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Pallis did not see her glittering tears underneath her hair. "I must finish what's been started. I'll return to my kingdom and tell them of everything that has transpired. After that, I believe there may be hope for you to unite the kingdoms while I take down Razia mountain as punishment."

The Princess couldn't believe what she heard. "Punishment?"

"Yes, the punishment for fratricide is torture until death. I will plead to serve my punishment dismantling the mountain until my last breath."

"But, you're the only heir..." More tears found her eyes as she subsequently thought of the other heir, who was no more.

"Yes, which means the Kingdom of Dark will have a power vacuum, perfect for conquering. I will do what I can to convince the people that the Light's reliable food supply and other resources are in their best interest, while you and your army will march in and take control. The two fragments will be one again." Pallis hung his head as he explained. "This is the only way I can do right by Adakias and not let his death be in vein."

"How dare you talk of doing right by Adakias in the same thought as signing your life away!" The Princess could not hold back the crystal droplets as they fell from her lashes. The sparkling tears swirled through the air as she dismounted her steed and stomped over toward the King of Dark; Anhura's shrill voice alarmed the horse he sat upon, and the horse easily bucked Pallis to the ground because of his lack of attention on the reigns. All he could focus on was the fury of the Princess and the solemn diamonds that he caused in her bright blue eyes. "I loved Adakias with every fiber of my being, and because you're his brother I have a responsibility to him to keep you safe. Don't you see? Adakias told us to live for our love. To live! I won't let you throw your life away because you want to atone for a sin you've already been forgiven for."

Pallis' eyes seemed to create the same crystals that Anhura's had moments ago. "Princess, doesn't it pain you to be with me? I... After all I've done..." He wiped away the wetness as it overflowed; with the tears, he wiped away the black decoration that usually trailed down his cheeks like blood running from his eyes. His face was clean and pale now. "How can you possibly forgive me?"

He felt exposed as the Princess stood over him, as if Toba the Tura of legendary judgment had come from the skies in a blaze of white fire. She was and had always been light; radiant, blinding, ready to consume him.

Released was the Dark King
from shackles of guilt and shame.
She knew his error would bring
more reason for hate and blame.

He would not reach atonement
from a death punishment.

Forgiveness was never foreseen
Yet she was the vaccine
to the world's sickness
and Pallis was required to witness.

"You never would have harmed him if you had been in your right mind. It... it was an accident." The Princess had trouble finishing her sentence. She could forgive Pallis for trying to take her life, but admitting that Adakias' lost life was simply a consequence of love; a necessary sacrifice. It caused the exposed wound in her heart to feel irreparable. It was difficult to release the blame from Pallis when she remembered his hands caked with Adakias' blood. "Intentional or not, you've taken my beloved's company from me. Please don't deprive me of yours too!"

"But... It's because of what I tried to do to you that caused your heartache. I don't deserve to stay in your company."

She didn't want to list the reasons why his plan would fail. What if the Light and the Dark went into civil war after Light conquered? What if her father wanted to destroy, not conquer, Pallis' kingdom? They would not succeed on a divided front. There was only one sure way to reunite both sides, but she didn't know if her heart could handle the task in its current state.

"I can't let you die in your kingdom after I spared you in my own. Please don't leave me alone with this mission, because it's our duty to unite the halves." She knelt down on the grass beside him and took one of his black-smudged hands between hers.

"Didn't you hear the brothers? Keep an eye on your adored ones."

"I never thought I would hear such kindness from someone born in the Light." His hardy fingers fell through her golden-white hair; he delicately cradled each strand as if it were a spin of a spider web. "Much less from someone as beautiful as you. Adakias deserved nothing less." The Princess' cheeks smoldered red from his actions, but Pallis mistook the color for ire and his hand fell away.

"Adakias," she said suddenly.


"Adakias hasn't been properly put to rest."

"I-I'm so sorry. What I said... was out of line."

Anhura shook her head. The confusing emotions that tried to settle in her heart's wound were dismissed as she continued, "I mean, he will soon be put to rest. Naturally as a Prince, all of the subjects of the Dark will be required to attend the funeral. And Adakias said that the Light felt more like home, so it only makes sense that as my betrothed he's buried here. The two fragments-"

"-whole again." The heir to the Dark stood and helped Anhura to her feet. "Brilliant, Princess. Gathering everyone together for Adakias' sake. I can think of nothing more appropriate."

The City of Light would be the venue

said the King to the people

Where they would bid final adieu

and travel to the steeple.

Dark's citizens marched by the thousand

along the perilous paths

on looming Razia mountain;

too long divided were the halves.

The somber journey was led

by the redemptive Prince,

who sought to bury his dead.

But the Princess failed to convince.