Chapter 2. Purgatory

The nighttime brings an exquisite agony for me.

Somewhere between my own private Heaven and Hell, Bella's bedroom has come to represent Purgatory to me. Why would anyone happily choose Purgatory on a nightly basis? Surely these are not the actions of a sane man. Whoever said you were sane? Oh shut up.

And so it goes, night after night, alone with my condescending thoughts as I lay in Bella's bed and watch her sleep. This is what I long for all day, even though it terrifies me. I need to be near her. At first I studied her in secret; she was a fascinating lab rat. Then after I admitted to her that I watched her sleep at night, she never wanted me to leave. I was afraid that she would call me a pervert and kick me out, but once she got over her embarrassment of knowing that I'd heard her talk in her sleep, she seemed flattered. Flattered that the deadly vampire who craved her blood above all else had sneaked into her room repeatedly while she was unconscious. She was nothing if not unpredictable. I wonder if she would have felt quite so flattered if she had known that said vampire stood drooling over her every night with a raging erection. Knowing Bella, it probably would have turned her on more. Shut up.

"Edward..." a soft, longing sigh from the darkness beside me.

I knew she was still asleep from her pulse rate and steady breathing, but I leaned closer nonetheless. I could see that worried furrow in her brow starting to form as her heart rate began to increase.

"Shh... I'm here, love." not much more than a whisper would do for her. I reached out to softly stroke her hair. Almost instantly her features smoothed over and her pulse regulated. Bella was amazingly in tune to me when she slept. Any time I was more than a foot away from her in bed she would instinctively search for me with her body. A drifting hand, sometimes a foot. One time it was her entire leg, draped over me as if I were caught in a snare. After that I always tried to stay close enough for her to find, but not too close for my poor sanity's sake. Once again, whoever said you were sane? Shut. Up.

These moments with Bella were so bittersweet. I couldn't get too close, couldn't go too far. We both wanted to be together every minute of every day, although it wasn't until we were alone in her room that we could just BE. No pretending to care about anyone else but us. She would fight off sleep for as long as possible to make those moments last, but eventually her weak human stamina would just give out. Although, even when she was unconscious she would need me close to her. I was happy to oblige; I felt the same way about her whenever she had to be alone with Charlie for family time. I would begrudgingly leave her for a few hours time, when the whole while I would be left feeling like an amputee. The longer we were apart, the more anxious we both were to get back together for the night in her room. Which lead to more intense kissing and cuddling sessions, which lead to my needing to distance myself again, and then more separation anxiety, and then more kissing... It was a vicious cycle.

I found that if we maintained just the right proximity to one another, the painful longing wasn't as bad for either of us, and that helped to keep us in the tame zone. It helped if some part of us were touching; an arm draped here, a hand brushing there. Many nights Bella would drift to sleep with her head on my chest. I loved it, her beguiling fragrance surrounding me as I lay beside her and watch her lovely face in slumber. How did I ever think she wasn't even noteworthy? I once was blind, but now I see... Yeah, yeah. Shut up.

Pretty self-righteous, aren't we, Mr. Pervert? How many times will you need to stroke it later to make that monster in your pants go away, hmm? SHUT UP!

I looked down to see the offending member in question, standing at attention as always. Some nights it wasn't too bad, I could relax enough that my body would give me a brief respite. Other nights, like tonight, no matter what I tried nothing worked. Tonight I had already counted over 3 million sheep, recited the Gettysburg Address, and even resorted to picturing truly horrifying images... like Emmett in a thong. All to no avail. I would get no rest until I took matters into my own hands, so to speak. The agonizing part was waiting for a time when I was alone, which was hard to come by these days since Bella and I had become so inseparable.

I don't know how Bella had kept from noticing it for so long. Either she was extremely bashful when it came to sneaking glances at that one specific part of my anatomy, or she had noticed it a long time ago and was politely ignoring it. Since I couldn't read her mind to know for certain, I'd bet my money on door number two. I don't want to sound too smug, but frankly, Bella likes checking me out too much to not have noticed by now. I should be embarrassed at the idea, and I was, but maybe she'd finally believe that I did want her just as much as she does me. Perhaps she'll begin to understand what kind of torture I endure for her. Or perhaps she'll use it to her advantage. No!

She was much too shy about that stuff right now. She certainly could pose a terrifying temptation though, if she saw fit to work her feminine wiles on me at a vulnerable time like this. I knew that she was curious, and wanted to explore things further, but she always looked to me for guidance on what was pushing the limits of safety. Since she had pleaded her case to try and get in more practice before our wedding night, we had inched a little bit further. Nowhere near what she would like, or what both of our bodies were screaming for, but at least it was something.

We had held each other closer, for much longer periods of time. Our kissing had deepened to the point of a near frenzy. Bella had been trying to get bolder when she touched me, but I made sure it stayed in fairly PG13 areas. I had been fighting going much further than that. I knew that I would have to try and desensitize myself in this way as well if we were to have any chance of success on our honeymoon. My rational mind knew that. I had to grow accustomed to smelling her arousal and fighting my urge to attack. If only her blood didn't boil so deliciously when she wanted me! If I was the perfect predator, then she was the perfect prey, absolutely irresistible in every way. She didn't know the battle I was still fighting for control.

Just then I was yanked from my thoughts by a whimper next to me in the dark. While I was too busy reflecting on our situation, Bella had rolled away from me towards the other side of the bed. She was starting to get restless, undoubtedly due to the distance between us. I didn't want her to lose any more sleep than she had already, so I eased myself closer behind her to bridge the gap. I lightly ran my cool hand over her shoulder, expecting that to help settle her nerves.

"Edward..." more breathlessly this time, her head thrashing on her pillow. Thinking that I must not be quite close enough yet, I slid my arm around her waist and snugged up behind her. I was loosely spooning her, but still trying to leave a little bit of room between us for modesty's sake. I'm sure Bella wouldn't have minded one bit, but my never flagging erection might prove a bit of a problem if I got too close.

I took a moment to savor her delicious aroma. She smelled absolutely amazing. I lost myself for an instant, nuzzling against her neck and earlobe. I could see a small bead of sweat trailing down her neck, and before I could stop myself I flicked at it with the tip of my tongue. I heard a loud moan echo throughout the room, and I felt a moment of fear when I realized that I couldn't be certain which one of us had made the noise.

"Oh... Edward, yes!" Bella hissed between her teeth, becoming much more agitated.

That's when I realized that Bella had not been having one of her troubling dreams. She had apparently been having a mildly erotic one starring me, and I had just kicked it into high gear with my thoughtless little lick. Before I could get my wits about me enough to get to a safer distance, her scent shifted into full blown lust.

I was paralyzed with need. Need for Bella. Amazingly, I wasn't thinking of her blood yet. Just Bella, and the painful pressure of my cock straining against the fabric of my pants.

As if on cue, Bella chose that moment to rub back against me. Ohfuckohfuckohfuck

"Mmm... oh yes!" she cried softly, still enthralled in her sexy dream that was fast becoming my nightmare.

"Bella... Bella, wake up." I whispered weakly against her ear. God, her scent was so strong, it was hypnotizing me. She heard my voice, but it wasn't enough to break through the dense fog of her lust filled dream. It only served to fuel her desires, and that only served to fuel mine. Vicious cycle.

Somewhere deep in my rational mind, I knew I needed to let go of her and pull away. But with her panting my name, smelling like hot fuck and rubbing her tight ass back against my cock... it was sort of hard to be rational at that moment. Instead, I pulled her closer into me and buried my face in her neck, breathing her in deeply until she filled my empty lungs. Electric fire. I groaned softly, knowing I was entering some deep, uncharted waters and praying that I could find my way back.

Bella molded herself against me, reaching back up behind her to grab and pull at my hair while her other hand closed over mine and placed it on her breast. Holyfuckholyfuckholyfuck I could feel her stiff nipple pressing into my palm. I involuntarily squeezed her breast softly, while at the same time thrusting against her.

The overload of sensations finally broke through Bella's consciousness. I felt her stiffen briefly against me while she got her bearings, and before I could form any words of apology she began grinding back against me in earnest. Wecan'twecan'twecan'tOhChristthisfeelssofuckinggood My cock was wedged tightly against her ass... thick, hard and pulsating.

It was as if we were both set on lust autopilot. It had taken over, and we were both powerless to do anything but feel. My head was swimming with the scent of her, my ears were tuned in to each little gasp she made. I felt drunk on Bella. She was writhing against me, every bit of delicious friction shooting through me like fireworks, making me thrust back into her with more abandon. I felt her fingers close tighter on my hair, pulling me towards her as she looked back over her shoulder at me. For one brief instant our eyes met in the darkness, brown pools of liquid fire igniting against golden flames, before she brought my mouth crashing down on top of hers.

I had never experienced anything like this in my very long life. I had a vast knowledge on just about anything you could think of, I had studied medicine and anatomy and reproduction, but when it came to practical application I was like a babe in the woods. I tried to imagine how it would look to an observer, two breathless figures struggling desperately to cram themselves together. It would probably look fairly ridiculous, all things considered, but I didn't care about how it looked right now. All I cared about was how it felt. It felt like the entire bed was going to go up in flames from the friction and electricity we were creating.

I slid my hand from her breast, trailing my cold fingertips down her abdomen, up over her hip, back to the inside of her thigh, gently pulling her leg up and back over my own hip. This gave me better access to what my body really wanted. I slid closer to her still, thrusting against her, bringing my now painfully hard erection between her legs from behind. I could feel the heat of her sex against me through the fabric. Sofuckinghotsofuckinghotsofuckinghot I couldn't believe how hot and moist she felt pressed against me there. I rocked into her firmly, wanting to weep from the agony of being so close and yet so far from what I really wanted. I wanted her with a fierce need that made me shake.

I moved against her more as I drew my mouth back to her neck. Her scent was burning through my veins now, scorching heat coursing through me. I could smell her getting wetter, adding more fuel to the fire in my body. The pounding in my ears was deafening as her pulse rate skyrocketed. I closed my eyes and breathed her in even more deeply, nuzzling a particularly delectable spot near her collarbone. As she moved back into me more enthusiastically, I felt the venom begin to pool in my mouth. I opened my eyes suddenly and realized with horror that the delicious spot on Bella's neck that I had zoned in on was my old friend... the beautiful vein. That beautiful, pulsing, dancing blue vein. Blood. Sweet, hot, boiling blood. All over you. One little nip. Just a little closer. She's so hot right now... her blood is calling to you. Rip off those cumbersome shorts that she's wearing, bury your cock deep inside her and Bite. Right. Here.

I was off the bed in a split second with my head hanging out of the window, fighting for fresh air. I had to do something to clear my head immediately.

"Edward!" Bella cried from across the room, "please don't stop!" She sat up in the bed, staring at me in the darkness. I could see the desire in her eyes beginning to war with confusion. She made as if to stand up and come to me.

"Bella, I need you to stay there, please" I said as calmly as possible.

"What's wrong? Did I do something wrong?" It never ceased to amaze me how quick she was to doubt herself.

"Uh, no. Quite the opposite, I'm afraid." I could see that my cryptic answer was only confusing her sleep-deprived, lust addled mind. "You're doing everything too well. And I let you."

"So? Isn't that what we want? We agreed that we needed practice. This is what I had hoped for." She gestured to the now messy bed.

"Hoped for?!" I snapped, regretting my tone immediately. I saw her flinch in response. I took a deep breath and tried again. There was no way around it now. She would have to know, for her own safety. "I don't know if I can do this. Your scent is driving me mad, Bella, I very nearly killed you just now!"

"But you didn't, did you? Why do you insist on believing that you could ever hurt me? You have always stopped yourself before," she argued. I deliberated a few moments on how to respond in a way that might be understood.

"That's the problem, Bella. I have always stopped myself. I had very definite boundaries established that were not to be crossed, and if I stuck to those, it became easier to handle being near you. Now you want me to erase those boundaries for you. I don't think you fathom what kind of restraint it takes to keep from doing the things I'd like to do to you. Any time I let my guard down for the tiniest bit, that hunger is back in full force. And feeling it in these circumstances just makes it worse." Her eyes widened at that, but I could see more questions coming.

"What do you mean by 'these circumstances'? How does it make it worse for you? I'm not arguing, Edward, honestly, I really want to understand." I could see the genuine concern on her face, but no fear.

I quickly explained what had been happening to me, trying to make her understand my shame at the uncontrollable lust I felt for her and how it was always accompanied by the hunger. Hoping she'd see how I wanted her more than anything in the world, but always at a fatal price.

"Really?" Bella interrupted, a hopeful look on her face.

"Really, what?" I couldn't imagine what in the world would make her look hopeful about anything I'd just told her. It was so frustrating not being able to just read her thoughts. God, I hated being frustrated.

"I knew you wanted my blood, but you really want... more? I always worried that you were humoring me, that you could sort of... take it or leave it." She was looking down bashfully, and when she met my gaze again she seemed almost ashamed.

"What?!" I nearly yelled. I quickly thanked the heavens that Charlie slept like the dead. "Bella, are you certifiably insane? Just because I have respect for you and I try my best to treat you like the lady you are, it does not mean that I could ever willingly 'take it or leave it' as you so call it. If I could have my way, I would take... and take... and take... until there was nothing left of you to give." I could hear her pulse pumping harder at my words. "But because I am cursed to be this... this monster, I am afraid that I will always have to leave it. I am terrified of what could happen if I lose control. Don't mistake an enormous amount of self-restraint on my part for indifference."

"Edward, I'm sorry. I haven't put myself in your shoes enough for this, have I? I'm always so worried about losing you, terrified that I'm going to do something wrong and make you realize that you've made a mistake. That you've settled on Plain Old Bella." She was looking down at the floor again, embarrassment clear on her face. "You're just so amazing and magical to me, I still can't fully wrap my brain around the fact that you want me to belong to you," she ended on a whisper.

"Bella, pardon my French, but are you fucking blind?" She snapped her head up to meet my blazing golden stare, a look of surprise on her face. "I have repeatedly told you that I feel like I am the lucky one to have found you. You accept me as I am and love me despite all of my flaws. I am a bloodthirsty, murderous monster, Bella. That should trump any insecurity you may feel." Seeing that she still looked skeptical, I added, " Bella, it's not a matter of you belonging to me. It's the simple fact that from the day I met you, I have belonged to you! I am putty in your hands. I find you completely irresistible, otherwise I would not be here right now."

"But Edward-"

"But nothing!" I interrupted. "If I was physically able to keep any sensible distance from you at all, I wouldn't be standing in your bedroom at three in the morning, ogling you when you're half naked while at the same time, trying not to kill you! I'm doing everything in my power right now to keep from either biting you or fucking you senseless, and it's almost impossible to think straight with the nearly twenty-four hour hard-on you give me!"

I saw Bella's eyes dart to the blatant evidence in front of her only to quickly look away again, suddenly finding her wallpaper fascinating. A mouthwatering blush began creeping up from her neckline and settled in her cheeks, leaving them stained the most perfect shade of pink. My erection throbbed harder in response to the delicious sight. I wonder what other body parts turn that shade of pink. God, not now!

"Bella, you don't need to be embarrassed. I know you've had to have at least noticed by now. It's impossible to hide all the time. I am the one who should be embarrassed, even mentioning it in front of you." This brought her attention back to me.

"Embarrassed? You think I'm embarrassed?" she whispered.

"Aren't you?" Now it was my turn to look confused.

"No! I was trying not to stare! Boy, I have never been happier that you couldn't read my thoughts. I didn't want to make you more uncomfortable than you already are right now. You just told me how much my scent affects you when I'm aroused, and I knew that if I had looked any longer it could have possibly caused you even more... discomfort." She blushed again, sending more of that amazing pink to her cheeks, eliciting a small whimper from between my lips. "I thought I might have noticed something a time or two, but I was always scared that you would catch me looking. Plus, I was never positive that I had seen what I'd hoped. I mean, sure I've seen diagrams and things in health class, but I can't say that I've ever actually seen the real thing. The only porn I've ever seen are those horrible "Cinemax After Dark" shows."

"Did you say that you'd hoped it was what you saw?" I couldn't keep the amazement from my voice.

"Oh come on, Edward! I'm an eighteen year old girl in the 21st century. I have a breathtakingly gorgeous boyfriend who I imagine naked on a regular basis, and since he hasn't been too keen on making it a reality for me, I'm left with fantasizing and trying to sneak quick glimpses when I can. I can't even..." she cut herself off abruptly.

"What?" I pushed, dying with curiosity now.

"I don't know if I should say." She darkened to a lovely shade of crimson. This is killing me! My cock twitched in agreement.

"I'm sure I can handle it, Bella. I want you to feel free to talk to me about anything. I'm better now that I've calmed down a bit." I'm still hard as a rock and on fire for you, but at least I won't tear open your throat.

"Well," she stammered, "I was going to say that I... I can't even fantasize about you properly anymore... since we are always together." Did she mean what I think she meant? She saw the puzzled expression on my face and tried to clarify. "I mean, don't get me wrong, I can't stand being away from you now, but it does put a damper on any chance of... release. I can't exactly sneak off to the bathroom when you are ten feet away and can hear everything I'm doing! Do you see what I mean?" This girl was going to be the absolute death of me.

"Erm...yes, I think I can sympathize with you on that one." If I got any harder right now I could cut glass. Unthinking, I reached down and adjusted myself, trying to relieve some of the mounting pressure. I noticed then that her eyes were watching my every movement, and they were on fire. A moment later the musky scent of her need slapped me in the face. I realized then that not only had I not let go of my cock yet, but I had started squeezing it unconsciously. I started to move my hand away when Bella interrupted me.

"Don't stop," she commanded.

"Bella, what are you-?"

"Just hear me out, Edward." She took a deep breath, steadying her nerves. "I can't believe that I'm about to suggest this, but please listen. Wait until I've finished before you say no." She looked at me quickly to make sure I was still following her. "It seems to me as though we both have the same problem. We want to get closer, but you haven't worked up to it yet. I still say that frequent exposure is the only way you will build up any immunity to me, but it's hard for you to even go one step farther if we are too close right now, correct?"

"Yes, that sums it up nicely," I hissed through my teeth, her scent becoming more potent.

"Well, I have a suggestion. This may help you be near me, but not too close, and it will definitely help us both find a much needed release." Realization was slowly dawning on me. Oh fuck.

"Bella, I don't know if that's such a good idea," I said through clenched teeth.

"Think about it, Edward. It may honestly be our safest, most gradual way to move another step forward. You can sit over there by the window, as far away from me as possible, with all the fresh air you need to stay calm and an easy escape route should things get too bad for you. I'll sit over here on the bed. We can go as slow or as fast as you want." Did I mention that this girl could be persuasive?

"Bella... I've never... I mean, nobody's ever..." I choked down the anxiety in my voice. "I've never let anyone... see... that."

"And you think that I have?" she said incredulously.

"Well, no... of course not, but..." I was stalling. And terrified. And about to bust through my zipper.

"Edward, in a few more weeks we are going to be sharing a much bigger first with each other. Don't you think it's fitting that we start on some smaller ones first? I never thought I would have the courage to suggest this, but right now my need for you has surpassed any sense of modesty or embarrassment. Don't you see that we can make love to each other this way? Even if it's only with our eyes and our voices, it's so much more than we have allowed ourselves before."

"I honestly didn't think that women were supposed to be interested in viewing that kind of thing. It always seemed like a man's domain," I said breathlessly.

"Oh Edward, really! There are plenty of women who enjoy that! And I can't speak for all of them, but right now the thought of watching you... doing that..." Her voice trailed off as she got a hazy look in her eyes. I could swear her eyes were almost crossing. "Besides," she added, "if we can make this work, it won't always just be your hands on you. I want to see this so I'll know what to do." She hammered the final nail in my coffin with her next words. "Please, Edward? Teach me how to touch you." I took one look into her loving, pleading eyes and knew that I wasn't leaving this room with my sanity intact. What's that about sanity? Oh, go to Hell.

Bella walked back to her bed and sat up against the headboard, facing me. I stumbled back towards the window, sitting down in the her small, uncomfortable chair. I was absolutely clueless how to proceed. Who started what? It couldn't be quite so crass as me just whipping it out and hammering away. While my body thought that sounded like a perfectly good idea right about now, my mind was telling me otherwise.

"Would you take off your shirt?" she asked quietly from across the room. I hesitated briefly, pleading at her with my eyes to somehow make me feel like less of a clueless fool. She instinctively knew exactly what I needed, even when I didn't. Slowly moving her hands to the bottom of her tank top, she cautiously pulled the material up over her head. As soon as the pale, beautiful orbs of her breasts started to appear, I stopped thinking about everything and started feeling. "There," she whispered, tossing the shirt to her side. "Your turn."

I saw that beautiful shade of pink had returned, and it ran all the way down to the hypnotizing peaks of her nipples. As I stared, motionless, I saw them begin to tighten and harden even more, jutting out from her milky skin, begging me to suckle them.

"So beautiful..." I whispered, imagining the taste of her rigid flesh there.

I took a deep breath to steady my nerves and quickly removed my shirt. I watched her eyes drink me in and I knew that if I were able to, I would be blushing myself right now. I could feel the cool night air dance across my skin, making me realize just how heightened all of my senses had become in anticipation. Considering that I already had elevated senses, I was surprised that I couldn't see through walls at this point. I tore my eyes away from Bella's magnificent breasts long enough to meet her gaze again.

"I don't... I don't really know what you want, Bella," I managed to squeak out, hoping she would take pity on me and give me a clue.

"I want to touch you, Edward. Everywhere. No boundaries. But since I can't do that yet, I want you to do it for me. Please let me watch you. Pretend that it's my hands if it helps."

"It's not the touching that scares me as much as the watching," I replied honestly. "It just seems... inappropriate for me to show you."

"Forever the gentleman," Bella teased. I could smell her perfectly well from across the room; there was no doubt in my mind that she was enjoying this scenario too much for her own good. "Maybe this will help you." She held her hands up in front of her, looking from them to me. "These are your hands, Edward. From this moment on they are yours. Feel with them."

Bella then took 'my' hands and softly cupped her breasts. I swear that I could feel her flesh burning under my own hands. She began squeezing more firmly after that, stopping to pinch and tug on her nipples. Oh. My. God. My fingertips were itching to replace hers.

As I continued drinking in the vision of Bella, I saw her hands lower themselves to the waistband of her miniscule boy shorts. She looked up to make sure that I was still watching( as if I could turn away); then slowly began to slide them down towards her ankles. I followed the fabric's journey, lower and lower, until they were discarded next to her shirt. Bella now lay before me completely nude, completely vulnerable, and completely in control of me at the moment. She arched her back slightly, making her perfect breasts stand up at attention. She trailed one of 'my' hands across them briefly, down her flat stomach, circling her navel deliberately.

Her thighs were slowly parting when I felt a gripping pressure in my cock. I tried to ignore it just a little bit longer, just until I could see what Bella was unveiling for me. Just a touch wider, love. Let me see your darkest secrets. Finally, a dark, tightly cropped patch of hair became visible there between her thighs. OhGodOhGod I needed to see this. I felt like my entire life had been nothing up until this moment, and everything depended on me seeing what Bella was about to display. Just as I was about to ask her if there was some way to see more of her, she leaned back farther, using her other hand for support as 'my' hand slipped lower, sliding inside of her, spreading herself open for me to see. It was dark in her room, but there was no mistaking that I was looking at the most glorious, beautiful, and erotic thing I had ever seen in my very long life.

Bella's pussy. Bella's hot, sweet, wet pussy.

I groaned loudly, completely enthralled with what I was watching. She was making expert work of things, slipping her fingers in and out of her moist folds, sliding them up and down, making everything slick with her juices. I felt the same squeezing, gripping pressure on my cock that I had a moment earlier, and that's when I realized that Bella had been watching me the entire time I'd been watching her.

I looked down quickly to find my right hand gripping and rubbing myself through my jeans. I needed more... everything. More contact, more pressure, more more more. Without taking my eyes away from Bella's hypnotic show, I made quick work of my zipper and finally drew my now painfully aroused, rock hard cock into my palm.

"Oh my God!"she gasped. I looked up at her with a question in my eyes to find that her gaze had never strayed from my now freed erection. "Are they always so... big?" She moaned the word big, as if she couldn't wrap her mouth around it. Fuck, don't start thinking about her mouth wrapped around your cock!

"Well, I'd say that I'm larger than average, Bella, but nothing to be shocked at." I gritted through clenched teeth. I was trying to keep my wits about me while a gorgeous, nude, aroused woman lay before me, touching herself while she marveled at my hard cock. I hadn't even gotten started yet and I knew it was almost over.

"But it's so thick, too!" she purred. Fuck! I couldn't help feeling a quick jolt of pride that she was happy with what she saw, but I needed to do something with it, fast. Bella was thinking the same thing when I saw her hand start going back to work, massaging and stroking her swollen clit. Her pulse was beating out of control now. "Oh fuck! Edward, would you please stroke your fucking cock already? I want to see you... I want to watch you ."

Before I could think any further, my hand gripped my cock firmly and began to stroke; slowly at first, then with more pressure and speed. Bella watched as I ran my thumb around the tip, spreading the first drops of moisture. I began pumping harder, this felt more amazing than any other time I had attempted it on my own. It truly was as if Bella was doing this to me.

I locked my gaze on Bella's gorgeous, dripping wet cunt. Even that word I normally found so vulgar sounded sexy as hell to me when I was this hot. Cunt. Dripping wet, tight, hot cunt. Oh yeah. I watched her fingers slipping further inside herself now, mimicking what she longed for with my own body.

I watched and watched and she did the same. I could tell from her scent and the sound of her pulse that she was climbing higher and higher, towards the edge of explosion. Oh God... I'm going to see Bella come. Something I have fantasized about since the moment I met her. I gripped harder, so excited by the idea. Stroking, pulling, pumping. I watched her drenched fingers play while I thrust up into my own fist, imagining that I was fucking her tight, wet cunt. Yessssssss...

"Oh... oh God... oh Edward!" she cried out, as softly as she could, shaking violently and convulsing around her hand. I saw the flowing juices coating her fingertips and smelled her orgasm. Bella's orgasm... for me... with me. Oh holy fuck! I started shaking, knowing I was close. I could feel that exquisite pressure building up inside me.

Then it all hit me at once. The potent smell of Bella's lust, her orgasm, her boiling blood... all mixing together with my heightened senses and impending eruption. The venom started pooling in my mouth. I stared between her thighs, even in the dark I could see the thick femoral artery pulsing... dancing... singing to me. I started imagining plunging my head between her her legs, licking up all of her juices hungrily, seeking out that siren call of her hot, sweet blood. I thrust into my hand faster, gripped harder, Bella watching enthusiastically. She had not stopped touching herself, desperate to see me explode for her.

Here it comes... fuck!... yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes! Pumping harder, faster. I can hear Bella starting to climax again, she is so excited by what she is watching. If she only knew what was in my mind.

Licking, sucking, fuck her with your tongue, every drop, devour all of her lust, there it is! Pulsing sweetly, calling to you. Slide your fingers inside her, fuck her with them, harder, harder, work her into a frenzy, make that glorious blood boil! Now now now now now, BITE!

I only remembered crying out "I love you, Bella!" before sinking my teeth into skin and biting hard, my body convulsing and pumping hot fluid all over my bare chest.

"Edward? Are you alright?" a frightened voice was whispering to me. Bella?

When I came to a few minutes later, she was standing over me, holding out a towel with a look of concern on her face. I went to take the towel from her so that I could clean up, which is when I noticed that my hand felt like it was on fire. It was excruciating. I turned my hand over and saw the slowly healing wounds, knowing it would leave a scar.


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