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"To a better partnership!" Darren cheered, clinking his glass against Chris's.

Chris nodded and took a sip of his drink.

"Loosen up Chris. We brought you guys here to enjoy yourselves some."

Chris rolled his eyes at Paige. Phoebe took over.

"Have some fun, future boy."

Darren snorted at the nickname. "Hey, where's Piper?"

"Somewhere behind the counter taking care of the customers I think."

"I'll go get her. She's the other one that needs to relax a bit."

Phoebe stood and moved past the crowd of people having a good time at P3.

"This music is great!" Darren admitted, tapping his fingers to the catchy rock tune.

"You like rock music?" Paige inquired, always ready to learn more about the two young men that now inhabited a place in her life and that of her sisters.

"Yup. I always liked it, you know? Chris likes it too."

Paige turned her questions towards the witchlighter. "Oh really? You wouldn't want to share more on that would you?"

Chris smiled coyly and shook his head.

"What, future consequences again?"

"Nope. I'm just mysterious like that."

Paige laughed at the comment, more so because it was Chris's actual attempt at a joke. She couldn't help but notice that he seemed to relax more with the help of Darren. Maybe all he needed was someone his age to be around…

"What interesting topics are you guys discussing?"

Paige scooted further into the booth so that Phoebe and Piper could sit down.

"Nothing much."

"You guys ready to go home?"

Chris nodded and Darren let out a small yawn.

"I'll take that as a double yes. Besides I want to see my little baby."

"My little nephew, he's so cute I could just eat him! Let's go, I haven't seen him in forever."

Piper rolled her eyes at Phoebe and stood up. "Just let me tell David that we're going and that he needs to close tonight."

Phoebe grabbed her purse and finished her drink. "So how are we doing this then? Car or orb?"

"I don't know about you but I'm orbing straight home and taking a luxurious bubble bath."

"Well, then that makes two of us! Lead the way Paige!"

The two sisters made their way to the nearest closet, waiting for their oldest sister to join them.

"Are you guys coming or what?"

Darren and Chris looked at each other.

"We kind of stay here actually."

Phoebe smiled at Darren's response.

"Well you won't be sleeping with this noise. Come to the manor, stay there, take a nap until David closes up and then you can come back."

Chris and Darren looked at each other once more.

Paige made the decision for them, stepping forward and taking their hands.

"You're coming."

Neither Chris nor Darren had it in them to argue.

"Wyatt was getting anxious to see you." Leo stated, passing over a cooing Wyatt to his mother.

"Aw, my little baby, you missed mommy?"

Phoebe and Paige surged forward to suffuse the youngest Halliwell with their aunty love.

Feeling completely out of place and having no desire to be around Wyatt, Darren excused himself to the kitchen, leaving Chris alone with Leo.

Chris observed the scene before him with a sense of homesickness overpowering his senses, unable to stop the words as they flowed out of his mouth,

"Looks like we're one big, happy family again."

Leo's response was cutting, stabbing Chris mercilessly through the heart.

"You're not family."

And just as he'd done for years, the second son of Piper and Leo pretended that the rejection didn't hurt.

"Yeah, I'll see you around Leo."

Chris orbed to the one place where he could clear his head.

Darren had heard everything. And he had to resist punching Leo when he came up to the Elder and asked where Chris had gone. Leo's unhelpful answer coupled with an attitude that could only be described as uncaring, almost drove the black haired man to let one fly.


Darren just settled for bidding him goodnight and following Chris's trail.

Darren sucked in a deep breath when he realized Chris had gone to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge. After reforming, he gripped the metal supports tightly, trying to calm his unsteady breathing.

Look at all the water... No! Don't look, idiot! Don't, don't, don't. Chris! You're here for Chris. The water is meters below you. Harmless.

Darren pressed himself against the supports just the same.

"What are you doing here Darren?"

Darren tried to get his voice not to shake.

"Just seeing where'd you'd run off to is all. You could let a guy know, you know?"

Chris heard the small hitch in the other's voice and turned around, scrutinizing Darren carefully.

"What's got you all riled up?" Chris paused and noticed how Darren was leaning heavily against the deep orange supports of the bridge. "You're not afraid of heights are you?"

No, Chris, I love heights, I love the sky. It's just all this damn water under this damn bridge that's making me nervous.

"Heights? No way. What are you doing here anyway?"

Chris narrowed his eyes. Darren was still not at ease. "I come here to clear my head. And what's with you following me all over the place?"

"Just keeping an eye on you. We're partners aren't we?"

Chris laughed. "For the time being. I have a future to return to you know."

Darren pushed away any thoughts that sprang up at that comment and smiled, reaching out his hand to Chris.

"I know. But for now, we're stuck together. What do you say we go back to P3? Have some drinks?"

Chris eyed him suspiciously. Seeing that Darren meant it, he took his hand and used it to stand up from his sitting position.

"Fine. But if we end up drunk, it's all your fault."

Darren snorted. "We're adults Chris. It's called self control."

"And you have it?"

Not in the slightest. "Course I do! Bet I can get there first."

And in a flurry of lights, both young men were gone.

Darren was the first to reform at P3, following closely by Chris.

"Ha! I win."

Chris ignored him and grabbed two cups, surveying the now empty club with fondness. Pouring a small amount of whatever alcohol bottle he'd grabbed, Chris slid one cup to Darren across the bar table.

Darren moved closer and clinked his glass to Chris's once more.

"To the future."

Chris smiled softly, clinking his glass back.

To saving Wyatt.

To be continued...

P.S. For those of you unfamiliar with the band Good Charlotte, the title of this little fic was inspired when I was hearing one of their songs, by the same name. The song has nothing to do with the premise though. Quite incidentally, the title for the followup to this one was also inspired by a song ("Until the End" by Breaking Benajmin) and the song actually has something to do with the premise. For you fans of rock music, it really is a good song to check out.

P.S.S. One of my reviewers asked what image came to mind when I envisioned Darren. You know, we all know and attach faces to the Charmed Characters with the actors on the show. So this reviewer went out into the world of google, found a picture of a real live guy (who coincidentally shares the same first name as this fictional character) and sent it to me for approval. I never knew this man existed until now but yes I did approve and found that he was almost exactly like how I envisioned Darren to be. Who would have thunk?

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There. The end has come. But only momentarily. The sequel, to be titled "Until the End", will start off with a re-write of Chris-Chrossed. Therefore, much more action, angst, Evil!Wyatt and Bianca. Plus, the elusive identity of Darren will come to light. Expect a fallout between Chris and his new friend.

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