Chapter 4: Told You So

Maxie couldn't stop herself from pacing in her living room and muttering "this is bad" over and over again as she waited for Lulu to return.

Maxie hadn't had the best weekend. Yes, she finally got the promotion that she wanted but that joy was obliterated when Spinelli proposed. Then, this morning, she woke up with the worst hangover ever only to be nursed by Spinelli, which just made her feel guiltier that she had no desire to marry him. Then to top off a miserable weekend, that started so perfectly, Spinelli proposed again after her hangover diminished, which resulted in the present bad situation.

Maxie had left more than 15 messages on Lulu's cell phone and yet still no Lulu. Lulu should have been home last night but she was mysterious absent never mind the fact that Maxie needed her! Here she is in the middle of a huge disaster and Lulu can't be bothered to check her messages! What an inconsiderate friend!

Maxie heard the door open and saw Lulu enter in yesterday's clothes.

"Where have you been?" demanded Maxie.

Lulu start to answer but Maxie just held her hand up stopping her.

"Save it. I don't care but this is bad Lulu. Really bad. Like when someone wears white wedges in the middle of winter bad!"

"English please?" No matter how long Lulu has worked at Crimson she was sure she would never understand all of these fashion metaphors. Lulu sat down on the couch as Maxie started ranting and raving.

"You know how Spinelli has this ridiculous notion that we should get married? Well, he asked me again." Maxie paused for a moment signaling to Lulu it is her turn to talk.

"How did he take it when you let him down gently? Like we talked about on Saturday."

"I . . I . . . well." When Maxie failed to answer Lulu's question right away, Lulu got a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach.

"Maxie, you did tell him no. Right?"

Maxie opened and shut her mouth. Maxie really didn't know what to say.

"Maxie spit it out," demanded Lulu.

"I slept with him," blurted out Maxie.

"Maxie! He'll think that was a yes."

"You don't know what it is like to be proposed to for the second time! Don't get judgey with me Lulu. And technically I didn't give him an answer," nitpicked Maxie.

"Maxie he is going to be even more hurt when you tell him that you don't want to marry him." Lulu saw an odd expression flash across Maxie face so she asked "Unless you changed your mind?"

Maxie had started to pace again but stopped dead in her track and screamed "No!" in a calmer and sure tone she added "I can't get married Lulu. Never. Ever."

Lulu had a difficult night and all she wanted to do is go take a shower and change out of her clothes. Maxie had stopped talking and was staring at herself in a mirror over the fireplace. Lulu took that as her cue to leave. As she started to get off the couch Maxie stopped her with "Where are you going?"

"To change my clothes."

"But my situation!" exclaimed Maxie.

"We solved it Maxie," said Lulu in a tired voice, "You tell Spinelli no and that ends the situation that is wearing white in winter bad."

"I said wearing white WEDGES in winter. Wearing white in the winter is so in" clarified Maxie. "That marriage thing isn't my really really bad situation."

"What is it then Maxie?" asked an exasperated Lulu.

Maxie was biting at her lip before she started with a few waves of her hand. "You know how sometimes people say stuff they really don't mean in the height of passion?"

Lulu just shot her a look to continue. Lulu had no clue where this was going.

"Well . . See I . . ." Maxie started to bite her lip again. Lulu at this point didn't care where this was going so she gave Maxie an ultimatum. "You have to the count of five before I leave for a shower. Starting now. One."

"I .. ."

"Two . . . Three"

"Sort . . ."


Lulu turned her back and started to walk out the room when Maxie shouted "I sort of called out Matt's name instead of Spins."

Lulu turned around to face Maxie trying to put together what exactly Maxie meant and asked "When you mean called out your mean during-"

Maxie nodded. "During the Throes of Passion. Spin's words not mine."

"What did you do after?" This was getting interesting so Lulu sat back down on the couch.

"We just sort of lied there. Not talking. Not touching. It was really awkward." Maxie glanced at Lulu whose face clearly screamed "duh" when Maxie said awkward. Maxie started to speed up talking as she continued. "I was hoping that he hadn't, you know, noticed. Then I tired explaining that it didn't mean anything. That sometimes things just slip out." Maxie shrugged her shoulders at that.

Lulu's eyes grew big when she heard Maxie's blasé attitude about her Freudian Slip. "You called out another guys name as you were climaxing. You seriously thought that he would buy that?"

"It not like he has experience! He thinks that I was fantasying about Matt while I was with him," exclaimed Maxie.

Lulu did have to admit Dr. Hunter was very attractive in a different sort of way then her Johnny.

"Were you?"

Maxie chose to ignore the point of Lulu's question and to get to what Maxie needs Lulu to do in order to fix this sticky situation with her Essential One.

"I need you to tell Spinelli that slip doesn't mean anything," pleaded Maxie.

"Doesn't it?"

"That's not relevant" snapped Maxie. "I just need you to explain to him that it doesn't mean anything."

"How do you call out another guys name while you were with Spinelli? You raved about his skills."

"You remember that time you and Johnny and Spinelli thought that I was sleeping with someone in my room to get back at you and Johnny for being so loud?"

Lulu nodded her head.

"I was that good because of practice."

"Wait. Practice? Practice, as in practice with Spinelli?"

Maxie bit her lip and nodded back in confirmation.

"How did you fake it?" wondered Lulu.

"I am good at faking. I like to start soft then as the deed progress get louder and louder then-"

"Maxie-" Lulu didn't mean the question like that. She tried to stop Maxie from sharing more information then Lulu would ever want to hear, but her first try failed as Maxie continued to explain how she fakes an orgasm.

"I increase the tempo and jerkiness of my hips and add a bit of clutching at the sheet with my hands. I used to curl my toes in the sheets but a guy isn't looking at my feet and then-"


Maxie stopped talking to let Lulu speak.

"Why would you do something like that?"

"I want Spinelli in my life. I mean he really was my first friend. I could put up with the other stuff. I mean it's not like I am at my sexual peak yet."

"No, Maxie. I mean tell me he was good?"

"To irritate you." Maxie simply explained. She explained it like that was the most logical thinking in the world. Lulu just shook her head.

"It's just not fair! Why did he have to be so bad? Why couldn't he be good?" whined Maxie as she plopped down on the couch.

"When you say bad what do you mean by bad?" Lulu's interest was definitely peeked.

"His pet name for me, when we are doing it, is Madge." Lulu tried to hold back a laugh. Really she did.

Jason Morgan was in the hospital again. Matt sighed and shook his head as he passed by a gurney rushing Morgan into the OR. It was a miracle that Morgan was still alive after all the injuries that he had sustained.

Matt quickened his pace after seeing Morgan. Where Morgan went Spinelli followed and where Spinelli is means that there is an increased likelihood of a Maxie sighting.

As Matt turned the corner he took in the waiting area. He slowed down the pace and pretended to read the file he had in his hand. As he made it to the Nurses' Station he had a perfect view of the waiting area. Sure enough Spinelli and Maxie were there.

Interestingly enough they were not together. In fact they were on opposite sides of the room.

Spinelli was sitting in a chair fiddling with his hands looking everywhere but at Maxie.

Maxie was leaning against the wall busily typing on her cell. Every few seconds she would blow a lock of hair out of her eyes, look over at Spinelli, sigh, and go back to typing.

Matt walked over to her. He was curious to see how she would act towards him after Saturday night activities. Saturday night was pretty good. The two of them had bonded over mutual disgust of the desire to marry and drinks, Maxie threw herself at him, and the night had concluded with Maxie throwing up as Spinelli opened the door with a rose in his hand. Spinelli's face was priceless. Matt tried to cover his laugh with a clearing of a throat as he approached Maxie.

Maxie didn't look up from her phone when Matt cleared his throat.

"I think you are stalking me Maxie."

Maxie's head jerked at the sound of his voice. For a split second partial smile crossed her face before her attitude switched on.

"Ha ha. Matt I am not here to see you." Maxie wasn't at GH to see Matt. She was here for Spinelli.

Maxie had spent the rest of her Sunday trying to get Spinelli talk to her through phone, text, email, or in person. Nothing worked. When she heard about Jason 20 minutes ago she rushed down to be there for Spinelli but he still he wouldn't talk to her because of her small slip-up. Maxie decided to remain at GH knowing that Spinelli would give in like he always does. She would give him another 35 minutes. She had to be back at Crimson in 45 minutes to beat Kate back to the office.

"Then why are you here?" asked Matt.

"To support Spinelli. Jason was injured again" informed Maxie.

Something in Maxie's tone made Matt ask his next question. "Trouble in Denial?"

"No!" A look of panic crossed Maxie's face. "Why would you ask me that?" She nervously asked. The last thing Maxie would ever want Matt to know that something was wrong because then he might want to know what happened and there is nothing in the world that would make Maxie revel to Matt that she called his name out instead of Spinelli's name.

"You are over here and he is over there," pointed out Matt.

Maxie shrugged her shoulders and tried to pass off her next comment. "I don't have to be next to him to support him."

Matt shot her a skeptical look after that statement.

As Matt was talking to Maxie he felt a like he was being stared at. Matt glanced over at Spinelli who was shooting him a death stare which was so out of character for him. Matt knew that he brought home Spinelli's . . . well . . . Maxie home inebriated but he was just being a good guy. It's not like Spinelli knew what had transpired between him and Maxie unless Maxie told Spinelli. Matt was willing to bet his medical career on the fact that she hadn't told him, suggesting that something had happened between Spinelli and Maxie sometime between Sunday and Monday. But what?

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