Chapter 5

The Truth is Unspoken

Botan carefully unpacked everything from the shopping bags, folded them and placed them into her closet. It was the first step in organizing this disaster of a room.

Loud bellows of shock shook her whole apartment. She sighed. Her thoughts wandered to the disaster that was going on in her living room. 'There better be nothing broken!'

Kuwabara had, in fact, been waiting at her apartment and as she had predicted he demanded to know what was going on. Botan did not want to be the one to tell him of the mission and the reason behind it, most of all, knowing full well about the rivalry between the former two members. He never held Hiei in the highest light from day one. His view on her might change after this.

Luckily, Keiko assisted in her hasty escape, telling her that she would settle things down in the living room.

So far there have been random screams and heated arguments from who she assumed were Yusuke and Kuwabara. Not a bad start.

Now, here she was, fixing her unorganized mess of a bedroom. Waiting until Keiko gave her the okay to go back in.

Thankfully, the time she was given in her room was enough to make it come, somewhat, together. Most her clothes were either placed in the closet or the draws, the floor was once more walk able, and the bathroom was complete.

Today had been an eventful and progressive day, she felt rejuvenated. For months she had done nothing but lay in the old apartment all day contemplating her mess. Today a huge weight was lifted…Only to have another one fall right back one to her slender shoulders. The Rekai was after her. A sudden feeling of paranoid hit her like a brick. What if they were watching her from a far, just waiting for the opportune moment to strike? The thought of being hunted sent panic through her. To calm her jittery nerves she tried to put the images out of her mind. These thought were for the future, she was going to be concerned with the now. She had been reunited with her friends. Something she feared for months. That was something worth celebrating.

A gentle knock brought her out of her musing.

"Botan?" Keiko's soft voice asked from the other side of the door. "May I come in?"

Botan immediately shot up and ran to the door. Bags from the shop laid in the way, but with quick hops, she was over them and on her way towards the door. When she made it to the wooden door she threw it open. She was tired of being alone. Don't get her wrong, she loved her home, but to sit in your haven of peace in self loathing wore at one's mind. She was desperate to be near another. To think about something other than the horrible situation that sat in the back of a tired mind. She did feel bad for startling the girl, but Keiko quickly forgave her.

Keiko gave her a reassuring smile. "They're ready to see you." Her smile was met with a half hearted one. Botan wasn't ready to answer their questions. It wasn't a hard guess as to what they might be asking. What if she found it hard to answer their questions? What if she couldn't think of an answer? Her mind was spinning, until Keiko wrapped her arm over Botan's.

"It will be okay." She said.

This time a genuine smile spread across Botan's face. It was better than being left alone.

So she left the confines of her room to meet the others.

When she reached the living room all eyes seemed to be focused on her. Her pink ones landed on Kuwabara first. He was, after all, the last one to know about this between everyone in the room.

Any other time he would have been furious for being left in the dark once again, but this time he wasn't even looking at her face. His beady eyes were glued to her abdomen. His reaction made her tense. With Kuwabara it was unpredictable, like waiting for the last second of a bomb going down in count down.

After some tense seconds with no reaction in sight she turned her gaze from the burly man to Yusuke who was right next to him. His chocolate orbs were unusually soft when he met her gaze. It made her jittery heart relax some. Its rocket ship pace slowed down to a mild calm.

When he also provided a lack of response she turned her gaze towards Kurama. His intensely calculating eyes made contact with hers. She felt like he knew exactly what had happened those many months ago, almost as if he had been in the very same room observing. The feeling made her extremely uneasy. She could see by the way his eyes would flicker every now and then that he was deep in thought, he was saving all of his questions for a more appropriate and private time. Despite all of this his over all body language was that of a calm one. It eased her in a strange way.

From the corner of her eye she could see Kuwabara's gaping mouth open. She turned her attention from Kurama to him. It looked like he was ready for the questioning part of this reunion. Yay…



Everyone turned their attention from one another, trying to figure out who was the one with the offending device.

Botan…Well, Botan was holding her chest to keep her heart inside her body; she was deathly frightened by the screeching device. She was on edge to begin with and that was no help.

Yusuke whipped out his girlish pink compact and flipped it open. Koenma's toddler form greeted him from the other side.


"Yeah, yeah open the damn portal already." Completely shutting off his communicator without letting the other even utter a word.

There was a half a second of silence before Yusuke made his way to the middle of the apartment.

"Okay! Now I must say, before I'm shipped off to deal with this rebellion," Yusuke shouted, "I know the answer to all our problems!" Pausing for the extra dramatics.

"A beach vacation!"

...a what?

"Hell yeah!" Kuwabara bellowed, "why didn't I think about that earlier!"

"Yusuke…" Kurama gave him a disapproving look, one that Yusuke entirely ignored.

While Yusuke and Kuwabara did their victory dance the portal made its appearance on Botan's smooth walls. They cheerfully jumped into it without a second glance back. Keiko was fuming next to her. He didn't even say goodbye.

Botan covered her giggles with her other hand, the one that wasn't wrapped around Keiko's arm. 'Nothing ever changes, does it?'

Kurama made his way towards the portal, following after his comrades. Not before saying his good byes and giving Botan a looked that promised a confrontation about the subject growing inside her.

Her giggles were cut short and a nervous chuckle soon took its place.

Kurama soon left as well.

Now Keiko and Botan were alone staring at each other expectantly...

Botan's soft voice spoke first, "Now what?"

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