to my nightstand.