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The sounds of the battle raging outside echoed throughout the castle as Narcissa ran blindly through the, her eyes darting wildly around corridor for any sign of the tell-tale blonde hair of her son.

Ever since Harry Potter had whispered that one word to her, that one simple word on which so much depended, her son was all she could think had blossomed within her as she anxiously waited for the chance to search for her son.

As they ran through the halls however, the first seeds of doubt began to sow into her mind as she went over every possibility of how they would find their son, if they would even find him. She glanced over worriedly at her husband who ran along side her; he reached out and clasped her hand tightly as if to reassure her, knowing exactly what she was thinking, as he always did

"We will find him Narcissa! We will -" Lucius was cut short by a flash of red shooting past his face. He grabbed Narcissa's arm and pulled her behind him as he whipped out his wand and shot back a curse at a Death Eater who had spotted them running.

"Traitorous scum, Malfoy! Should have known you'd run at the first chance!"The Death Eater, revealing himself to be Avery,shouted as he shot forward another jet of red light.

"We don't have to explain ourselves to you!" Lucius snapped back as he sent forth yet another curse, which found it's target, causing the man to slump to the ground in an unconscious heap. Lucius reached, clasping Narcissa's hand once more as they continued running through the hall.

"Isn't that your father's old wand?" Narcissa asked quietly, glancing up at her husband.

"Yes." he replied simply, gripping her hand tightly as they moved faster down the corridor.

As they rounded the corner, desperately knocking people out of their way, they saw a glimpse of familiar blonde hair running through the crowd, dodging bolts of light from a Death Eater chasing him through the hall.

"Draco?!" Narcissa screamed unable to control herself. The way cleared and Draco looked up as his mother shouted out to him.

Time in that instant seemed to slow as they caught each others eye,the battle still raging around them as they stopped. Lucius sighed with audible relief; his son was alive! Alive! They both ran forward, Lucius shouting spells at the Death Eater who threatened Draco, knocking the masked man out cold.

"Mother! Father!" Draco rushed forward and hugged his parents, tears streaming down his face. "I had no idea what happened to you, I thought I'd lost you!"

"My son." Lucius whispered relieved as his held his arm securely around Draco's shoulders, trying to hold back his own tears as Narcissa sobbed openly onto Draco's shoulder. She clutched onto her son tighter as though she thought he was about to disappear again.

The three of them stood there for what seemed like an age as they marvelled in the feeling that they were still together after all they had been through. They were alive and at that moment that was all that mattered.