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-Takes place after Valhalley of the dolls and right before Forget me Not, sort of AU

The day had been long and tiring. Piper sat in the kitchen, nursing a cup of coffee as her thoughts wondered. When would demons stop attacking? Would they ever have a normal life? She sighed and took another sip. Leo was "Up There" and both Paige and Phoebe were at work. She felt no need to call them, the demon had already been vanquished and he wasn't a high-level one. It was the repeated attacks of the demons that angered her. When would they finally leave her family alone?

Chris sat on the Golden gate bridge contemplating how to get the sisters to kill more demons without seeming tedious and nagging.

Good luck with that, he told himself. But this wasn't what was worrying him. Somehow he had the feeling that something big would happen soon. Whether it was good or evil, he didn't know, but there was a certain foreboding in the pit of his stomach that he couldn't ignore. Perhaps this was the coming of the demon that would turn Wyatt. Or perhaps it would be the time when the truth was revealed. About everyone, including himself. He just couldn't allow it. If his cover was blown, then everything else was blown too. And that meant letting Wyatt, perhaps the most powerful magical being ever born, grow up to be evil. Now that was a future he and the sisters and even the mistrusting elder would never, ever agree to.

The elders were squabbling and fighting, the source of their discord a young man standing in the middle of the room, looking bored.

"We simply cannot allow him to go to them!" Gideon cried, glaring at the young man. Everything about him, Gideon disliked, somehow sensing that this new Whitelighter would thwart his plans.

"Well, you may not want me to fulfill my duty, but the Greater Powers That Be do. So…I think this is a matter of hierarchy, don't you think?" The young man replied, making sure to put as much respect into his words, despite the obvious rudeness of them.

"Why you indolent li-"

"I think that's enough Gideon!" A powerful voice boomed out from a far corner of the white room. All the elders turned to see men and women coming to them, in robes of silver. The Elders bowed a little and greeted the newcomers but the cause of their unrest merely acknowledged them with a nod of the head, picking out a particular person in silver to greet with a warm smile. Gideon raged at the indolence of the new whitelighter.

"He is to be sent to the Charmed ones as another whitelighter."

"But they already have a whitelighter. Chris, from the future."

"We are well aware of the matter," The Greater Power That Be said, signaling to the young man, with hesitancy. He had to choose his words well, in order to not give everything away. "We know that Chris came back to stop a great evil from happening, and he is to aid Chris in this task. Besides, it is plainly written that every witch will have a whitelighter, and the Charmed ones are Three, but Chris is just one. We can count Leo as another, but then were still one whitelighter short, wouldn't you agree?" his tone of voice was enough to warn the Elders not to talk back or to contradict any further. The elders of course were a little resentful to The Greater Powers That be, because it was they who had assigned Leo to the Charmed Ones in the first place and it was they who had allowed the union between Piper and Leo.

"But he looks young and inexperienced." Gideon offered, despite the unnerving look of maturity and wisdom in the young eyes.

"He looks young, yes, and he is. But he understands the meaning and importance of his mission well. He has been trained by us, and studied and learned along our side. He knows what's at stake should he fail. And what's more, he can't fail. It is his duty." Gideon stepped back, beaten but still not convinced. The Greater Power That Be, seeing his obvious mistrust stepped forward, a bit angry.

"You will do well to trust in our decisions Gideon. This assignment we did not come up with. It goes as far back as the Fates, and all the way to The Top."

The elders knew then that it was futile to argue, they could not contradict the orders of Him after all.

"Is he meeting them like this?" Gideon gestured towards that young man's clothing.

The Greater Power That Be snapped his fingers and the whitelighter's outfit changed. He looked down at his transformed clothes and looked towards the Greater Power That be with discontent.

"Did you have to take the chain?"

Gideon was surprised at the question and even more surprised still at the fact that the Greater Power That Be snapped his fingers again and the chain re-appeared.


"Who are you?" another elder asked, surprised as well that The Greater Powers That Be treated him like an equal.

He smiled at them and said, "I'm Darren Halner, whitelighter at your service."

So much for senile pacifists, Darren thought as he strode out of the white room, hearing the squabbling elders. The Greater Powers That Be had left soon after making sure that he was to go to the Charmed Ones, and that the elders told Leo to come for him. They had been very warning of the fact that in no way should the elders inspire mistrust in Leo, and that they should do all possible to get that sisters to trust their new whitelighter. Only one Greater Power That Be remained behind, and she was walking alongside Darren, giving him last minute advice.

"Remember Darren, don't push them, they'll come to trust you in their own time," she said to Darren for what seemed to him, the hundredth time.

"I know, I know Alyssa." He replied back. The Greater Power That Be felt that she should reprimand him for speaking to her so casually and using her first name no less, but she had always been fond of the whitelighter, knowing full well that he was not what he would appear to be.

"Please be careful, you must not fail. Remember if Wyatt cannot be helped, then you must destroy him, for the greater good."

"I know." Darren answered, prepared and ready to take the child's life should it come to it. "I know."

They paused at the end of a long and blindingly white corridor.

"Anything else before you go down there?" Alyssa asked, preparing herself to orb to the higher skies.

"About Chris…things he knows from the past, his memories of me, they will greatly hinder my movements around him and the sisters. Has that been taken care of yet?" Darren asked, lowering his gaze and staring at the heavenly creature with searching eyes.

"Yes. The moment he landed in this world and time, we restricted his memories, knowing full well the problems it would cause for him to remember you. Although he might not recognize you, your presence in his past has been completely wiped out. Not permanently of course, so tread with care."

Darren nodded and muttered to himself, "So he won't be remembering me then…good. That's the way it needs to be."

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