Disclaimer : Gundam 00, characters and related indicia © Bandai, Sunrise

Author's notes : A diary entry, turned ficlet/drabble; thoughts on how Supersoldiers may live in a world where they are no longer needed.

Personal Paradise
a Gundam 00 ficlet by Cielo

"Mommy! Look!"

"Hush! Put your hand down, its rude to point!"

It was a busy afternoon in Paris - it was the end of the day and people were walking along the busy streets of the metropolis' business districts. But despite the crowd, despite all the possible hair and eye colors existing in the world, Soma Peries and Allelujah Haptism still manage to stand out.

The mother quietly scolded her child as they passed the couple, "... and it's also rude to stare, just look where you're going...". Allelujah gave Soma a sidewards glance and he detected a light sigh from her.

Nobody knew they were "super soldiers" or orphans. Nobody really remembered who was piloting which MS or Gundam during the past wars - people easily forget. Anything out of the norm get older issues under rug swept; so a pair of golden eyes, matched with silver tresses, and heterochromia of silver and gold on a man are deemed very distracting indeed.

People looked at them, as if wolves have been unleashed in their midst - wolves as heralds of the apocalypse, and will thus lead them to paradise. They were regarded with awe and fear.

But in the room of their small shared apartment, there were no judging eyes, no hushed voices laced with fear & suspicion. The touch of their hands confirmed each other's presence, and in each other's arms they find solace - a home in each other's hearts.

- END -