Author's Note: I asked the site to add a category for Razia's Shadow: A Musical, and here it is! I was iffy about considering to write something for a musical, since the element of the music is lost with written words (and the music is one of the best parts), but I tried my best and here's the first chapter! The beginning and the end, if you will. Please, if you haven't listened to the album, do so before you read this. The setting takes place after the death of Adakias. If you can't listen, at least read the wikipedia page about the plot and storyline of each song so you understand anything.

Disclaimer: Razia's Shadow belongs to Forgive Durden and to the brilliant minds behind it, Thomas and Paul Dutton. With those opening words, I now present:


Razia's Shadow: The One Hundred Year, Minute-Long Epilogue


Gargul the Oracle decreed a destiny

of two souls divided by the Petrous Levy,

whose love would follow the fates they sought,

and revivify what was left to rot.

In a world once divided,

the dark and light were reunited.

But at the price

of a sacrifice.

"Adakias!" his love screamed in wretched heartache and agony. It was the cry of a Juliet who would have traded anything in the world to recall his warmth, it was the cry of the soul who had lost it's mate. The son of the prophecy was long lost, however, and the love of his being, Princess Anhura, refused to let go of his hand and accept that his life had depleted. He was lost by the dagger of his own brother, the dagger that Pallis wedged into his brother's side when he aimed for the Princess with intent to kill.

Pallis, the heir to the throne of darkness, watched as Anhura held the body of his younger brother in her lap and felt deep sorrow in his death. The princess couldn't hold back the tears of her loss; she disobeyed Adakias' wish to not cry for him and let nine sparkling tears fall from her gentle cheek to the body of her fallen love. This, he realized, was true love. His brother died for this woman, what other source of emotion would cause a person to die for another besides love? The arrogant heir was overcome with regret as he watched the blood full of love and life continue to flow from his brother's body. When Pallis left the City of Dark to hunt down his brother and snuff out the delusional, fictional fantasies that filled his head, he never would have thought that this would be the end result. Why had he not opened his eyes and realized Adakias was indeed the boy from the prophecy? Why had he not believed that his brother truly loved the Princess of Light and she loved him as well? What twisted evil spider had spun it's web around his path to make him believe he had the right to murder to keep Adakais in his rightful place? Maybe if he'd lifted the self-absorbed veil from his eyes sooner, his brother would still be alive to fulfill his destiny by reuniting the dark and the light. Curse the pompous, easily-altered blood of Ahrima!

"You killed him! You murderer!" The shrill voice of the Princess accused the heir to darkness now. His brother's body lay abandoned behind her and she stormed toward Pallis like a blaze of golden fire. There was a flame in her eyes, the fire within the lamps driven by enmity that condemned the darkness to the hell it'd become. Her white like the blinding sun hair whipped around her shoulders as her fist raised and thrashed her unbearable grief at her love's killer.

Pallis let her take out her rage; a few sissy punches from a princess was the very least the miscreant deserved. Adakias was dead, his love was left alone with her life signed to the troubled Doctor of the shack who had long departed, and he was the single evildoer with the blood on his hands. What was there left to lose? Suddenly the throne he was meant to inherit, the ambition to spread the darkness to further corners of the world, everything outside of his brother's words seemed trivial.

"Live for your love everyday," were his brother's final wish to him and the Princess. How could Pallis fill out that one dying wish from the wretch? He looked upon the aching princess with hair like the sun who was beating her remorse into him with weak fists.

In a quick reflex, he grabbed her wrists and clamped down. A dark glint filled his eyes, he studied the doleful princess and noticed more observant qualities about her. The cracks in the glass shack of the Doctor cast over her perfect skin and glittered in her hair. She was light, in one glance. Perfect, white, radiating, pleasant light.

He despised the light every day before today. With the blood of his brother flowing down his hands, staining the princess' wrists he held, a revelation intoxicated Pallis. He would fulfill the fate that he hindered his brother from achieving, he would tear down the Levy and it's concrete wall, barbed at the top; he would connect the divided halves of the world. With the help from the Princess Anhura of light, the goal was very much tangible. This vision was the one gift he could give back to Adakias; Pallis thought that if he completed his brother's destiny, then his brother's death wouldn't be in vain. He could right this wrong, after all.

Just as he was about to release the squirming princess and confide this revelation and reversal of character in her,

there was a crash! at the door of the shack that Pallis had previously kicked in upon his entrance. Several men dressed in white, imperial uniforms tore down the wall of Dr. Dumaya's abode and rushed in with heavy weapons. They were royal guards from the City of Light, there to collect the Princess and return her home by her father's orders. Pallis, who was only seen with blood and the Princess in his hands, was tackled to the ground and arrested without a question asked.

The princess fell over the body of her fallen love when released. "He saved my life! He saved my life, please..." she pleaded. The guards saw her obvious strife and consented to bring Adakias' corpse back to the City of Light to be put into the ground, while his brother would be put on a stand. Princess Anhura had a moment to speak out on behalf of Pallis, but she hesitated, and in that hesitation, the guards shuffled the survivors of the incident away to the City of Light.

The princess from the light,

though pure of heart,

was full of sorrow and strife.

Her good mind was clouded,

and the words of her Adakias

was what she doubted.

She wanted to challenge

the murderer of her love

and take her revenge.

"He would pay,"

she would say.