I was walking around out of my summer home... no it was not the normal sort of summer home. It wasn't owned by my family or anything... well not my MORTAL family but does immortal family really count? Answer: Yes. Anyways it was a camp... summer camp. If that wasn't weird enough it was the middle of winter! Now some might wonder:

A) What did I mean immortal?

B) Why was I at summer camp in the winter?

or C) Why am I doing this inner monologue?

All of those are good questions but here are the answers in order:

A) Immortal as in Greek God! Yeah, weird huh?

B) Being a Half Blood *A half God half Human* of one of the Big Three puts me in danger so I come here during Summer and Winter breaks to train.

C) I dunno. I guess it's just a part of being me!

Now back to the story: I was walking around looking for my friend Thalia, she's awesome... well hard to explain she's just that Awesome! She's the daughter of Zeus another of the big three. Then I saw her. she was walking around with my other friends Annabeth and Grover. Daughter of Athena and a Satyr respectively. I hurriedly jogged up to them to see what they were chatting about. As I got closer I saw that they were relaying what exactly happened last winter to Annabeth while she was captured.

"And then he was like 'Which one is me?' Then Zoe was like, 'That little deformed one,' ha! It was so funny!" said Thalia. When I got there I was like, "Wow that was not cool telling Annabeth that story without me!" They didn't seem to care or even notice me! So instead, I tried a different route saying, "Thalia will you have me to hold through thick and thin through happiness and sadness, through sickness and health?" It was a simple enough of a question that did not end well for me. You see Hephaestus the God of the Forge has cameras installed EVERYWHERE and runs little real life sitcoms and this was one of them. Suddenly the Hermes twins, whom I can't particularly remember the name of at the moment ran out and yelled, "You just got Demi Punked!" Yeah, it sucked, because out came all my friends the Goat-Man who can't play the pipes, the Gray-eyed bitch who is mean to me, and Thalia the hot one! I was embarrassed then I remembered this isn't a real Fan Fiction it's just another Crack!

*Cough* *Cough* Excuse this interruption it appears that the story has taken a life of it's own perhaps we can rewind and fix it hmmm?


Now as I knelt down with my ring proposing to the love of my life, she took my hand and said, "Yes, I do," and so I married Thalia we had lots of little Quarter Zeus, Quarter Poseidon, Half Human children! Oh and it turned out Nico was the prophecy child how weird right? Then again, I DID eat those weird mushrooms last night...

Ha! I did this for my Forum GodChildShipping! Now this was originally meant as a Crack! but it ended up deformed at birth so sorry 'bout that anyways I did this in 10 minutes so really, come on it turned out pretty not shitty right? Also, yes this is a GodChildShipping/Thalcy/Percalia or whatever you wish to call it and sorry about the bashing on Annabeth, I just got bored.