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"Capitan" a storm trooper loudly whispered kneeling next to him. "What the hell is that thing?!"

"I don't know sergeant…how many man made it from your platoon?"

"Just me sir"

"Alright…let's get moving" the captain replied getting up, running towards the air hanger, the sergeant right behind him.

His heart pounding in his chest he never noticed when the footsteps behind him disappeared.

"Lets get the hell out of here sergeant…sergeant?" he asked turning around to find him gone.

Darn it

"What are you" he yelled trying to find what he quickly classified something from his nightmares.

Out of the shadows stepped forth the creature. He looked human enough. Judging by his size he guessed that he was in his late teens. He was clad in a weird style of amour, but the thing that made his heart stop was his mask. It had markings on it that made it look like a fox. Everyone knew of the unknown rebel that attacked and defeated Lord Vader but fled before he could deal a killing blow. Faster then ever before he lifted his blaster and fired a perfect shot right between the eyes. He watched as the laser blast pasted right though him like he wasn't there. He watched as he began to fade away into nothingness.

That's it? No…that was too easy

At first his brain couldn't process what happened, but following the burning in his chest he looked down to see a blade though his chest coming from behind. He fell to his knees faintly noting that the blade had been withdrawn. His head spinning, the result of his blood lose, he fell to the ground failing to catch him self with is arms. Wishing to know who killed him he fought the pain long enough to turn over on his back.

When did he get behind me?

He watched as he approached him lifting his already blood soaked sword to deal the final blow.

"D-demon" he coughed not willing to go quietly.

The figure stopped, seeming affected by this. He lowered his blade slowly.

The last thing he ever heard before the he died of blood lose, was his reply. His voice hoarse from none use, said quietly a hint of sadness in his voice


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