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Harry drug a hand through his already untidy black hair. The walk from the tube station to Grimauld Place seemed to make him even more exhausted than usual. He cursed whatever god was out there that didn't let the ministry put an Apparation point near in his neighbor hood. It miserable out tonight. It was cold and raining and he was tired, more tired than usual that was for sure. He ran his hand through his hair again, this time in anger. How dare they tell him when to take time off! If he needed time off he would take it, still Healer Chang, his ex-girlfriend extraordinaire, had told Minister Shacklebolt that if he didn't get rest he would be in danger of burn out. The Nerve!...

A slight scuffling noised caused Harry to fall into a defensive stance. He chuckled under his breath but his Auror instincts prickled when he heard a barely audible groan. Cautiously Harry peeked into the alley and had to bite back a curse. The muggle was in bad shape, that much he could tell. His leg, for he could definitely tell it was a guy, was at an angle that made Harry's own leg twinge in sympathy. Liberal cuts and bruises could be seen beneath his dark blue tank top and a cut disappeared in to his black hair.

This time he didn't hold back his swearing and the muggle's eyes opened and Harry had a brief glance of black eyes that made him shiver. The eyes closed again and this time they did not open. He picked the muggle up and staggered under his weight. Damn the guy was heavy! Not fat but all lean muscle that was packed on a sturdy frame. Deciding not to chance it Harry quietly disapparated from the alley straight into his bedroom. Christ he was going to be in so much trouble when he got back to work!

"Dammit," grumbled Harry as the Muggle tumbled out of his arms onto his bed. "There goes my early night."

Shifting the muggle into a more comfortable position, Harry pulled his wand out and cast a banishing charm on the muggle's blood stained cloths. Taking a mental stock of the potions he would need Harry pulled his medi-wizard kit out of his bedside table. Grabbing a blood replenisher, skelegrow, a pain reliever, and a small pot of bruise balm along with several bandages and a roll of gauze he got to work.

Cleaned up, Harry could see the distinct Asian slant to his eyes and the caramel color skin that contrasted so well with his black hair. He had put the man in a pair of his pajama bottoms and white tank top. Surprisingly he looked good in them…

Mentally slapping his tired mind Harry turned from his bed and staggered to the couch in the sitting room. There was no need for thoughts like that. Casting a spell to widen the couch and make it more comfortable, Harry fell into an exhausted sleep.

Chang Wufei made no indication that he had regained consciousness. Old training was hard to break, not that he would want to, especially in an unknown situation. His breathing and heart rate remain calm and unchanged, his muscles relaxed and limp as if he hadn't woken up. The room felt unfamiliar as did the clothes he was dressed in. Slowly opening an eye he was surprised to see he was lying in a four poster bed draped in forest green. The comforter that had been tucked around him was white with swirling silver accents.

Puzzled he lifted a hand to his head and felt the gauze of a bandage instead of the raw and sore cut he had expected. The leg must have been a hallucination he decided as he twitched the leg he could have sworn was broken. That asshole Khan and his flunkies running him down…

"Oh good! You're awake," a lilting voice, complete with British accent exclaimed softly.

Wufei bolted straight up and swayed dizzily. The man attached to the voice rushed to his side and pushed him down gently. He was able to glimpse staggering emerald eyes and messy black hair before the stranger pulled back again.

"Be careful," he admonished gently. "You took a pretty good knock to the head back there."

"Who are you?" asked Wufei, "and where am I?"

" I'm Harry Potter and you are in my home."

"How long…" the muggle trailed off.

Harry grinned down at him and Wufei narrowed his eyes.

"It's just past nine in the morning and the date is July 20th, A. C. 198," explained Harry and he noticed some of the tension left the man. "You seem to have me at a disadvantage. Who are you? And why did I find you bleeding and mostly unconscious in a alleyway?"

The man blinked at him and Harry swore he saw suspicion literally ooze through the guys pores.

"I am Chang Wufei, and why I was in that alley way is confidential Preventer business," stated the now named muggle harshly.

Harry blinked. That was rather… unexpected to say the least. A Preventor? Merlin…

"I see…" murmured Harry, reaching back to rub his neck. "Well Preventor Chang we'll just leave it at that won't we?"

This time it was Wufei who blinked. Harry smiled at the man.

"I know what it is to keep a secret, Preventor Chang, and I have no desire to pry into official business," said Harry and his lips twitched as Chang gave him a surprised look and the suspicion in his eyes ease a little. "If you're up to it you can come down to breakfast. If not I'll bring you a tray."

"No need for that," muttered Chang and realizing he was less than properly dressed promptly flushed. "I'm more than capable of getting up, provided you have some proper clothes I can borrow."

Harry would never, ever, admit it even under threat of torture, that the Preventor agent was adorable when he was embarrassed. He wasn't ashamed that he batted for both teams but he had a feeling that the man, currently turning a fetching shade of red, would throttle him if he made an advance on his person. Deciding to not say anything Harry just nudged a pile of clothes he left at the foot of the bed.

"The bathroom is through the door on the right," said Harry, gesturing vaguely in the right direction. "Feel free to use the shower. Breakfast will be done in about 15 minutes."

Wufei waited until Potter left the room before he swung out of the bed. This time when he tried to get up his head didn't swim dizzily. Why hadn't the man taken him to a health center? No scratch that why had the man even helped him? In his experience most people would have minded their own business, especially in this neighborhood. Even the décor of the room he was in didn't jibe with the rundown buildings he had encountered while undercover. Wufei wasn't sure what it was about his good Samaritan but something made him want to look a little deeper into Harry Potters past. Something didn't quite add up.

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