That gap, a SuperJail fan fiction

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Chapter 1

I never actually thought this would be that hard… I never considered stealing in my intire life! But I had to, I had no other choice … I slowly entered the house, shaking. I turned back to see Jacknife holding a pocket knife close to my little brothers throat …

"Please don't hurt him!" – I said sobbing

Jacknife just made on of his sounds that were supposed to mean "hurry, bitch"

I gulped and went up the stairs. Then I saw a phone… oh yes a phone, maybe I could call someone. I slowly took it but then I herd a gunshot that blew the phone to 1000 pieces. I screamed! Jacknife looked pissed and then he pointed his gun at my brothers head. Now his mad expression turned into a smirk.

I went into the bedroom to see the jewelry box on the night table… I was even more scared now… I slowly reached for it when all the sudden, a huge gray machine came out of nowhere and grabbed my wrist.

I couldn't take anymore pressure, so I fainted

I woke up in something that looked like a medium-sized room. All I could see was the yellow ceiling. And then a strange man jumped in front of me

"Hello and welcome to superjail!" he said with and over-happy smile "Im the warden! And you are…?

I just lied on the floor for a moment, still confused what happened. Then I stood up and faked a smile. I was actually scared to death of what he could do. I had herd a lot of rumors about this place that creeped me out.

"er, Amanda" – I said and the shook his hand. It was amazing how strange that felt. His skin was cold , but his touch was so warm.

That made me actually smile for real.

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